Ceres in Scorpio – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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Astrological symbols are based on ancient archetypes – in this case, Ceres is the most significant ancient archetype of the Mother.

Its symbolism and significance are seen in maternal instincts realized through physical, psychological, or spiritual nurturing of people and nature itself.

All of this you can see when you know where Ceres is located in your natal chart, and do not be confused by the fact that here we are talking about the female principle, the asteroid Ceres is very important in the natal charts in both males and females.

This supreme ideal can control a woman life whose motherhood significantly affects the development and personality of her children or those she nurtures.

Still, if she is prevented from expressing her maternal instincts, she can fall into difficult depressive states, as evidenced by Demeter’s fantastic weft.

This is what we can call a negatively aspected Ceres, and our today’s mission is to look into the meaning of Ceres when it is located in the Scorpio sign. What kind of meaning does it give then? Read it here.

General Meaning

Ceres in Scorpio loves to touch, and especially intimacy, you already know that there will be a lot of sensual pleasures and that all Scorpios in general, and also this one enjoys everything mysterious.

Here, this Ceres gives the idea of the sensual treatment that is fulfilling to the core, and all those who have this position in their natal charts want to be touched, and this is what makes them fulfilled.

Here there is a big and very deep connection with loved ones, and this is what this Ceres gives the feeling of wholeness.

Only when there is a deep and profound connection with loved ones is the world complete. If there is none such a connection, there is a major depression on the horizon that cannot be dealt with ease.

What is also relevant when it comes to this Ceres position is an emotional control that is very necessary for those who have Ceres in Scorpio.

Also, their altruistic nature and the need to help others are what make them complete. They feel very strong when they are in a position to help, not just the people they know and love, but also when they are able to help strangers and all those who are in need.

But, on a more negative note, they feel powerful when they help others.

On the negative side, as every passionate Scorpio, those who have Ceres located in this sign can become jealous and possessive, especially when they feel rejected by loved ones or the ones that they set their eyes on.

The idea behind this Ceres is the one that implies stable relationships, as they are the most important part of life. What this Ceres makes feel bad is any type of isolation. It is what will cause problems.


Personality and Soulmate

It is seen that the asteroid Ceres in the sign of Scorpio gives good self-control, a positive attitude towards the criticism of others, and a lack of optimism.

Do not forget those who are under the impact of this asteroid, and combined with one of the darkest signs there is in the astrology belt.

This is what causes the lack of optimism in the lives of those who have Ceres located in the sign Scorpio.

Another relevant aspect of this Ceres is the sex life, it is what gives incredible power to these people, and you will recognize them as they are truly dedicated to providing their lovers/partners/spouses the necessary strength through s*x.

Sensual pleasures all the way around, and it is truly wonderful when a person with this Ceres position how she cares for her or his soulmate.

The problem arises when it comes to a child, they can be possessive partners, the ones who are maybe too dedicated and want to control every aspect of their kid’s lives.

Such people enjoy visiting places (and taking their kids also, to see the darkness) to some ruins and dark places. Any contact with something deep, mysterious, or miraculous will have the same effect.

This is a good position for a medical doctor because Scorpio rules healing and fixing, so this person’s patients could heal much faster. They are not afraid of the blood or dying, for that matter, so there is nothing bad to work in the medical industry.

Ceres in Scorpio – Woman

Scorpio is a passive, inactive sign, but do not think even for a minute that she lacks any passion because she is all of it.

This lady who has Ceres located in the Scorpio Zodiac sign is a good wife and a mother that has perfect self-control when it comes to emotions, so she will consciously teach her children to hide their emotions to be careful because of danger and threat lie everywhere.

She will do anything she can so that her kids are careful and they do not suffer.

This Ceres in Scorpio in the lady’s natal chart makes her maybe too careful and timid, and she sees danger and threat in everything, so she wants to instill caution and distrust in her children towards others, but also life.

This woman is convinced that no one has good intentions and that everyone wants to harm her in some way. That is why she would never reveal all of her thoughts, desires, plans.

She is very mysterious, and she consciously passes that on to her children, and we can see much more negativity in this than positivity because they can be traumatized when they grow up.

But, when you take a look at this woman closely, you will see that this Ceres makes her insecure and vulnerable, so she hides behind perfect coldness and self-control.

There is no doubt that she adores her kids and loves her hubby passionately, and Ceres gives deep connection and commitment to the family.

On the negative side, she adapts slowly. She does not like changes, loves the security of every kind, especially her emotional and material nature.

It is what is inside of her, both consciously and unconsciously.

Ceres in Scorpio – Man

There is no major difference in a male natal chart. When it comes to Scorpio and Ceres, he is the one that is passionate and who sees everything and knows everything.

No one can hide anything from him because he will always ask everything, check everything, until he is sure that he knows everything. His wife and kids must be honest, brutally honest, and they must obey by all means.

He does not allow the child to be in trouble and not to behave properly, but he is always hard and tries to be fair.

He, during the growing up, always watches. The most important thing for him is that the child is secured, and this includes his family, and the entire family must be secluded, hidden, and safe.

On the other side of the story, he is the one that can take his kids to do something adventurers, even dark, like visiting some old archeological sites.

Usually, males with this opposition of Ceres become a medical expected, because he can do it, he rules healing; people could be healed sooner in the therapeutic process that this man leads. This may cause him to be away from home and to feel that he loses control over his family.


When this transition is active when Ceres is located in the Scorpio Zodiac sign, all of us would love to be touched since this position makes touching essential, and intimacy in particular.

Here a lot of secrets will be active, enjoyment in them, and we can be tempted to see if people trust us and want to be part of our personal transformation.

This is the time to form a very deep bond with loved ones. If they do not feel loved and are not in a stable relationship, they become jealous and possessive. Isolation is not good for us at this moment, as we can become destructive during this transition of Ceres. It sounds so weird and impossible, but some can really be brought up with s*x.

Some even do it with a partner. We won’t discuss the details here, and it is all about the imagination of an individual. Of course, this doesn’t go with your own child. Give others things that are mysterious, dark, or that transform in any way, shape, or form.

Sex gives strength to this Ceres, and it is a very important part of life, and this is what makes us feel that we are taking control, and such people try to give their partner the necessary strength through sex.

Astrologers say that you should be happy when your soulmate has this position of Ceres. It is wonderful if this is your partner, there will be great sex and deep intimacy.

Of course, the problem can arise when it comes to having a child with this position of Ceres, and it is not as easy as you think or wish it is.

It may become a problem because even at an early age, a kid with this position of Ceres will want to have contact with something deep, mysterious, or miraculous that will have the same effect, but it can be negative or positive at the same time.

Use this transition to enjoy with your loved ones, like, for example traveling far, and use this time if you can in helping others, and healing ruined relationships, because, in this time, healing is faster than usual.