Ceres in Taurus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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Despite the fact that sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, less in astrology could still mean more, some even small objects could signify something much greater than we could ever imagine, it is what we do not see, but it has an important effect on us, just or even more than all “big” planets.

By that, we mean all those little things that have a huge impact on your life.

Asteroids also fall into this category. They can be small, they can be far away, but their impact, especially in combination with other objects, is huge.

Somewhat less known as small planets, these (still huge) planetoids are full of energy, and their influence cannot be denied. You will see how each of the asteroids has its own realm of work or the real where their impact is the biggest.

Although they are somewhat less responsible for defining personalities or destinies than real planets (like Mars, Venus, Uranus, etc.), they come in much larger quantities, and their movements in our astrological houses can have more than a significant impact on our lives.

We are already more than aware that astrology is a complicated story, and these asteroids have their meaningful and extremely powerful punch.

Here, we will speak of all those who have Ceres as one of the asteroids that are located Taurus Zodiac sign.

This is the guide we have prepared for you to bring you closer to this key asteroid and what exactly they mean for life.

General meaning

Hedonism, food, and drinks, and a lot of material security, this is in shortest Ceres that is located in Taurus sign.

This is one sensual position. There is a lot of food and touching, and this is something that must be present in large quantities and for a long time.

Taurus wants to have it and not to work really hard to get it.

This is applicable for kids, for adults, and for all who have Ceres positioned in Taurus.

If this is your kid or your lover, then you have to take good care of him or her, feed him, make him feel great in your home, since Ceres in Taurus speaks of serenity, flexibility, comfort, and frequent irritations in business.

What does this mean – this position strives toward stability, and this position seeks to have a lot of comfort in life, not a one Taurus wants to work too hard. It is more like they want to work and live big. And they usually do it. This is translated to the family, to the upbringing, to kids, and to the interpersonal connections between family members.

When we speak of Ceres in Taurus, we mentioned problems in work, and you know now that it comes from their need to live large lives filled with comfort, and they do not want to work too hard to make it.


This is then a problem because they cannot make it, and there are some problems with the material nature, financial nature.

Personality and Soulmate

People with this position of Ceres located in Taurus, more than anything else, are in deep need of care and attention in the form of primary pleasures such as a cooked lunch, an ironed shirt, a hug, a touch, and a good massage to ground and soothe them. This is the same for males and females. In the same way, both sexes want the same.

But as a soulmate they have so much to offer, they are loyal and dedicated lovers who want to do anything for their lovers.

So, if you give them comfort and a good meal, they will, in return, they will make sure that you are also comfortable and that you are always provided for in life.

The problem with this position of Ceres lies in the fact that those who have it may, at times, identify too much with material goods and equate their value with what they have, and this is not good in the long term because when they lose it, they feel like they are not worthy anymore, as family members, or lovers, or anything in between.

This is the reason why it is so important that they find a spiritual refuge within themselves that gives them support in times of crisis, and this does not have to exclude feeding them, giving them a lot of sensual pleasures…

In this sense, we can easily say that this Ceres feels the best when it is safe and secured, and yes, we mean in a material way.

The idea is to take care of and nurture people you love as you provide for them. Whatever that may mean, it can be cooking, safety, and financial assurance. This is what Ceres in Taurus thinks love is, and it is true that for them.

Ceres in Taurus – Woman

In general, we know that Taurus is a passive practical sign that loves enjoyment and comfort, this is seen in all aspects of their lives, and when Ceres is located in this sign, we know that for a lady, this means that she is a great housewife; she loves the kitchen and home, so she will teach her kids those values. She will also teach children to value money and work, trying to convince them to be financially independent and self-sufficient.

As a lover, a wife, the one lady that has this Ceres position is, by all means, gentle and caring, wants to be at service.

This woman likes to please her children, to caress them, but she teaches them that it is important to work, to be financially independent, but also to know and enjoy life.

She is not particularly enterprising and active like Ceres in Aries, and these ladies are much subtler without much initiative and direct conscious influence on the family. This is important since Ceres has a major impact on families, especially kids.

Also, this lady is not strict or demanding in this way, although she is known to be someone who will ask her children to be diligent, honest and to nurture family values, to be good hosts and partners when they grow up.

Here it is also very important to know that the woman that has this position of Ceres asteroid insists on implementing the sense of valuing money, work, and practical things in life.

In the end, this woman will hug, cuddle, beat, love, provide security and love, indulge in sweets and delicious meals, but will unconsciously instill in them the need for money and material security as the main bases besides family and home life.

Ceres in Taurus – Man

The same case is when we look at the natal chart of the man who has Ceres located in the Taurus sign, he also loves to be safe, secure, and with a lot of material goods.

Keeping in mind that Ceres is associated with family and kids, this man constantly fears that his child is not hungry, thirsty, that he is missing something, and he will make sure that nothing lacks his family.

It is such a wonderful trait.

If, in later years, the child does not achieve material security, this man will very likely assist his child in all ways, like giving him or her money or finding him a job. He will never allow his family to have something and to live in poverty unless he is a vicious person.

Here also, there is an emphasis on food and a lot of cuddles from his wife, and he will also give it in return, preferably this for a long time.


One major piece of advice for all of us, when we are talking of the people who have this Ceres in Taurus, and also of the times when this transition is active, is that we must be very careful.

All of us, under this influence, can become overly dependent on our belongings, and we may think that we are what we have our own, and when we lose it, in that case, we are lost.

The value of what we have is not who we are, and living a loving life, is not the same as living a rich life.

Also, touches are truly important for Ceres in Taurus – give a good massage for your lover, making him or her feel grounded and cared for. They feel valuable only if they manage to provide themselves with everything they need, but this is not something that they will do for themselves; they want to give it to the entire family.

When Ceres is in Taurus, there is a desire to achieve a stable and secure income through work, a pronounced desire for material comfort.

Be led by this, and you will understand Ceres in Taurus, even if it is hidden in your horoscope or if your kid has it. You can be more than satisfied because Ceres can be persistent in this earth sign, but he will also show a great need to stay in nature.

If you or your child have Ceres in this earth sign, you can have fun in nature, or if you have a garden, you can plant and take care of flowers together.

Unfortunately, since today’s pace of life is hectic and we don’t have time to take care of the garden, you and your child can also spend quality time making cakes or trying new recipes.

Anything that will feel comforting, home, like some small escape from daily problems, is what this Ceres tends to do. To feel good and secure.