Red Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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Lighting a candle is a way of creating a pleasant atmosphere, but it also transmits sensations and takes us to states of relaxation.

Since ancient times they have been used in magic and sorcery rituals, and in combination with different colors to achieve certain purposes. Each color transmits a different energy and each one has its meaning.

The red candle represents sensuality and love, so energetic that it helps us to succeed and improve ourselves. They increase the level of love in people and give us positive vibes. It is also widely used to promote courage in a person who is going to face some danger and is even a protective color of physical and psychic energies.

Red Candle – Meaning

In all spells or rituals with candles, it is important to know what colors we should use according to the purpose we want to achieve.

For this reason I want to take this opportunity to talk to you about red candles, their meaning and what you can use them for, so don’t move from there, we have already started.

Although the meaning of the red candle has been related and commonly used for ceremonies, spells and rituals that have to do with the theme of love, it also also involves issues related to health and physical strength.

Due to its warm color, it is widely used to attract and promote personal value; the light emanating from a red candle is a vital key to protection and supply of good energy, it means an effective way to regenerate and activate something that is stagnant.

Represents the color of success and triumph, red candles attract all kinds of positive energies, and thanks to them you will find the motivation to achieve everything you set your mind to.

Due to their red color, these candles are related to passionate love and sensuality; It also represents an excellent help for love relationships, it is synonymous with warmth, it also helps in overcoming and triumph in the sentimental plane.

It also represents energy of love, strength and unbridled passion; Arguably the most important meaning of red candles is that they are a representation of love, sex and fertility.

Although they can also symbolize pride, courage, anger and strong emotions. The red candles have such a positive meaning that for that reason; During the diseased seasons we flood our homes with red candles of different shapes and sizes.

Red candles

They are a representation of the fire element and therefore strengthen the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This is a very important aspect that can help us to perform any type of spell or ritual.

Now that you know the meaning of the red candles. I consider it appropriate that you know so that you can use them, so I will explain it to you right away.

Now I have to tell you what the red candle is for, since there are many uses and benefits that this candle offers us; An example of this is that it serves to boost personal or professional projects that have not just started.

If you want to attract good luck to your life, light a red candle, it helps to find the necessary strength to face challenges and solve problems. If you have not found the love of your life, or if you already have it and want your love relationship to be stronger and more solid, then use red candles.


When you light red candles in your home, you fill it with the best energies of love, strength and passion, also giving you courage, motivation, good health and even good luck. Red candles are excellent to help eliminate negative attitudes and pessimism, making you stronger in front of enemies.

They serve as catalysts to avoid danger, in addition to being a connection to the earth and physical health. They are often used to release anger, physical gratification, and lust.

They are used when you want fast action, either for a competition, or you want to get something. A lit red candle helps to increase the willpower to conquer what we set out to do and realizing our dreams strengthens our self-esteem and confidence in ourselves.

As you already know the meaning of red candles and the different uses that you can give them, now I leave you some rituals with red candles that are very simple but effective.

Very good if you got to this point; It is because you want to find the love of your life or possibly you have already achieved it and you want to wrap it with your feelings of love, or make that person feel the same about you.

Whatever your case, the best thing you can do is see the following article, where I show you different rituals with red candles that you will surely want to use due to their great effectiveness.

Red Candle – Symbolism

Do you know the meaning of the color of the candles? Do you know which one transmits passion, serenity or optimism? Keep reading and discover what each of the colors is associated with, in this way you can make your candles with the hue that best suits your needs or your personality.

When you go to choose the colors of your candles you can be guided by your tastes, by the tones that best go with the decoration of your home or you can guide yourself taking into account the meaning of the color of the candles. Do you like the idea? Then do not lose detail because below we show you the most relevant symbols.

As you can see later, the meaning of the color of the candles and the moods have a very close link, more than we can imagine. Each color evokes different sensations and candles are not unrelated to this. What do they transmit to you?

With which one do you identify more? Do you prefer the strength of red or the spirituality of blue? Know all the colors and their meanings and choose your favorites!

