Luna Moth – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

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Our ancestors believed that animals as sacred and will be sent by Mother Earth to give you clues and signs.

Now, let me share with you the spiritual qualities of the moth, it is one of the many guide animal spirits that we have, and once its lessons are understood they can help you a lot in your spiritual growth.

Luna Moth – Spiritual Meaning

The moth and the butterfly represent metamorphosis, the transformation from a caterpillar to a winged insect.

The word moth in English dialects means soul. It was believed in popular folklore that the spirit of a Witch travels in the form of a moth or butterfly.

In Psyche mythology she is the personification of the soul. The Greek verb psycho, means “to blow” to the breath, breath or breath that exhales when the human being dies.

The Greeks imagined it as an anthropomorphic and winged figure that is why some people see in the butterfly a spiritual guide of the transformation.

On the other hand, the moth is also a symbol of vulnerability and fragility, it is said that by not being able to bear the fiery glow of someone else, it shows only her vulnerability.

The spiritual meaning that the moth symbolizes that you find your inner vocation. Find your own light and go your way. It warns you to look behind the flash of light that attracts you and find your true motives.

So you follow your own intuition with determination and your effort will not be in vain.

Several cultures have the belief that the moth connects with the souls that are no longer here, they even named it ‘the Witch’, not in a way of rejection but how to pay attention to something you have to transform and connect with your psychic power.

If a moth crosses your path, ask what do you need to transform? What is there to come to light? So let the moth spirit guide you with wisdom, faith and optimism.

Many authors have explained the process by which chthonic deities in cultivating civilizations become agrarian deities. It is my animal mascot butterflies follow me everywhere high, You know that my mind has gone badly, so when you tell me about a little caterpillar which lodges itself warm by “penetrating” in the dark and that there is taking place a “big” change….

I do not necessarily think of a butterfly. Preparation before making talismans, Grandmothers Counsel the World: Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet. And yesterday all day until today another butterfly but it didn’t move until I looked at it.

Early in his life, when he crawls on Mother Earth in the form of a caterpillar, he only sees what is right in front of him, says Grandmother Mona. You fear us as much as you are fascinated. And you will know the message which is especially dedicated to you. 6.9K.

Billions of years ago, we colonized several universes … The next time you see a butterfly, take the time to admire it and watch its every move. It is said in various… Japanese Butterfly: This unique butterfly is a bridal symbol that commemorates birthdays and weddings.


The moon is a star that can only be seen at night. It is distinguished by its ability to adopt new habits, changes that make it possible to realize a lifelong dream in the physical world.

To overcome the obstacles that stand in front of you, take a cue from the butterfly. Its cycle is divided into four very distinct stages, with spiritual meanings…

Then we will have to come out of the darkness of ignorance and penetrate the beauty of the butterfly to know wonder, hope, compassion, faith and charity so essential to our survival.

The butterfly comes out of the cocoon” Rebirth of oneself, or oneself. Dagger piercing a cherry: ancient Chinese symbol, the tattoo design of a dagger piercing a cherry represents immortality.

We take note of the spot! Image Description: The tarot card shows an eagle in the foreground, which, with all wings outstretched, hovers freely. The butterfly describes Ascension, a change necessary for a better future. For most people, this larva is all right…

Butterfly: The transformation, observe your cycle of change and understand which stages are next. There is no exact answer to this question. The butterfly describes Ascension, a change necessary for a better future. The Butterfly, symbol of spiritual transformation.

His dance is performed by the Navajo and the Hopi. In the background, we discover a stellar landscape located at the edge of the universe in which extend almost to infinity the arms of a mysterious galaxy. For example… Some believe that it was the angels who sent them to deliver a message to us. White symbolizes spiritual elevation, while black heralds a necessary transformation.

The signs can manifest themselves in a number of ways: Either the butterfly lands on you, or it follows or precedes you for a short trip to show you the way to go, or it uses other means to get your attention.

Luna Moth – Spiritual Symbolism

The butterfly is the most symbolic animal totem for the power of personal transformation. Lock yourself in a cocoon of meditation and prayer to promote spiritual upliftment and wake up completely transformed.

When the time is right, the butterfly takes flight, suddenly it sees the world from a whole different point of view, a vision of much larger beauty and a view of the world, much, much larger.

In the case of the American Indians, he embodies the spirit of a dead person, who should remind everyone that he is seen, that death is not the end but the beginning of a new life.

But when the magnificent insect often shows up in our life, it makes us ask questions! I had several butterfly that flew home in my rooms.

Also, its appearance, growth and disappearance make it a symbol of life, from birth to death. What spiritual symbolism for the butterfly?

Learn to listen to your intuition and use your senses to recognize these signs. A symbolism that is perfectly embodied with this silver butterfly moon necklace. This means that everyone has the opportunity to be reborn with a new outlook on life or to bounce back from tough trials.

