Number 40 in the Bible – Meaning and Symbolism

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In numerology, forty’s signify the fight against dark, evil forces. The carriers of this digital combination are often called guardian angels.

The digital combination is of particular importance in culture. She is considered a symbol of infinity, a sign of immortality.

According to astrologers, forties are associated with Scorpio, which brings positive events to a person’s life, prepares for imminent changes.

Number 40 in the Bible – Meaning

Namely, Lent lasts for forty days. There are exactly 40 working days from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Sundays are also in Lent and are otherwise exempt from a certain penitential character of this time because every Sunday, even Lent, has the seal of the Lord’s resurrection in the weekly rhythm of Christian life.

Namely, according to the chronology of the Gospels, Jesus was resurrected on the first day after the Sabbath, and hence on Sunday always that meaning.

That is why in the construction of the Lenten time before the first Sunday of Lent, these four days were added so that there would be exactly forty of them by Holy Saturday. This is where we meet the number forty.

It is a dedicated biblical number. First of all, in a certain sense, it is the number of active human age between the time of growing up and education and the time when one retires, i.e. the time of old age.

And in the Bible it is mainly a number dedicated to the walk of God’s people from Egypt to the Promised Land.

That march lasted forty years because it took some way for a whole generation to be cleansed of unbelief and rebellion against God.

In some places in the Bible we find the stressed number forty. At the time of Noah it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

It is the time of the general flood. The prophet Elijah had to walk 40 days to the holy mountain of God.

Yet the most concrete connection of that number and our Lent is focused on the person of Jesus Christ. Before Jesus’ public appearance, he retired to the desert and lived there ascetic and fasted for 40 days.

So encouraged and strengthened, he was able to resist all the traps of the evil one.

And Christians in Lent imitate Jesus. Yet, since ancient times, Lent has been primarily an intense time of preparation for receiving the sacraments of Christian initiation, which in the first centuries of Christianity was received almost exclusively by adults.


Having spent three years teaching and practicing according to the rules of God’s commandments and gospel principles, before receiving these sacraments on Easter night from Holy Saturday to Easter, they spent this last Lent in intense preparation.

This seal will remain in Lent even today, when adult Christians are invited to check the quality of their lives and then to renew their sacraments and their fidelity to Jesus on the same Easter night.

That is why the baptism of all believers is renewed in the night vigil on Holy Saturday.

Equally, over time, this age became suitable for the restoration of conscience, and many Christians who stumbled were given the opportunity to receive the remission of sins and to embark more boldly on an orderly Christian life.

It is no wonder, therefore, that even today Lent invites believers to perform their “Lent” or “Easter” confession and thus prepare for the Easter holidays.

And in order to be able to fight against sin effectively, the will must also be directed to the good and man must be made stronger than all other temptations.

Therefore, the Church calls for man to try to give up some needs (e.g. fasting and abstinence) in order to be stronger and clearer in more difficult temptations.

Number 40 in the Bible – Symbolism

People born on the 4th build relationships with the environment slowly and with suspicion.

First, a person must make sure of the honesty of intentions and keep a new acquaintance at a distance.

Only being sure of the true reasons for the rapprochement, the carrier of forty is ready to communicate frankly.

Those born on the 4th are easy to communicate, often change the circle of acquaintances.

Such people do not hide their emotions, therefore they spoil relations with others. In choosing friends and partners, they are fastidious, but always decent and do not like insults.

Born on the 4th are famous for their uncompromising and decisiveness. They are responsible for loved ones and are vulnerable.

The number 40 in numerology has a mostly positive effect on the life and character of the wearer.

Such people strive for new knowledge and achievements, are not afraid of mistakes, always achieve their goals. The carriers of forty value freedom, they cannot be forced to do anything.

People with 40 digital combination make good careers, get high positions easily. Responsive and kind, they rarely lie – they are used to achieving their goal in an honest way.

The number 40 also has a negative meaning. The bearers of the figure are fanatical and ambitious people who periodically do not notice their surroundings. If you train your willpower, develop spiritually, you can easily avoid shortcomings and feel only the positive influence of the digital combination.

The strong personality of 40, who has managed to tame his ambitions, should expect new experiences, access to mystical knowledge and the discovery of new talents.

The number will help in finding balance, strengthen innate intuition and help in career growth.

The owner of forty will always come to the aid of people and take responsibility in controversial situations.