It is the color of mind and knowledge and symbolizes calm and inspiration. If you have to make an important decision and you are not very clear, light a blue candle and it will give you mental clarity.

In addition, blue candles promote spirituality and help create calm and calm environments. And it is that we all associate blue with the calm sea and a beautiful clear sky. Is it difficult for you to catch the dream?

Light a blue candle and let yourself be invaded by the pleasant sensations and the peace it transmits. The blue color will reinforce you in times of stress, that is why we turn to it when we seek balance and serenity.

It is the color of spirituality, so purple candles are great for meditation. They will also help you develop your intuition! According to Feng Shui, violet, red and orange together represent the maximum prosperity. So you already know! How about a pack of these three candles for your friends as a gift?

The color purple is the mystical tone par excellence, so used during meditation exercises it contributes to creating a conciliatory atmosphere full of calm and serenity. You can also use them to appease states of anxiety.

It is the color of fire and blood, it is exciting and stimulates action. Do not use red candles in the moments when you are looking for calm but you can use them when you are down or need an extra dose of energy. It is an energetic activator! It is also the color of passion. Light red and white candles so that your relationships are based on true love and do not lose the spark and passion.

Red candles help improve self-confidence and provide security. They symbolize strength and activity. It is the color of the sun, a symbol of life, so this color is that of optimism and joy. Yellow candles provide warmth, protection and warmth, so if you are going through a bad time, light a candle of this color.

In addition, it is the color of intelligence, stimulates the mind, improves concentration and represents wisdom. Are your children on exams? Light a yellow candle in the house. This color elevates spirits and morale, helps create a creative and joyful environment, and acts as a stimulant to the nervous system.

Green is associated with nature, so it relaxes and fills us with serenity. It is also the color of hope. After the darkness of winter, spring invites us to bloom. Light a green candle every time you need to finish a stage and start a new one and go from winter to spring in your life as well.

It is the color of health, so use the green candles if you are convalescing from an illness. Also, green candles are related to luck and abundance.

It is the color of the earth and is associated with security and stability, that is why we advise you to use brown candles in times of insecurity. Orange and gold enhance it. But be careful! As our unconscious associates it with poverty and pessimism, do not combine it with black or gray.

It falls within the range of tones that provide warmth and, together with red, it is the color of strength and perseverance.

The orange color is that of joy and luminosity. Provides security and strength. We recommend that you light an orange candle in your most creative moments, it will help you focus and squeeze all your imagination.

According to Buddhism, it is the color of enlightenment and is associated with optimism, positive energy and the joy of living. It is the color of creativity and sexuality.

Therefore, an orange candle is perfect for a night of passion.

It is a fundamental color if you are going through a depressive moment because it will help you improve your mood, your optimism and your attitude towards life.

It is the color of romantic love and commitment. Use pink candles to enhance your relationship, or who knows … find love.

An infallible combination in love is that of red, pink and white. It is the color of feminine energy and of the heart. Use pink candles if you want your evening to be sensual and full of sweetness.

It is the color of the unknown, the mysterious and what is yet to be discovered. Use black candles to bring your hidden gifts and talents to light! Also, black candles absorb negativity.

As you can see, depending on your needs or your mood you can choose some colors or others but with all of them you will enjoy everything that candles have to offer.


Where you express to that special person for you, everything you feel for her and everything that you love about that person.

When finished, insert the letter in the envelope next to the cinnamon stick, close the envelope, place the name of the person to whom it is addressed on the outside, and place it under the lit candle.

Take the pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle over the lit candle, with this they should release sperm sparks everywhere and fall on top of the envelope.

Do this step for 7 times in a row (Sprinkle the pinch of ground cinnamon over the lit candle).

There is no law that says you cannot modify some elements; some people use sugar, honey, and even sweets that the person they want to conquer likes.

Then let the candle burn out, and when this happens, take the remains of the candle and the letter to place them under your bed, now you just have to wait patiently and see that person’s behavior changes as the days go by … To the point of being crazy about you.

Well, with this you know what red candles are for and what they mean. In this link you can see more rituals with red candles, in case you feel that the one I mentioned above is not enough.