Purple Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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Butterfly tattoo (the meaning for girls is identical to the meaning for guys, although few of them decide to apply such a typical female pattern) is deciphered in different ways and can mean almost anything.

It cannot be said that this is an unambiguous symbol that is interpreted by everyone in the same way. There are also those who consider such a drawing to be a symbol of easy behavior and frivolity.

This is due to the fact that butterfly tattoos were often applied to geisha, who were considered easily accessible and stupid.

The color purple is one of the many shades of purple, extremely elegant and is generally preferred by women. It is believed that it is a tone that has powers to connect with our interior.

It can be very influential among teenagers, and it works well with almost any skin tone from whiter to dark.

Do you like purple? You will love this site, today we want to tell you all about what you did not know about this beautiful color.

Many are confused in identifying what color purple is, it is not just the combination of red and blue, it is a shade of purple that is darker than violet, having more of a bluish tone.

The first shades of purple were obtained through a rare mollusk, very difficult to find, which is why it made the color so expensive that only the rich and royalty were able to obtain.

Hence, the color symbolizes royalty and wealth, however there are more interesting meanings that you have this color to offer us.

Generally speaking, the meaning of the color purple is the combination of the stability and tranquility that blue provides, with the passion and energy that red exudes.

So we associate it with royalty, luxury, nobility, ambition, and power.

If it is a shade lighter until it is lavender, it becomes a feminine color, which in turn is elegant, which is associated with rich and refined women.

Purple means royalty, but lavender represents feminine beauty and elegance, hence it is called the “adult rose”.

Purple Butterfly – Meaning

Many people forget that the main role of geisha is to entertain spiritually, but not physically, therefore the symbolism inherent in geisha should not be interpreted in such a way. The main meaning of the tattoo will still be exactly what the owner will put in it.

The main advantage of the drawing in this area is that it is easy to hide. Tattoos on the buttocks of women, most often not for public viewing.


This is something intimate, only for one viewer. And it doesn’t matter what you choose – there are many options. Whether it’s a black and white or color tattoo on the butt, small or large, it’s all part of your personality. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

The soreness of images in the buttock area is lower than in other areas, however, soft tissues take longer to heal. Therefore, even a small heart tattoo on the pope can cause severe discomfort during the healing period.

Injured skin comes into contact with clothing, sweats and increases the risk of infection. Women’s tattoos on the pope are always beautiful if you carefully follow the pattern during the healing period. In the first weeks after drawing the sketch, it is prohibited to visit the sauna and take a bath.

Long exposure to the sun is not recommended until complete healing. Otherwise, even the most charming image will look ridiculous and ridiculous.

For example, the flowing contours will turn a cute lip tattoo on the butt into a blurry spot that looks like a bruise at best. The sketch can be different, the main thing is to properly care for your jewelry, and otherwise the efforts of even the most talented master will be wasted.

The meaning of a butterfly tattoo can vary for girls depending on the composition of which it is a part. You can apply a single butterfly, but if a girl is thinking about a whole composition, the insect will fit in as its main part. Sometimes it is the butterfly that plays the role of an auxiliary element.

Combining symbols of different meanings with butterflies, you can achieve unique images with your own interpretation. Tattooed butterflies, which are part of the Celtic designs, symbolize life changes. The owners of such drawings honor their ancestors and value the family hearth.

If the wings are only part of the composition, and the image of a woman plays the main role, we can say that this is a tribute to Psyche, the Greek muse of the soul. Combining the wings with the face or the appearance of human eyes on the wings usually means that inside the girl feels light and free – like a butterfly.

The butterfly meaning in the Bible are depicted in full swing, which means that the owner of the tattoo is distinguished by an open character and does not like to hide her feelings. Also, the image is characteristic of creative individuals who are always engaged in self-development and do not like to stand still.

Some colors are so powerful that it is inevitable to associate them with magic, like purple, for example. A color that presents many doubts about its exact tone because, what differentiates purple from purple? In addition to doubts, we also have contradictions in this color, as many as in daily life, so there is nothing to fear.

The purple color arises from the mixture of red and blue and produces an authentic explosion of tones and sensations. Purple, violet, purple, lilac, it does not matter what the variety or the way of calling it, but it is one of the most powerful colors and that links us directly with our emotions.

Violet or purple is the color of humanity, the color of spirituality, of the encounter with oneself. But be careful, because that encounter with oneself can lead us to selfishness and self-centeredness, something that is also represented in purple.

How is it possible that a color can represent tolerance and selfishness at the same time? It is possible because life is full of contradictions and ambivalences and so you have to accept it.

In ancient times it was quite difficult to get the purple dye, so it was intended for people of high status or what they called dignity. Emperors, royalty, priests and nobility reserved for a few centuries the exclusive use of this color that came from the entrails of a mollusk.

Today it is still an extravagant, impressive color that adds personality. The color purple has magical and spiritual connotations, but it is also closely related to sexuality.

