Juno in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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In astrology, one of the most distinct elements that represent the basis of the understanding of the personal natal charts is the ruling planets of zodiac signs which, no matter where they are in the sky at a given moment, still rule their signs. They send their influences (both positive and negative) to other horoscope signs at the same time.

And their impact is also seen in a general sense, on, for example, entire countries, etc.

But, there is one more thing that needs to be put into perspective, and here we are talking about the other important objects that are affecting the natal chart – like asteroids. among them, there is one that specifically impacts love life, and it is called Juno, as you may already have heard.

Today, we want to take a look at the meaning of Juno when it is positioned in the Pisces Zodiac sign.

What kind of impact this asteroid has when located in this sensitive but loving sign? Read here.

General Meaning

This position of Juno, when located in the last sign in Zodiac, in fact, emphasizes love and a spiritual connection between partners because there is compassion and understanding between the two, and mostly form the side of the person who has this Juno position.

When this aspect exists, then, there are two lovers united by solid intellectual impulses, imagination, and romance, as well as great humanity and willingness to sacrifice. And, we must say that it cannot go wrong when two partners want to give their all to the other lover.

This position gives joint consideration and the ability to feel people and situations can turn problems into positive solutions when someone encounters obstacles.

There is no doubt that here we meet a lover who is, like all Pisces people, very gentle and romantic but completely impractical, and too idealistic, someone who fantasizes more than it is real, and this is not a good trait when we have to deal with daily issues.

Here, things are clear, Juno indicates love and family, and Pisces are associated with sacrificing, but this position suggests lovers who are connected with the karmic connection.

But, on a more negative note, this position of asteroid Juno points to some emotional choices that can easily make mistakes, not even being aware of the damage.

This is even worse when Juno is accompanied by other bad planetary aspects than it brings a sacrifice, and in more favorable aspects, it can bring people to certain progress.

But, in a majority of cases, there is a marriage, and here one of the spouses is in some way incapable of independent living and is constantly dependent on someone or something.

It can happen that a partner is a wonderful person, but the one that is prone to vices, or in a milder version, he constantly needs help.

This is not good news and not a healthy relationship, and here it can become chaotic with the constant manipulation, deception, and exploitation by the partner.


There is a great possibility that a person who has this Juno position has a secret love affair.

Personality and Soulmate

A soulmate here is the person who needs some kind of sacrifice to be in a relationship; he or she is the one who is putting herself or himself in a second-place, neglecting his or her needs. Since this is not sustainable, drama is on the way.

This soulmate puts itself in another place, to travel constantly to see a lover, to leave a stable relationship and get into it. There is a maybe a feeling of the need to save or protect this person from an evil corrupt world, even when this is far from the truth.

But, on a more positive note, here we meet one very enthusiastic person in his own world who does not have the strongest connection with reality, a romantic and a dreamer, with the constant need to be put on a pedestal.

For all those who want to dominate their lovers, a soulmate with the Juno in Pisces is a perfect choice.

Juno in Pisces, when other aspects are quite bad in relation to this asteroid, marriage does not occur, there can be everything that leads to it, but the marriage itself never happens.

Under this category falls all those desperate women who are mistresses wanting their lovers to divorce, living in a fantasy world, and never achieving their fairytale in reality.

In other aspects, this position brings difficulty to find a spouse, and it stays in the world of dreams of this person, that ideal can never be reached in reality. In this sense, strong caution is needed here when choosing/wanting/desiring a spouse since there is an ease in choosing bad, making poor choices.

But, with the positive aspects of this Juno, in the best-case scenario, there is a picture of perfect love. Marriage is completely emotionally satisfying and truly fulfilling.

Juno in Pisces – Woman

Here, we meet a woman with the Juno positioned in Pisces, who is in a world of her own, and it is reflected in her love life, maybe even the most.

This lady is neither too hard-working, nor too ambitious, nor too capable, but who adapts perfectly to both domestic life and her husband – at times, when “stars” are good, she can be the picture-perfect wife, who is dedicated and loving.

This position makes this lady an incredible sensitivity and emotional strength to get under a man’s skin and become irresistible and necessary to him, so it is no wonder that they are often mistresses to powerful men.

For every man who needs a strong woman, it is better to avoid this woman, but everyone who prefers to lead and be very dominant is free to opt for them.

