Dreams About Stairs – Meaning and Symbolism

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People have experienced having dreams of different objects, animals, and things. For this reason, no one escapes from the oddities that appear in dreams.

Others dream that they are in abstract and unknown places, the truth is that each dream is interpreted in different ways, depending on the events that take place during the dream.

In this article we explain the meaning of dreaming of stairs, which in many cases refers to changes and transformations.

This type of dream means that soon your life will turn 360 degrees, because it means that something in your life is going to change.

However, this type of dream can be positive only when you go up the ladder, if you go down it, the meaning is completely different.

These types of dreams are related to the personality of each human being. If you go up escalators it means that in you, there is a desire to transform your life. If you dream that you go down this type of stairs, it means that you need to analyze yourself and make an internal reflection.

These types of dreams are usually negative, as they represent the loss of financial resources and bad luck in love.

It also refers to the fact that you are going to go through an uncomfortable and tight situation, where you will lack happiness.

What does it mean to dream that you sit on some stairs? These types of dreams mean that you will live an ascent in your social and financial stages, in them the enjoyment of life will be reflected.

What does it mean that you dream of spacious and well decorated staircases? The interpretation of these dreams is based on the fact that a good stage in your life is approaching. That is, you will begin to earn money and people will begin to value your work and your effort.

What does it mean to dream that you fall down some stairs? These types of dreams are a bad omen, they refer to the envy and betrayal of other people.

Dreams About Stairs – Meaning

The verticality of the staircase puts us in front of two levels simultaneously: the top and the bottom. Ascending and descending has multiple connotations and applied to everyday life even more so. It is neither negative nor positive, it just is.

Spirituality is closely associated with the ladder, which is why we see them in multiple works of art, fulfilling a function for the global interpretation of them. There are stairs represented as material elements or objects and others as ungraspable images such as cloud or water stairs.

We have seen stairs reaching the moon the sun and even God. In short, an infinite number of stories can be developed around them.

In the field of dream interpretation, stairs have many meanings. The dream world is impressive. Human beings can bring to our dreams countless formulas to be on, under, before, with, or on a ladder.


Here we present some interpretations that will be very illustrative to be able to start the interpretation of your dream with stairs that we tell you in advance that it always means change.

Going up is the same as going up, so climbing stairs will always indicate an excellent sign of positive change in your life. A change of level, of status, to go towards something that is desired step by step. Climbing stairs in the dream signals that the goals or objectives are about to be achieved or have already been achieved.

Represents fear or insecurity to undertake towards what you want to achieve it is a dream that you should pay attention to. This one anticipates events, it is premonitory. It alerts you that something is coming and you must prepare for it. They are forceful changes in your life whose changes are of the highest level.

There are certain doubts in your decisions. You have the option of ascending and descending at the same time. You decide on your aspirations or fear traps you. It is an extremely important intermediate point because there is a call for change, but it is not easy to face it.

Change of vision of a reality. Visualization of each stage achieved. Aplomb facing success. The security, conviction and confidence that what is to come is for your benefit. There is no fear. Fear of what is to come. Some real chill to see the world of possibilities that await you.

Dreams About Stairs – Symbolism

The dream reveals it to you and alerts you to what is happening or is about to happen. You must be alert with your family relationships, work, with your investments, even your health, because something in those contexts you must attack and / or prepare for something not fortunate.

Awareness of the present circumstance. Visualization of the negative as inherent in your life for realized causes. Intuitive understanding. Fear of suffering Avoidance and escape from the unpleasant circumstance that you have had to face

Run down stairs – I want the negative circumstance to pass soon and stop suffering as soon as possible. Much chill from the present negative situation, wanting to quickly get out of it.

Go down stairs slowly – Analysis, meditation on the pain that is lived. A form of purging of suffering through suffering itself.

Stairs with handrails – A certain fear of failure. Need for support for decision making. Lack of independence in actions.

Ladder leaning against the wall – Similar to the previous and the following interpretation. It is an intermediate between the need for support and fear and lack of control.

Stairs with empty sides – Instability, lack of control, imminent risk. Whether you are going up or down from them.

Narrow stairs – You should focus a little on what you are planning. It is a sign that what you propose is costing you, be it a material good, a relationship, a career.

This dream means narrowness, but if you go up it, have confidence, because the road to success will be hard and difficult, but it will also be safe.

On the other hand, if you are lowering it, you must prepare yourself because the pain or negative situation squeeze and squeeze.

High steps ladder – This dream is very positive, as it indicates that you are reaching your goals. What has it cost you? Yes, surely, but satisfaction is at the door of your life. This dream really makes you a winner.

Unstable ladder – Total insecurity, risk of yourself. Sabotage for fears. Paralysis for fear of change. Urgent alert.

Broken ladder – Indicates anguish, insecurity, uncertainty. Nobody likes stepping on broken surfaces, it is uncomfortable and even risky. For this reason, dreaming of broken stairs represents in a certain way an alert that you should not stop specifying. You must not step on something wrong.

