What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches?

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According to popular beliefs, when something burns or itches, this is interpreted as a sign or warning about something important. Why does the right palm itch?

Today, almost everyone who believes in omens will answer that she is itching for money. But this is not always the case. This superstition has a much deeper meaning than we are used to thinking.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches? – Meaning

When the right palm was combed, many people joyfully exclaim: “to big money!” there is an opinion that the more the palm itches, the more money will come: a big win, a long-awaited bonus, return of old debt, winning the lottery. It has been repeatedly noticed that the hand begins to itch a few days before the paycheck.

Another interpretation says that the right hand was combed – you will say hello. Indeed, it is customary to stretch out the right hand for a handshake. A sign portends a long-awaited meeting or a new acquaintance.

Sometimes scabies of the right palm is interpreted as a signal that someone from relatives or friends needs your help and one of these days a person will turn to you.

Itching in the palm is often associated with giving a gift. An important point: if the back side itches at the same time, it is better to refuse the gift – it is done with a hidden intent, and not from a pure heart.

From the point of view of bioenergetics, the right palm itches with the accumulation of negative. Rage, aggression, hatred tend to accumulate. Hands let you know about this, hinting that it is necessary to release emotions outside. You can get rid of oppressive feelings and get rid of negativity with the help of a church candle. Talking to the source of irritation is a great solution.

What if, for some reason, it is not possible to resolve the conflict verbally? In such situations, the experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend visiting dynamic concerts, attractions that help the rage go out along with adrenaline.

According to another sign, a person whose right palm itches has a difficult and time-consuming work ahead of him, he may even have to make a fateful decision and radically change his life. The subconscious in this way sends signals, warning that from day to day a situation will develop that will require attentiveness and responsibility.

The back side or rib is combed – be extremely careful, probably someone is jealous of you and is trying to get closer, to get into trust. Better to give up dubious friendships.

When the palm itches throughout the day, it can also warn of bad incidents – money can come from a bad person, like a bribe, bribery. In addition, you can get involved in a dubious adventure, negotiate with a person prone to fraud and monetary fraud, and take a loan at an incredible percentage.

It is better to believe in good omens, but in order to lure the pleasant and fulfill the belief, it is important to adhere to the simplest rules.

If you want big money, scratch your right palm on the corner of something wooden, such as a table or bookshelf. Better yet, squeeze the money tightly in your hand and kiss your fist for good luck.

If you are counting on a gift or a long-awaited meeting – knock three times on the table and say: “I’m knocking, knocking on a wooden one, so that it is desirable.”

If a sign promises unpleasant news, then rub regular salt in your hands. Our ancestors believed that in this way you give away all the negative of salt, and with it all the negative consequences are transmitted. After that, hands should be washed under running water.


For a long time, the Slavs were a very superstitious people who looked for a hint from fate in many seemingly ordinary things. They used to be very anxious about the signs of the human body, and they were sure to look for various interpretations and explanations. There are quite a few folk signs that will tell you what the right palm itches for.

For a long time, the Slavs believed that if you follow a person’s body language, you can understand what to expect in the near future.

It is not for nothing that many people predict what the weather will be like in the near future by pain in a certain part of the body. The right palm can usually itch for good encounters.

But it is worth paying special attention to the time and day when the right palm itches – each period has its own special interpretation.

If a person’s right palm itches, there is no doubt that financial well-being will arrive soon. Perhaps at work it will be possible to get a bonus, a raise, or an addition to the salary.

It is believed that the harder the palm itches, the more money a particular person will receive in the near future. If the itching is felt not only on the palm, but also on the other part of the right hand, the profit will be of unprecedented size, which is guaranteed.

However, an important point that knowledgeable people warn about is that in no case should you immediately spend everything that you managed to get thanks to this popular sign. Itching on the right palm is a test of a person by fate itself.

Higher powers check how stingy a person is, and where he will spend all his money that was sent to him. If a person spends all his finances where he should not, you can be sure that financial success will not smile at him soon.

If the right palm was combed on Monday, this means that soon a person will be able to attend a meeting with a good person, or an old friend. When the right palm itches on Tuesday – a sign that a prize or win is coming. On Wednesday, itching on the palm means that a person will have to seriously spend money.

On Thursday, the right palm itches to the guests, noisy company. Itching on Friday – it is possible that it will appear narrowed, or narrowed. However, if the right palm itches on a weekend, Saturday or Sunday, it means that soon a person will have to go on a trip or a business trip. In any case, folk signs only warn a person, but what to do and whether to listen is a purely personal matter.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches? – Symbolism

Why does the right hand itch if there is no apparent reason for this? If you are used to trusting your intuition, then you will definitely think about the sign. “Accidents are not accidental,” said the great Chinese thinker Chuang Tzu.

And I advise everyone to pay attention to any amazing events, signs and symbols that occur on the path of life. Let’s figure out a good or bad omen if the right palm itches, and also learn how to properly use the situation for your own good.

Why the right hand itches: good omens Signs carry both good and bad news. Let’s start with the good ones to get in the mood for the positive! If your right hand is combed, then pay close attention to this.