And wait, there is still more, because we are talking about the color that represents the union between the masculine and the feminine and, finally, today it is a symbol of the feminist movement. Why? Because purple gives off power (or empowerment), but also tolerance and equality.

We can always stay with the positive side of life, and the same is the case with colors. The positive meanings of the color purple or purple are sometimes not as positive as they seem at first, but it is up to us to make the best of it.

For starters, violet or purple is the color of magic. Magic in the full sense of the word, with its wicked witches making evil spells, but also with white magic or magic that comes directly from the goodness of people, whether they are sorceresses or not.

Perhaps related to the magical character of the color purple is its most spiritual meaning, that which leads you to know yourself better, to develop as a person, to relate in a healthier way with yourself, with the people around you and with yourself. Universe.

It is also the color of the esoteric that is why it arrives surrounded by mystery and knowledge that is not accessible to everyone.

The color purple is also synonymous with creativity, a quality that is not exclusive to artists, since we need a lot of creativity to overcome the obstacles of daily life. Imagination and fantasy are also found in purple, as well as the world of dreams, a world more real than it seems.

One of the most positive aspects of the color purple is tolerance, respect, cooperation. Empathy is undoubtedly purple, or violet, or purple. As well as respect and dignity.

The color purple symbolizes luxury and distinction, exclusivity, quality. And although it does not represent elegance as we understand it today, it brings a touch of class impossible to achieve with other colors.

And we go with the most ambivalent meaning of this color which is power. Is power positive or negative? It depends on how you use it, right? Power or personal empowerment is not only positive, it is also necessary, but what happens when you find yourself in a position of power over others?

Power can be exercised in a just or despotic way. This is why the color purple is often associated with negative meanings such as pride or arrogance. But that no longer depends on the color itself, but on yourself. Long-term use by emperors, kings, or higher classes makes the purple linger in a halo of despotism.

Purple Butterfly – Symbolism

Let’s talk about one of the most beautiful and preferred colors by women and adolescents, it is purple or violet, which comes from the combination of red with blue. For many it projects illumination and imagination, as well as it stands out for generating centralism in our lives and giving us concentration with our deepest thoughts.

The purple color is related to spirituality, the difference between purple and violet is that violet appears in the rainbow and purple does not, because it is considered a more intense tone, being the combination of two deeper colors.

The purple color represents the imagination of dreams in a fantasy world, which seeks the meaning of life as it promotes harmony, balance. It is a color widely used in girls as it inspires tenderness and at the same time is delicate.

In the environment, purple manifests itself in different ways according to the sensitivity of the contamination found in the environment (hearing, sight and smell); in humanity the purple color transmits energy and tends to sit well with others, this color combines patience and wisdom, so it can achieve a lot about people.

Dreaming of the color purple reflects great sadness, motivated by strong discussions that have been had with our partner or a family member.

If we see ourselves dressed in purple, we are always anxious or afraid of losing our partner.

If we see another person dressed in purple it means that she could possibly lose her job. Finally, if we dream of purple earrings, then we have a relationship based on lies and abuse.

The purple color is very controversial, since violet plays an important role in it because it is related to energy and violence.

People who are inclined towards this color are very fond of magic, they are people who see the fantasy as something amazing.

On the negative side, the color purple is related to nostalgia and suffering.

It is also used in medicine, since people who have disorders or insomnia usually relax them effectively, remember that in the purple tranquility predominates so it is possible to sleep for hours.

On the negative side, people are self-centered and abuse power.

In history, Christians said that priests should dress in purple, since they transmitted spirituality and faith.

In ancient Roman times it was difficult to get crustacean shells since the purple color was derived from there and only the leaders of the Roman Empire could wear it, it was for the exclusive use of the emperor, his wife and his heirs. The color was widely used in royalty because it represents elegance and power.

There is a lot of mystery in relation to the color violet and purple, it differs in the percentage of primary colors that contain it. Both are associated with the color of witchcraft.

In history, kings and royalty wore purple clothing to make it clear that they were the ones in charge and the only ones who could be distinguished with purple garments.

The color purple represents wealth, triumph, royalty and extravagance. It is also associated with everything that a person can lead. The color purple is bright and very rare in nature, which is why many experts claim that it is an artificial color.


We have already said that purple is the color of emotions. It is an introspective color that helps you to find your interior and also to achieve emotional balance.

That balance between thought and action, the longed for vital coherence, is more easily achieved with the support of the color violet. And, for that reason, it is also a color widely used in meditation.

It is especially suitable for people who are lost and want to find the meaning of life. And it is also very helpful in troubleshooting.

This characteristic is linked to the creative aspect of purple. Looking for a solution? Think purple, because they say it stimulates brain activity.

Using purple in clothing may or may not be a good idea depending on the circumstances.

If you are looking for elegance, it is not the most suitable color, but do not hesitate to put it on if you want to be the center of attention for some reason or to stand out, highlight your unique and powerful personality, show your self-confidence