What Does the Number 21 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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If you have ever noticed that a certain number is appearing wherever you go and whatever you do, you must have been wondering what it could mean.

Is it only a coincidence or it is a sign that divine forces are sending to you? You may not have heard yet, but there are the so called angel numbers, which have special powers.

Through those numbers our guardian angels are sending us different messages, but in most of the cases those messages are positive and good for us.

Today you will have the opportunity to read about the symbolism of number 21, actually about its biblical symbolism.

First we will tell you some of the most important facts about this number and its secret meanings and after that you will see what this number can mean in the biblical sense.

We hope that you will like this article and it will certainly help you understand why number 21 is appearing in your life so often and what spiritual meaning it can have.

What Does Number 21 Mean?

The most important thing that will help you understand a deeper spiritual meaning of number 21 is to discover the meanings of numbers 2 and 1.

Number 2 is known as the number of relationships, co-operation, diplomacy and trust, while number 1 usually represents new beginnings and positive attitude. If you have that in mind, then it may not be difficult to understand what number 21 could mean.

It is believed that our guardian angels use number 21 frequently, in order to send us messages. Number 21 is reminding you that you should take care of your own beliefs and thoughts because they will be responsible for creating your own reality. If you think positively, your life will be much better and you will attract positive things to you.

Number 21 is also related to your communication skills and charisma, which means that your relationships with other people are very good and they will be even better if number 21 comes to you.

Through this number your angels will motivate you to have faith and to believe in the positive outcome that is in front of you.

In the following chapter you will see something more about the spiritual meaning of number 21.

Actually, we will explain you what this number means in the biblical sense and why this number may be important prophetically.

The Biblical and the Prophetic Meaning of Number 21

The biblical numerology has been popular since long time ago. Actually, it is known that each of the numbers in the Bible has its special meaning and it is related to many biblical facts and concepts.

Of course, number 21 is not an exception. In this chapter we will tell you in what contexts number 21 is used in the Bible and also what are other associations to this number that are related to the Bible. It is true that number 21 doesn’t appear too many times in the Bible directly, but its significance is very important. To be precise, number 21 is appearing 7 times in this holy book.


First of all we have to say that number 21 is considered to be the symbol of sin and rebellion. It is known that the children of Israel had 21 rebellious events after leaving the Egyptian bondage.

It is also interesting to say that there is a close connection between number 21 and number 13. It is believed that number 21 in the Bible is some kind of a result of number 13.

Number 13 is a symbol of sinfulness, so if we have the sum of number 13 and number 8, which is considered to be the symbol of new beginnings, we get 21. Having that in mind, we can say that number 21 represents the beginning of something that will be sinful and that will be against God.

The Bible says that the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles is on the 21st of the 7th month, according to the Hebrew calendar. This day was important because it also represents the end of the reign of Christ on earth that lasted 1000 years. On that day a devil was free for short period of time and his task was to start the rebellion or war on earth. This war was supposed to be against all holy things.

However, it is written in the Revelation that God executed his judgement against the devil, so all the demons and satanic forces were consumed in fire.

When it comes to number 21, there are also many other interesting facts that are related to the Bible. We have to say that a very short book in the God’s word contains only one chapter that is made up of 21 verses. It is also known that the Hebrew book contains the materials from 21 books of the Old Testament. It is interesting to mention that there are some words that are appearing 21 times in the Bible, such as the words “Frankincense“, “the Father“, “Flood“, “star“, “James“, etc.

There are also a couple of numbers that are appearing 21 times in the Bible, such as 16, 2000 and 20000. The Gospel of Saint John has 21 chapters and there were also 21 attributes of Wisdom.

The apostle Paul has written about 21 sins and he advises Timothy to turn away from all those sins. We have to mention that Zedekiah, who was the last Judah’s king, came on the throne at the age of 21 years.

There is no doubt that number 21 is a sacred number that is in a close relationship with the Temple and God. In one day Jesus Christ appeared in 21 places in the Palestine, in order to confirm all his believers that he was resurrected.

You could see in this chapter that number 21 is important in the biblical sense, so you should think about it if this number starts appearing in your life.

Number 21 is a clear sign that something is going to change in your life, because you will hear the voice from the universe.

The next chapter will tell you why number 21 is appearing in your life more than before and what you should know when you see it again.

Why Are You Seeing Number 21?

Now when you know what the secret meanings of number 21 are and what this number means in the biblical and prophetic sense, you must be wondering why you are seeing this number all the time. The answer is simple. Your guardian angels want to tell you something important and they want to connect you with the universe.

If you become aware of the fact that number 21 is your angel number and that it can bring you a lot of positive changes, then you will realize that you are a blessed person.

Your angels decided to tell you something through this number, so if you know its meaning, it will be easy to understand the angels’ message.

We hope that we helped you get to know all about the spiritual and biblical meanings of number 21, so the only thing you should do is to pay more attention to this number when it appears in your life again.