Ceres in Aries – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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As we know, besides the Moon and the Sun, and all other planets that define our natal charts, and besides Juno, that is, for some the most known, that defines interpersonal relationships and marriage, there is one more that we have not spoken too much.

It is Ceres, or as some like to call it, Demeter, the largest of the major asteroids used in astrology, for the purpose of a better understanding of the personal natal chart.

But what can we find out when we understand its meaning – Ceres represents in the most common sense, care, upbringing, and childhood (relation between parents and kids), very similar to the Moon in some way, but not quite the same.

Unlike the Moon that is in charge of the role of raising babies and small children, the asteroid Ceres is more related to older children and cares for adults.

In a symbolical sense, Ceres is Mother Earth; and knowing the position of this object in the natal charts, we can learn a lot about our relationship with our parents and children and also about the relationship between mother and child.

Some say that knowing this asteroid Ceres is the manifestation of a children’s love, and by knowing this position, you can find out what kind of parent you can be.

Today we will take a look at what does the position of Ceres in Aries means.

General Meaning

The most important trait that Ceres in Aries is that it gives movement and mental activity, it could be any kind of activity and from it, and strength is obtained.

The most important thing for Aries is to be on the move, and when Ceres is positioned in this sign suggests that it does not ask too many gentle emotions and cuddles, but there will be some kind of exhausting activity. Or the relation will be very exciting,

If kids have Ceres located in the Aries Zodiac sign, in that case, these are the kids that will ask for fewer hugs and more joint activities.

These are very active kids or people who are devoting their care and attention to others primarily through encouragement, as they believe that determination is one of the most important virtues.

For some, this could be a rather unfortunate position of Ceres because it may give a lot of negativity from early childhood, in a sense, that they could be in their childhood, the victims of an ambitious parent who demanded too much of them or suffocated them with too much attention and love.

If they are given too much responsibility prematurely, and it often does occur, since they have too much energy on their hands, so parents are giving them a lot to deal with so, they are relaxed. They can develop complexes, have trauma, or have other problems (this is the case when other aspects are truly problematic, as it at times occurs).

What is needed when this position is present is a lot of love that does not limit but emphasizes the existing independence.

Personality and Soulmate

So, as you could have seen, the asteroid Ceres when located in the Aries Zodiac sign, nurtures independence; he shows his love through physical activity, not cuddling, or any type of small emotional gestures.


This Aries does not love this kind of affection and should not be attempted to get there.

It is said that those people who have this position of Ceres may, when looked at from a negative point of view, feel inadequate or incompetent from time to time, having a sense that things are not working in their favor and that their potential is not as it should be.

But, on a more positive note, this position gives a personality that is very persistent and that loves physical activities. They are very protective of their family, but they expect their loved ones to give them complete freedom because they are only pleased.

People with Ceres in Aries value self-determination and do their best to support that trait.

Of course, the soulmate, in this case, must equally love and respect the same amount of activities and must be self-determined and loving, but not too emotional.

This does not exclude the drama – these people can be drama queens and kings, along with their kids.

Ceres in Aries – Woman

We know the Aries is an incredibly fighting sign, fiery, enterprising, who does not like to be overly emotional, and can be very, very strict with her family.

This lady is very independent, and she likes to be a leader, there is no doubt about it, a woman who has Ceres in this position wants and does it really well to give orders to her children, commands.

In return, she is the one wife and mother who seek discipline, order, work, and respect. This mother will teach her children to become independent, to make decisions independently, to believe in themselves, and to be fighters in life.

And when you look at this Ceres position then you can see so many good things that are coming from this position, specially put into the context that this woman will support her family in almost everything, nurturing their independence, wanting to create a future leader, warrior, worker, and brave fighter through life’s adversities, because she is like that herself.

And she is, in most cases, this lady will not allow her career to be neglected, and she will even push her family to step into the family business.

A lady with the position of Ceres in the Aries Zodiac sign will work to make her children independent for themselves as soon as possible and to make sure that they can go out into the world without her help and anyone’s support. And in this, there will not be any emotions because she sees this as a part of the process.

All Aries is a sports type of person, so they will probably encourage their children to play sports, develop discipline and always be physically active, and use their energy constructively.

If you see a mama on the field playing sports with her kids, it is definitely, the one with Ceres in this position.

Ceres in Aries – Man

The asteroid Ceres in the sign of Aries refers to taking responsibility, independence, and good organization. And you can see that this man is this type of a parent. He knows how all of these three things are relevant for the well-being, not just his kids but the entire family.

A man with this position of Ceres shows love through deeds and less through words and some small actions of kindness and warm gestures; they are very rare.

This man simply does not like passivity, weakness, and not in any case, and he does not allow giving up. Just like a female counterpart, he is a dedicated fighting parent who is respected because he is able to make the child an independently capable fighter when he is proud.

In general, this man is seen as strict but fair at the same time, and although to the outside, it may seem that he is too hard on the child, but he should listen to him because he is almost always right.

This man asks the kid to be persistent to achieve the best results, and the main idea is to raise kids strictly, but at the same time, to be individuals.

In a negative connotation, this man can be too nervous, and overly demanding to his entire family, because his ambitions are not the ambitions of his family, and this is detected as a problem.

Being a bit too more careful, this man can be a perfect parent, and Ceres in Aries is a demanding parent because he wants to get the most out of his child, so he can sometimes act like a soldier who is tormented, forced to challenge, for which the child will be grateful later.


When this transition is active, all of us may feel a bit bigger need toward independence, a bigger need toward the initiative and for some, and the great ground for entrepreneurship.

This may be the perfect time to reevaluate your relations with your parents, especially with your mother. Stop blaming anyone for your life, and this transition also brings worry into the picture.

What comes in the first place is a desire for action and physical activity. What action? Either way, because Aries doesn’t wait long, and this Ceres will push you toward it very fast.

This moment will show what kind of upbringing you had, and maybe you were not brought up to be diligent, but more to an energetic act.

If your child has this position, then your child needs less cuddling and more activity with you.

Think of what your baby needs and what kind of ways you have to show how much you love and cherish him or her.

And in the end, let us remind you that now is the perfect time for the movement and mental activity of your choice that will give you the much-needed strength.

The most important thing for this Aries is to be on the move, and this is maybe the perfect moment to travel somewhere and be active and in a movement.

Even if you are not in the mood for cuddles, you do not have to be involved in some exhausting activity, and it is not necessary at all.

Fewer hugs and more joint activities are what you desire right now, and when you do it, you will cherish your family even more.