What Does the Number 14 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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Like many other numbers that have been sent to you right from the universe, number 14 can also be a good sign. This number will be sent to you from your guardian angels at the moments when you are feeling lost and confused.

Your angels will send you this number in order to offer you their assistance and their unconditional love. If you accept the presence of this number in your life, you can count on many positive changes that will happen to you.

Also, you will be feeling safe and you will change your way of thinking.

There are a lot of secret meanings that might be hidden in angel number 14. In this article we will try to identify them and to help you understand what your divine angels want to tell you through this number.

Also, we will explain you what number 14 can mean prophetically and what importance it can have in the Bible. It will be certainly interesting for you to read about the symbolism of number 14 that exists since long time ago.

If number 14 is appearing in your life a lot of times during the day and if you think that this number may be following you, then you are on the right place and you shouldn’t miss the article that is in front of you.

We will try to explain you the symbolism of this number and also its connection with the Bible. If number 14 has appeared in your life, you can be sure that your angels want to get close to you and to be your partners all along your spiritual path.

What Does Number 14 Mean?

There is no doubt that number 14 is very significant in a spiritual sense. This number may convey an important message to you, so you should never ignore this number if it starts appearing in your life.

The easiest way to find out what number 14 as an angel number can mean is to see first what its components mean. Number 1 and number 4 are very important for the whole meaning of angel number 14.

Number 1 has always been known as a symbol of leadership, initiative and new beginnings. This number will help you become a role model for other people who will admire you because of your determination and optimism. Anyway, number 1 indicates that it is time to start a new phase in your life.

There is also angel number 4 that is usually related to your inner-wisdom and practicality.

This number also resonates with your good organization and order. If you sum up the meanings of numbers 1 and 4, you can see clearly that number 14 could be a number of big success and prosperity.

In a spiritual sense number 14 could also be a symbol of prudence, balance and justice. Your guardian angels will advise you through this number to take initiative and to think positively. Your positive thoughts will bring you success and they will help you make good decisions.

Thanks to number 14 you will have the opportunity and also courage to express your true desires as well. As you can see, number 14 can bring a lot of great things into your life, but you need to believe in its powers and to allow your angels to enter your life.

Another interesting fact about the meaning of number 14 could be that this number may be under the influence of number 5 as well.


We all know that number 5 is usually used as a symbol of health, good mental and physical state and your personal well-being. You need to be in a good condition in order to make good things in your life. Success is on your way, but you need to think about yourself first.

You have seen in this chapter what 14 as an angel number can mean, so it is not a surprise that your angels will send you this number a lot of times.

Below you will see something about the biblical and the prophetic meaning of number 14.

The Biblical and the Prophetic Meaning of Number 14

If you have read the Bible, then you know that different numbers are used to determine different religious concepts. Each number in the Bible has its specific meaning and it is mentioned more or less in this sacred book. Of course, number 14 is not an exception.

In this chapter we will talk about number 14 and its place in the Bible. We will tell you what biblical facts are related to number 14 and also what this number means if we take into account its biblical symbolism.

The first thing we should have in mind is that number 14 is actually double number 7. If we take into account that 7 is the number of the spiritual perfection, then we can realize that number 14 is also a perfect number in a spiritual sense. But, in what contexts and places number 14 is appearing in the Bible? How many times number 14 is used in this book? Just continue to read this chapter and you will find out.

It is important to know that number 14 is mentioned 22 times in the Bible, while the ordinal number 14th is mentioned even 24 times. According to the Bible, number 14 is considered to be a symbol of salvation and deliverance.

Actually, the 14th day of the 1st Hebrew month called Nisan is the Passover. This day was important because of the deliverance of the firstborn from death. Also, on the 14th day of Nisan in the year A.D. 30 Christ was crucified because it was the only way for him to save humans from sin.

Another important thing related to this number and the Bible is that the genealogy of Jesus is divided into 14 generations in the Gospel of Matthew. Actually, the Bible says that there were 3 groups made up of 14 generations from Abraham to Joseph. It means that there were 14 generations between Abraham and David, there were also 14 generations between David and Josiah (the Babilon captivity) and there were also 14 generations from Josiah (from the Babilon captivity) until Jesus Christ.

According to the Bible, everything in this world is happening as a part of the plan of God. All the people are going to reach their spiritual perfection.

However, there are also many other biblical facts related to number 14. We have to mention that the phrase “the fear of the Lord“ has been mentioned 14 times in the Book of Proverbs. Numbers 120 and 23 are mentioned 14 times in the Bible, as well as the word “forgiveness“.

According to the old Jewish numerology, the numerical value of name “David“ is 14. It is written in the Genesis that Jacob was working 14 years for his uncle and after that he was working for his own family. After 13 years spent in prison, Joseph became the leader of his country in the 14th year. It was also said in the Bible that saint Paul wrote 14 epistles.

As you could see in this chapter, the significance of number 14 is important in a biblical sense, so it is not hard to see now what this number can mean prophetically.

If you keep reading this article, you will see a couple of the reasons why number 14 may be appearing in your life constantly.

Why Are You Seeing Number 14?

If you have read this article carefully, then you have seen all about the meanings of number 14. This number is a very powerful spiritual and biblical number and we hope that now you can understand better the message that your angels are senidng you this way.

We have already said that angel number 14 is a symbol of justice and balance that your angels will bring into your life. They will help you serve your soul mission and accomplish your life goals.

If you notice that number 14 is appearing with frequency in your life, it is an obvious sign that divine forces are trying to speak to you. If you receive their message, you will be able to understand many things and perceive them from a different point of view.

Number 14 will certainly make you think positively and make important decisions easily. They have come on your way to protect you and to help you make the best choices in your life.

If you accept this number, you will feel all the love that your angels have for you and you will know that you are blessed. Because of that you should be grateful for everything you have and you should be happy if number 14 comes into your life.

We hope that this article was useful for you and we are sure that from now on you will think more about the symbolism of this number when it appears in front of you. You should never forget that number 14 is a divine number that could change your destiny.