Ceres in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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Ceres’ position in the natal chart speaks of the ability to nurture others, to accept tender feelings addressed to us, and of another dark potential: to deny tenderness or to exaggerate in it to control others.

When this asteroid is found in the Pisces Zodiac sign speaks of an obscure or difficult parental relationship or a connection in which a person also brings spiritual powers ​​into himself.

If you know the position of Ceres, then you can see in what way and how you are able to nurture others and how the motherly innocence is transformed due to some other elements in the natal chart.

Ceres, in a certain position, inspires us to become compassionate caregivers of those who are in need.

When aspected with the Moon, it can give a person would feel the crisis at home, not only with family, extended or not but also with companions or any others who are close to him or her.

Today we are looking into the meaning of Ceres when positioned in the last Zodiac sign, the magnificent Pisces.

General Meaning

When Ceres is positioned in the Pisces Zodiac sign, it is able to reflect the feelings of everyone and everything that is close to it, and there is a reflection of everything, good and bad.

Here we can see there is a major need to understand everything that exists, and during the process, suffering can be a much-expected part of the road.

So, in a general sense, those who have this position of Ceres in their natal charts, and very tender and sweet, respectable for others feelings, and when it comes to the family, this is even more enhanced.

People with this position reflect the emotions, beliefs, and moods of the people around them – there is a need to be with those who positively affect them. Otherwise, they can miss their true path.

This Ceres gives the tendency to help and understand others, full of compassion, with the extensive knowledge of how to take care of others. They value talented people and those who know how to use their imagination in their work because Ceres in Pisces is so artistic and creative.

Art in any form strongly inspires them and supplies them with positive energy, and they want to give this to their kids, family, and friends. They want to be in such surroundings.

Peace is necessary because this Ceres must have space to be revitalized.

Depression is not uncommon, and then it is followed by a feeling of being powerless and abandoned. And this is the vicious circle from which this Ceres has trouble in getting out of, very fast.

Personality and Soulmate

So, when we speak of Ceres in the Pisces Zodiac sign, then we know that imagination and a lot of fantasy are the keywords here; these two are involved in every activity imaginable.


This person is in love in everything that is not real, touchable, everything that is imaginary, in fact.

Pisces in general, and this Ceres also loves staying by the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of the air, all of this is the way how the peace is achievable and how it fills this person to achieve that needed peace.

Being in a bad mood is not uncommon for this personality, and when he or she finds himself in it, then the soulmate will need someone to listen to and talk to. It must have the freedom to speak and show all that is on its mind.

On the other side, there must be a person who is stable and with their own two feet on the ground.

If you want to be with someone who all the time imagines and has so many fantasies, and you do not have a problem with it, then you have found a soulmate for life.

These are the most important things when we are speaking of Ceres, this is the keyword, and it will not go away, since those who have this position of Ceres are brought up with everything to do with imagination and ingenuity that may be too much for some people, and it is ok, they are not made for everyone, on the contrary, they are for those who are chosen ones who can understand what this wonderful soul is all about, tenderness and understanding.

These souls feel the best when they are by the sea, and if you are their lover, make this an option, and staying near to the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, and smelling the salty air also works wonders for these souls, because this is their natural habitat.

When they feel bad, lonely and just want to listen to, to speak of worries to someone close, then you choose this Ceres in Pisces. He or she is the perfect person to understand you to the core. Use their ability to deeply understand and provide comfort and love. Let them do what they do the best.

Ceres in Pisces – Woman

We know that the last Zodiac sign is passive, Pisces are sensitive and wonderful, and when this Ceres is in this sign, then it gives a mother that is gentle, caring, full of love and attention for everyone, especially for her children.

Often she adapts, and she teaches everyone and her kids also of deep emotions, as well as the necessity to understand each person and to always help and meet them.

Being self-sacrificing and helping others in need is the most important trait that this woman will instill in her family, as the most valuable trait of all. There is not anything greater than this.

In the core of this Ceres are selflessness, humanity, sacrifice, but this mother is also prone to self-deception, so she will unconsciously pass this on to their children as a pattern of behavior. Not good and could have disastrous consequences.

Sometimes this woman subordinates her well-being and comfort to another, and she advises her children, unknowingly making their children potential victims of deceivers and manipulators.

The problem here, in general, and this is something to think through, is that she sees in people only the most beautiful and often overlooks the bad qualities of others, which can cost her dearly, and unfortunately, she passes that on to her kids. She encourages a tendency towards art, singing, writing and drawing, because she certainly has some of these talents and which children will certainly inherit from her.

Ceres in Pisces – Man

A lot of love but a bit less sacrifice comes from the Ceres in Pisces when it comes to the man.

As a parent, he always pretends to see nothing but sees everything, and it does not mean that he will reach. He feels the needs of the child and does not press him, but lets him be what he is, which can lead to either a perfect upbringing, but also to a completely opposite effect.

In the majority of cases, the kids will be focused on some activities, but even if he does not do anything at home, he has no hobbies, it will not matter. Except there’s peace in the house, this is what he needs and often time what he lacks.

To remind you that this man also reflects the feelings of those around him, wanting to understand and help people who are going through emotional crises.

Sometimes he dedicates his life to this as an occupation, being truly compassionate and selfless, happy to express those emotions.

This man enjoys everything imaginative. This world of fantasy fills him up and makes him feel great.

Badly aspects, a man with this Ceres in Pisces can sometimes feel helpless or abandoned, and in those times, he needs time alone to overcome stress and regain energy. He will probably do it near the water as he loves it, as it serves as a calming tool.


Let us start from the worst of the worst when this object is badly aspected, and we cannot deal with it; in that case, this asteroid Ceres in the sign of Pisces has a tendency of poor focus, vain hopes, and mental suffering.

If this transition is active, then you will probably have a hard time focusing and think of things that, even if you do not believe, can become a reality.

The position of the asteroid Ceres in this sign is one of the weakest because the sign of Pisces is identified with a weak will and lack of commitment to the ultimate goal.

Try to overcome this, attempt to deal more on the creative and artistic talents, striving to help others, involvement in religious activities.

If you are one of those that has this position of Ceres, located in the last Zodiac sign, in that case, overcoming numerous problems can seem like a mission impossible.

This is not the time to deal with psychological problems when it comes to connecting with others, so avoid it during this transition. You may expect others to provide for you all or put all the burden on you, and when you think of it, it probably will occur.

You may feel like they take you for granted or that others are not grateful, but focus more on yourself, not on others, and try to express yourself creatively, dress in some dramatic fashion, or travel to be near the water, it will give you the peace that you want so badly.

It will make all problems seems smaller, and maybe you will be able to move on from a negative and painful.