The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is with everything where Power moves. Early in his life, when he crawls on Mother Earth in the form of a caterpillar, he only sees what is right in front of him, says Grandmother Mona.

In the Hopi tradition, the butterfly is the symbol of the spiritual transformation of man. Its cycle is divided into four very distinct stages, with very specific spiritual meanings: These stages thus represent a process of spiritual transformation.

Color is certainly much more than its physical manifestation, than a phenomenon that we see before our eyes. It is characterized by a pale green coloration and the presence of ocelli on the fore and hind wings. The truce of the confectioner’s symbolism and esoteric dimension … Tree symbolism of the Magic of Christmas.

The Moon Butterfly (Actias luna) is a nocturnal lepidopteran belonging to the Saturniidae family. Announcement When you come across a butterfly in your path, it can inspire you to enjoy the moment. 1.

If you want to understand the message he wants to convey to you, focus more on stilling your mind and listening to your senses, your intuition.

It symbolizes: love; thoughtlessness; inconstancy; lightness; blade; the resurrection. This species is found in wooded areas and seems to prefer well-drained forests1. – Monarch butterfly: The monarch butterfly is a classic symbol of royalty, and in Mexico it is also considered a sign of returning souls for the Day of the Dead.

So, to cross his path means that you have to make some changes in your life. Indeed, this insect is not born with its beautiful colors and enchanting wings. The butterfly has not always been as beautiful as it looks.

These periods can indeed be seen as necessary for all of humanity to transform and have an understanding of the truth of our oneness with one another and with all of Creation. Thus, it is necessary to determine the nature of the message according to the color that dominates its wings.

Before getting into the subject, I would like to introduce you to one of the prettiest creatures that frequent our gardens, the Butterfly.

It’s so beautiful when spring arrives to see it spinning from flower to flower. It is light and its colors are magnificent; it’s a feast for our eyes.

But, have you wondered about the stages of his life to come to be the one you see today? We learned during our childhood that the butterfly changes. Metamorphosis is the process the butterfly undergoes to become that beauty that delights us.

From egg, for 3 to 8 days, it becomes a larva; this is the most active and longest phase, as you can see the biggest changes in size. To achieve this growth caterpillars must consume considerable amounts of food. This extraordinary growth obliges them to perform several mounts.

I would like, through these lines, to share with you this fantastic and free grace that Jesus gives us: Freedom. But in the word freedom there is not only one meaning, because from its root we can have the words: liberal, liberation, liberated etc…

Released, this is the subject we are going to deal with. Freed from all that binds us to sin, from the sufferings that we carry deep in our hearts.

Spring announces rebirth. After the winter months, we look forward to the sunny days. But have you thought about what happens during this time?

Nature itself is in a state of change imperceptible to the eyes of the world. And that cute butterfly you see got its beautiful adornment after many changes. From egg to caterpillar, from caterpillar to cocoon, from cocoon to butterfly.

Before meeting God, we were like those eggs scattered here and there, easy prey. We become caterpillars in contact with the gospel, revelation touches our hearts, and here we are, giving our life to God. It is at this moment, that laid bare before the word of God, we realize that our life without Him was not perfect.

Repentance leads us to ask forgiveness for any faults that we did not know or that we did not want to acknowledge before God. A few burdens fall, and we are lighter, but not quite FREE.

Like the caterpillar we continue our Christian life, devouring leaf after leaf, day after day, and growth takes place slowly. These sheets, for me, are the meaning in the bible, the weekly meetings, which bring us spiritual growth.

To grow spiritually, we also have to go through various changes. There are not many believers who have been completely rid of their past lives on first contact with God. It is in stages that we will change, let go of things that embarrass us.

The experiences that we are going to live with God will make us recognize our state, and sometimes give a name, a face, to this burden that we did not know (for lack of knowledge or by refusal to face reality).

The facts that are hidden deep inside us, which sometimes give us attitudes that are not understandable to others, will gradually come to the surface, and at that moment, we will, like the caterpillar, leave this skin, this load that prevents us from continuing to grow.

And we move, and every time that happens to us, we’re bigger and stronger. We come to God with everything in our life before we meet Him. Burdens sometimes so deeply hidden that they cannot be removed immediately


Like this caterpillar that lives cramped in its skin, we come to feel tight, locked up, and it is in these moments that we let go of what bothered us in our new lives Not easy to recognize this situation ! Because pushing back into the depths of our consciousness the situations that hurt us sometimes prevents us from fully realizing our state.

Fortunately in our journey with God, in various circumstances, we will one day or another come to face this “skin” which holds us back and prevents us from moving forward.

The Bible speaks of a white robe that the Lord gives us. But we come with our own luggage and we have to learn to change our outfit over the years.