Unstable Stairs – Indecision surrounds you, it is your enemy because it stagnates you. It may mean that you have to stop before moving on to any planned plan. You may have to delay a bit to analyze and be sure of the step you will take.

Manual ladder – The opportunities are around the corner and you must know how to specify them, to grasp them with your hands and succeed. Do not hesitate to review this occasion after this dream that promises great things.

Dark staircase – First of all, you have to associate two elements: stairs and darkness. Darkness is always associated with failure, with the unknown, that is, what is ignored. It is evil and it is death.

So you have to think about what characteristics this ladder has or in what arrangement you were before it. Depending on this try to combine both concepts.

If, for example, you are going up a dark staircase, you must think that something positive is yet to come, the achievement of a goal. But there is something dark that gets in the way and it will cost you a little more than if the staircase was illuminated.

Fall Down Stairs – In real life, in wakefulness, falling down stairs is terrible. So dreaming about it indicates that surely in your life there is some sadness or melancholy for which you must prepare.

Up and down stairs – There are certain doubts in your decisions. You have the option of ascending and descending at the same time. You decide on your aspirations or fear traps you. It is an extremely important intermediate point because there is a call for change, but it is not easy to face it.

Stopping on a floor of a building staircase – You have to pay attention to the floor where you have stopped, it is very certain that something related to that number has to do with your circumstances to come.

Sit on a ladder – It is manifesting through this dream that you are happy. There is a certainty of comfort and confidence that you are experiencing. Something you have achieved and it is expressed in your dream world. It is to be placid. Surely you come from efforts made that have cost you and that you already see success.

Spiral stairs – Let’s first think briefly about what general connotations the snail has. This is symbolically associated with the home and also with protection against adversity. The snail is a house, in it we feel safe. The figure of the snail evokes the constant renewal of things, because it is a non-closed form.

If we apply this symbolism to the stairs called “spiral”, it will be logical to think that dreaming of one of them can mean the same thing. And it certainly is so, you just have to know how to understand it.

We have mentioned the word renewal and well, this is the key. If you dream that you go up or see a spiral staircase, you should know that something is telling you that there is something that needs to be changed or transformed in your life. It is an alert to change worn modes or strategies.

Do not underestimate this dream and put it in the foreground in your intentions, your unconscious self is requesting to turn something routine and perhaps unwanted, or harmful in which you are trapped.

Mechanic stairs – They are open to the new and to the change of style. It is knowing how to go up or down by adapting to new formulas. This dream invites you to change stagnant directions and flow or let yourself go.

Wooden stairs – It means solidity in what you have raised. A lot of strength to face a certain company.

Concrete or stone stairs – Depending on whether you go up or down for them; it will mean a steady ascent or descent. Whatever circumstance you are facing, be it positive or negative, you will know how to face it firmly.

Glass or glass stairs – Transparency and clarity in what is raised. Goals that are clarified. Paths that are presented to ascend and that are true. Sensation of light in ideas. Certainty that nothing will go wrong. It is delicate what you are going to undertake. It is fragile and needs tact so that the thread of your decisions or actions does not break, but there is nothing to fear because everything is very clear before you.

Go upstairs accompanied (going up or down) – You must check in your close environment, which person may be requiring your support, either because he is on the rise towards a goal or because he has a failure in his life.

Someone falls down the stairs – He may be needing someone to support him. N Either you have realized it or you have not paid attention to their circumstance and have stayed away without getting involved.

Pushing someone down the stairs – Some hidden resentment or hatred you feel for someone and you want to see him fall inside. Some revenge. A doubt about something or someone makes you dream that you are throwing another down the stairs.

Clean stairs – Good times to come, good omen. You will get some merit and it will give you satisfaction. Some traffic jam is undoubtedly to be resolved.

Dirty stairs – Bad augury. Disorder. Chaos. You must be careful when moving around in making decisions. The picture is not clear, it is not clean. Everything is cloudy and therefore before walking towards what is around you, be it a job, a family decision, etc. you must take it very tactfully. The confusion and storm around it makes you shudder.

Under stairs – It means something hidden, some intrigue haunts you, or some shame. It means secret. You must be very careful.

Go under stairs – Some change is around you and it is even in front of you and you have not realized it. You must sharpen your perceptions in your environment. Opportunities pass and you cannot watch them pass without facing them.

Collapsing stairs – Defeat. To be overcome by adversity and suffering. Terrible sense of loss. Something not unpleasant is living or is yet to come. You must prepare, strengthen yourself because the onslaught can be painful and you can break down emotionally.

See down from the top of the ladder – Total triumph, dominance of situations. You have overcome the obstacles and you can see it. It is looking at the past from the present. Connect with the possibility of being the one who dominates your own circumstances.


Hurry to achieve something expected for a long time, a certain fear that what you have raised may slip out of your hands. You want achievement faster than your pace determines. Acceleration of time to achieve goals. Force circumstances.

Analysis, meditation on the findings. Steadfast and steady step toward the change to come. Going down and going down is the same, so going down stairs will always indicate a setback in your life?

It is possible that you have considered changing and progressing, and suddenly, something happens that the desired evolution is not achieved.