Ceres in Virgo – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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Ceres is the first celestial body to be discovered in the asteroid belt.

Even though it is not the most important, because such a qualification is not possible, it is truly important.

Astronomers classify it as a dwarf planet.

Astrologers classify it as an asteroid that has a major impact on the natal chart, on people, and their family life (to say it simply).

In a symbolic sense, we must say that, like all the most important asteroids, Ceres got its name from its relationship with the Greek god Zeus or Roman Jupiter.

Ceres was his sister and symbolized a typical earthly mother who is caring, wise, and provides comfort and consolation.

A similar effect has on people, as can be seen in the natal chart. It does not have the same meaning as the moon that is also connected to mother, and hidden feelings, the image we see of ourselves.

Today we will take a look at the position of Ceres in the Virgo sign – read here what it means.

General Meaning

The most common trait that is associated with the Virgo Zodiac sign is its tendency to be detailed and precise. Yes, all of this could have its good side, it can be useful, but on the other side, it can be really problematic, especially for the people who are close to them, for the family for example.

When Ceres is located in this sign, there is a need to educate others, but the Virgo chooses to educate by criticizing.

It is ok, and it does not have to be bad; some like to be brought up to be criticized, but it is important not to overdo it!

Kids that have this position of Ceres suggest that they need a lot of obligations, like work around the house or a piece of something else, because these kids want to help their parents.

So, here there is a deep need to be useful, and the only thing that this Ceres must take care of is not to overdo it and turn it into a critical machine.

For those with this Ceres, it is quite necessary to be extremely precise in everything they are doing, and this includes family relations also. They need to be defined, and all members of the family must be aware of their obligations and position in the group.

Always have in mind that Ceres feels good in the Virgo Zodiac sign, and in some way, it could be seen as its natural habitat. There is an appeal to the original system and could pull extensive education and application.


There is a tendency to be very practical, and here there is a possibility to become the one that others reach for advice, especially family members.

Ceres is Virgo manifests itself in great service offered to others, and the critical part is the mandatory part.

Personality and Soulmate

These people can be understood the best through their jobs, it is usually something very complicated and filled with details.

And their job is one thing, but the fact is that Ceres in Virgo makes people look at everything as an obligation, and we are not saying this in a negative context.

But, this also means that their interpersonal relations are examined through the smallest details and that they can be complicated without reason.

Sometimes, those who have this Ceres position will try to help you by criticizing others, family members, kids, co-workers.

The negative aspect is seen when there are a lot of family brawls when kids, for example, cannot deal with this amount of strict work.

Namely, those with this Ceres position think that they help the most when they criticize others in detail. They like to see if you buy them a nice dress, take them out for lunch, or buy them some gift that they mentioned to you by the way that they need. They are well organized and disciplined, and they want to pass on these virtues to others.

If you have a child that has asteroid Ceres located in a Virgo, always give him work around the house, they need to feel worthy, and they need to have obligations, or else they will use their brilliant minds to do badly.

The operation here is quiet with a lot of efficiencies, good efforts are not always noticeable, but the intention is most important.

A soulmate must be someone who is good at making connections, and without hesitation, creates a sense of chaos in the lives of others, especially in the home, because the Ceres in Virgo is amazing in making up the home and putting some order into it. It shows its true purpose.

These are brought up with the beauty to offer them beautiful little things that show that you care about them. Good manners and a tasty, balanced exterior work wonder. They will also educate others in this spirit.

One note is to make sure that as a soulmate, you take the first place, avoiding struggling with kids or work that is also important for them.

Ceres in Virgo – Woman

Virgo is a practical adaptive passive sign, and as such, we know that it is hardworking, dedicated to order job, and being healthy. This is especially pronounced in a female natal chart.

This is also seen in Ceres located in this sign, making this lady have a tendency to worry too much, so she can unconsciously pass it on to her children and her husband. Worry is one thing, but being obsessive is another.

This lady, when it comes to her family, demands her kids to be diligent, hardworking, and obedient, to save and value money and work of all kinds. She is that mother that teaches her family, kids in the first place to plan, analyze down to the last detail because she is like that, to take care of their body and health, to eat healthily, exercise to always be vital.

This position of Ceres gives the sense of responsibility and that nothing you do is left by chance and that everything can be controlled only if desired.

This lady instills work habits and a sense of obligations and responsibility, which is certainly beautiful and useful for family, as well as a love for knowledge and learning, and primarily in terms of health, she will consciously pass on to his children. She just has to be careful not to overdo it and to make her family and herself a hypochondriac.

When other aspects in the natal chart are negative, then she can be demanding, full of criticism, and she will never be satisfied no matter how hard the child tries, so she can create unconscious frustration in her family.

Ceres in Virgo – Man

This man falls under the category of a very complicated person, and also that personality is the best seen in his family?

So, this Ceres is demanding and gives one very complicated personality.

In his mind, things must be perfect, and his child is infallible and the best. His wife must be able to deal with anything that comes on their way, and if by any chance occurs that he does not agree with the family, he will demonstratively leave, but he will be surprised that the family is not what he imagined them to be. He is the one that expects too much, and it is not necessary to be a good partner or parent.

In this Ceres position, it is needed not to put too much pressure on children to learn and work, and wife to be everything; everyone has their own life and their own world.

Give advice, but don’t overdo it, is maybe the best advice for this man who is seen as a wonderful hedonist, so life with him can be truly enjoyable. He likes to live comfortably and enjoys life. He is motivated by everything that is associated with pleasure.

The precise, accurate, and critical man is detailed and pays special attention to details.

It is also very valuable, efficient, systematic, and thoughtful, so he is usually great at establishing the facts and does not hesitate to deal with the biggest problems with great courage.


So Ceres in Virgo is not such a bad position, as you may think in the first place! Yes, here we can see a lot of criticism and tendency to be perfect and to make all others the same, and sometimes pushing others to achieve more is a good thing.

It is important to remind yourself during this transition not to overdo it, not to push too hard, and be a bit more sensitive.

This position may be, in some cases, does not imply an intentional criticism, but the need to tell those who are close to us how much we love them and care for them.

Use this transition to help and encourage. Just be careful and a bit more attentive toward people who are close to you, not to showing mistakes they are making and that you think would be good to get rid of.

Instead, this transition is amazing to make the best out of your life, to make it better, to organize your obligations, not just at work, but in family life, to show your kids how can they be better, more organized, and more responsible.

When it comes to your lover, this is the perfect time to stop nagging and pointing to mistakes and failures that he or she has made but to show a little more understanding and suggest new ways of improvement of your relationship.