In a domestic sense, ladies with the position of Juno will make the house a very quiet and comfortable place, but she lacks the energy to put some ideas into practice. She spends her time dreaming of a life she will never lead.

The disadvantage of women is that no matter how beautiful, sensual, talented, and everything she can be, she stays in her world, where she is a dreamer – a lot of her time is spent simply daydreaming without any action.

Such a trait is the least desirable for marriage, ok, maybe for some it is ok, for the dominant ones. However, these qualities are not emphasized to such an extent or with such intensity, so this woman finds herself next to a strong and stable man who knows how to understand and lead her. He will get the ideal woman in return.

She is not a very responsible woman (when it comes to the obligations in-home and parenting, she is more relaxed), but at the same time, she is very adaptable. There is a lot of charm in this lady lover, and sex with them is amazing and incredibly imaginative.

Juno in Pisces – Man

On the other side of the spectrum, we meet a man who has Juno located in Pisces – he is one very sensitive and attentive man, very popular with women.

His only flaw is that it is difficult to decide on marriage, always under the pretext that it is not the time and that he wants to wait a bit more. He would never be happy with a lady that pushes him into the marriage, have in mind that he cannot be forced into it.

It is because this man is extremely careful and sensitive towards his wife, and he loves home life and the atmosphere and spends a lot of time at home, but papers do not mean a lot to this unconventional human being.

What is another disadvantage being that often this man does not fall into the category of materially and financially strong people, so do not expect this man to take care of you?

Very commonly, it happens that he is not able to provide for his family in that way, no matter how much he really loved and really wanted; it is not the matter of love or not love. He is just not capable in this way.

A gentleman with Juno in Pisces belongs more to dreamers and artistic, poetic souls, and any date with him will be just like a fairytale. He will go the extra mile to make his lady feel great.

Also, some of them are quite bohemian and esoteric, which is often beyond the reality required by normal married life, so maybe he is the better choice for a boyfriend than as a husband. He often does not have the strength to fight and cope with life’s problems, and this can be a problem for any woman in this world and kids also.

And all these qualities do not fit into something that will decide a woman for such a marriage and with such a person. He suffers from a lack of ambition and energy and is quite unstable.

The only way this connection can work out is when his lady lover is very strong and knows how to use certain potentials of this man and to direct him properly; marriage could be like a fairy tale.

When it comes to sex, this man is a very sensual and loving partner in the bed, and he is very prone to pleasures.

Also, sensual pleasure is his source of inspiration and the meaning of life. Most of all pleasures they enjoy s*x with the lady they love from the bottom of their heart.


From a good perspective, this Juno that is located in Pisces feels good, just like in signs like Libra and Taurus, because the accent is on love, an idealistic view on love and relationships.

Under this transition, people do feel like they will love forever, and they live with the idea that the love fairytale will last forever and that it is real.

Those affected by this aspect are, in fact, hopeless romantics in a search for a lover who is at the same time gentle and compassionate, maybe some creative who enjoys arts.

So, this position speaks of an ideal marriage – dreams of a perfect wedding are present, but on a more negative note, these people can undergo numerous obstacles that will cause the disappearance of a fantasy that they have had for some time.

When it does, soon people will show how unhappy and depressed they feel in fact and will leave everything and live alone. Some of you will find answers when they are close to faith and can turn to God.

Do you want to know what celebrity depicts the best this Juno aspect in a female horoscope – it is the late Princess Diana? Her love life and unhappiness that followed were the best depictions of this Juno.

At times this position of Juno in Pisces speaks of people who are nurturing platonic relationships and are in love with people who cannot be theirs. It is the process of cultivating a large, intellectual, and unattainable lover—usually, someone who is already in a relationship.

Here we can see the satisfaction with an imaginary partner! If you happen to be married (or living with someone) to a real person, then you’re probably using your imagination to remove your partner’s flaws and add virtues.

In this sense, all of us must be very cautious not to be connected to someone just because you feel that that person deserves your love and attention, and you feel sorry about that person. This is not the reason good enough to do so.

Advice for all those with this position is to never marry someone out of pity or just because you think you can save or change them (this is more seen when ladies are in question)

. Also, be aware that this Juno position in Pisces brings the need to marry a lover, and this secret love truly never becomes real.