The right side of the body signals that favorable events and people are coming to life, there is no reason for panic. Why does the right palm itch? According to the omen, positive moments, the unexpected appearance of money or a pleasant meeting await you. Financial receipts are the main interpretation of this sign.

The channels of receipt can be very different. Most often these are: payment of wages or bonuses; deposit interest; alimony or allowance; a monetary gift from loved ones; unexpected earnings. Based on the experience of generations, the right hand tells us about possible career advancement, which will lead to increased income.

Can a sign repeat itself from month to month? Of course, and every time this will happen on the eve of financial receipts. Since itching in the palm is the main “money beacon”, we will dwell on this interpretation in more detail. Not only can the back of the hand itch. The whole palm and shoulder of the hand can itch.

To take full advantage of your chance of getting money, the sages advise you to visualize an impressive bundle of bills in your hands. Feel how you hold it, feel the specific rough surface! If daydreaming is difficult, close your eyes and meditate on money.

Then squeeze your hand tightly and quickly put it in your pocket so that the money does not go anywhere. When your right hand itches, find a wooden object near you. Will do: the door frame or the door itself; wooden piece of furniture; wooden accessory (wood comb, for example). Scratch your hand on this item!

This simple operation will provide an opportunity to “ground” a useful feeling so that the omen will come true faster.

If you are on the street, just go to a tree and scratch your palm on the bark. After that, put your hand in your pocket, as I advised earlier. According to many experienced esotericisms, now a financial gift is 100% likely to be in your pocket.

If the right hand itches, then I advise you to determine on what day it happens? Depending on the day of the week, the interpretation will be either positive or warning. Why does my right hand itch on Monday?

It’s time to get ready for a pleasant and quick meeting with a new or old acquaintance. On Tuesday, if your right palm itches, expect amazing gifts, not only money, but any material. If you feel itchy on Thursday, an unexpected guest will soon appear on your doorstep.

On Friday, the sign portends a pleasant romantic acquaintance and a meeting with a partner, an upcoming party in a noisy company. And on Saturday and Sunday, pay attention to the signs of the Universe – your hands are itching for a good road. Go on a business trip or visit relatives, travel.

Take positive interpretations into the arsenal of good omens. Let all these wonderful events happen in your life as often as possible. Why the right hand itches: bad omens I will note that this omen also has a downside.

However, do not expect anything critical, you just need to pay attention and show wisdom. Itchy hand on Wednesday is one of the unfavorable omens. If your hand, palm or shoulder itch on this day, then expect monetary losses (in the worst case), large spending or large purchases.

In addition, there are such signs: Accumulation of destructive energy. Bioenergetics say that a person can feel itching in the body when negative energy has accumulated in his soul and living space. Feel itchy in your right hand? This means that hatred, aggression and rage must be released outside! If they are aimed at a specific person, a frank conversation will help.

If the cause of the negativity is impersonal, use church candles to ease your condition. Sometimes the right palm speaks of the need to make a responsible decision. Pull yourself together and get ready: soon life will enter a steep dive.

A warning about treachery. If the edge of the palm or the back of the hand itches, an imaginary friend is coming to you. Prolonged itching in the hand indicates an attempt to bribe or bribe. You can be drawn into illegal transactions, dubious business, and bad debts. Be careful!

The receipt of funds immediately after the sign is a lesson for you. The universe tests how a person treats money and whether he knows how to cope with his emotions. Advice: do not rush to spend everything that has come, spend it correctly. You can’t be overly stingy either. Share, do good deeds not to your detriment, then a stable financial flow will improve.

Our ancestors believed that simple things carry a deep, sacred meaning. The right palm itches to pleasant things. You should not worry and wind yourself up: I advise everyone to think positively so that life develops in the best possible way, and pleasant gifts appear in it as often as possible.

When the right hand or palm itches, most people feel joy: “to unexpected money!” It is said that the more intensely the palm itches, the more money to expect. Itching of the entire right hand promises an unusually large profit: a bonus or winning the lottery.

People say: the right hand is combed – you will greet. Indeed, it is the right palm that we stretch out for a friendly handshake, wishing the person health with all our hearts. After this sign, they expect a quick meeting with an old friend, a good acquaintance or a person who can become one.

Sometimes severe itching of the right hand is interpreted as a signal that a friend or relative wants to meet to ask for help.


The famous expression “fists itching” refers to just such a case: the hands give a sign that it is necessary to release everything that oppresses us from the inside.

The ideal option would be a conversation with an unpleasant person, verbal resolution of the conflict. But what if, for some reason, there is no way to express everything that is in your heart?

In these situations, it is recommended to attend dynamic concerts, adrenaline-pumping rides (roller coasters or roller coasters), paintball or skydiving.

Psychologists have long noticed that people who are used to solving conflicts with their fists are often taciturn, taciturn individuals. It is difficult for them to resolve the conflict through dialogue, so they resort to brute force to calm their “combed fists”.

Upcoming important or difficult work in a person’s life. The left hemisphere of the brain, which controls the right hand, is responsible for rational thinking and logic.

The brain sends impulses to the hand, and it reacts in a peculiar way, reminding the person that in this situation it is necessary to treat the matter with care and responsibility.