Spiritual meaning of Number 40

The meaning of the ideal number 40 in spiritual numerology is the maximum flowering of the seven, the highest point of the development of the meaning of the number 40.

Therefore, to understand the meaning of the number 40, you must first turn to the meaning of the number 40. The seven in spiritual numerology personifies God’s intervention in human life.

The energy of number 40 is so powerful that it can turn a person’s life in an instant, forcing him too completely or partially change his way of thinking, work, environment, character and much more.

The number 40 can both suddenly raise a person out of the abyss of despair, and overthrow be off the pedestal of inflated pride.

The number 40 instantly dispels a person’s illusions regarding his true capabilities and abilities.

If the energy of the number 40 is so strong, then imagine its maximum flowering in the ideal number 40! It’s just an unimaginable, gigantic, indescribable Power.

The essence of the ideal number 40 is the same as the essence of the number 40. But the seven affects one single person, and the number 40 affects entire generations and humanity as a whole.

The ideal number 40 is literally translated from the language of numbers as “the power of God.”

Correct thinking about the number 40, meditation on its bottomless meaning fills you with spiritual, inner strength!

Graphically, the number 40 should be correctly depicted as an equilateral triangle. Because it is the strongest of all figures.

The ideal number 40 in spiritual numerology is the highest flowering of the meaning of number 8.

The meaning of number 8 is wisdom that is available to a person, although not to everyone)) the meaning of the number 40 is the highest, Divine wisdom (inaccessible to any person).

The ideal number 40 is the wisdom with which everything in this world is arranged. Subtle, precise, deep and fair relationships between the spiritual and material worlds. We get exactly what we deserve both in “this” world and in “that”, no more and no less.

And if some life circumstances and situations seem to us to be unfair and “wrong”, it is only because we, at best (!), argue from the position of human wisdom, and not Heavenly…

Graphically, the number 40, the number of the highest spiritual wisdom, I would depict as a dot. Why? Because spiritual wisdom looks into the very essence of things and phenomena, thereby simplifying their understanding.

Interesting facts about Number 40

The higher the level of spiritual wisdom, the simpler it should be to portray it. And what could be simpler than a point?!

The ideal number 40 is translated from the language of numbers as “Soul of God”. In order to at least roughly understand what we are talking about, you need to start with a nine.

The meaning of the number 9 in spiritual numerology is “the soul of a person.”

In a person’s soul there are deep, genuine (and not temporary and apparent) reasons for everything that happens to him in life. Causes of success and disappointment, victory and defeat, social connections and loneliness.

So, if the real reasons for everything that happens to us are in the human soul, then the reasons for everything that happens in the Universe are in the soul of God.

This is very interesting knowledge – in the sense that it does not seem to give us anything directly, but there is nothing more important than this intimate knowledge … So think about what to do with it))

The events associated with the number 40 are extremely painful, bear the imprint of karma, indicate rebirth, the transition from the past to the future.

40 is directly related to the genetic code, with a new creation based on the old code.

In Ameslan astrology, the number corresponds to a hypothetical planet – the guardian of the West, Shatavaesh, which keeps the memory of the past and is associated with male sexuality.

Events under the code 40 will certainly be associated with the manifestation of male power in order to renew, destroy or preserve the gene pool, and on the verge of life and death.

The origins of events will be rooted in the distant past, in the personal karma of a person, intertwined with the karma of an entire state, people, and nation. Under this number a new human formation is born.

In astronomer ology, forty is the number of Uranus, which is a conductor between the highest and the lowest, Earth and Heaven.

Forty and Uranus symbolize explosive energy, surprise and the power of creative disclosure, impulsiveness, liberation, riskiness, overcoming time and space through transformation.

Seeing the number 40

40 can give a person unexpected success, takeoff, gain, but it can provoke an equally unexpected fall, ruin. You can’t plan anything with this pair, you can only act intuitively with them, as if to swim in the stream, act according to the situation and not be offended by fate.

The tripled forty has a special, independent meaning in esotericism – in the Christian esoteric tradition, 40 is considered the number of the Messiah.

In the modern language of esotericism, this number can be designated as a code that opens the circle of the elect, reveals the secret of Initiation, and gives an answer to the mysteries of the eternally silent sphinx to a wide circle of students.

The mystical root of number 40 – 4, symbolizes cosmic balance and includes the Voice of the Higher Powers, from which the Holy Spirit emanates.