What Does the Number 28 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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It is known that numbers can have a special meaning sometimes. They can be a way to have communication with the universe and to receive important messages from divine beings.

Today we will have a discussion about number 28 and its symbolism, but most important is that we will tell you what this number means in the Bible and also prophetically.

We hope that this article will be helpful for you and it will certainly make you think about a deeper meaning of number 28, if this number keeps appearing all around you.

What Does Number 28 Mean?

If you would like to know what number 28 means, then you should take into account what numbers 2 and 8 mean.

Number 2 is known as a number of duality and harmony, as well as a number of peace and balance. If this number enters your life, then you can be sure that your life will be peaceful.

Number 2 can also symbolize trust that you should have in God and also in your guardian angels. When it comes to number 8, we have to say that number 8 usually resonates with business and efficiency.

However, it can be also a symbol of balance.

It is clear that number 28 is actually the combination of numbers 2 and 8, so it seems easy to realize what number 28 can mean. It is obvious that number 28 is a symbol of balance that you need to keep in all aspects of your life.

It is important to know that number 28 is associated with both leadership and teamwork. This number is also related to diplomacy, independence and self-determination.

It actually means that if this number becomes a part of your life, you will be independent and you will have the strength to take your life in your hands.

Also, you will focus on yourself and you will not pay too much attention to what other people are saying or doing. Your own desires and interests will be your priority in the future.

However, number 28 will also give you the ability to be co-operative and diplomatic in partnerships and relationships. If this number is sent to you from your guardian angels, you can be sure that they are thinking of you and they want to help you change your own life.

The first thing you should know is that you should not have any fears if number 28 enters your life, because this number will certainly help you have your inner peace and it will also bring peace in all areas of your life.

Now you have seen clearly that the symbolism of number 28 is positive and there are only good things that this number will bring into your life.

However, you should have in mind what this number can symbolize in the Bible and what its prophetic meaning can be. If you have already read the Bible, then you may have noticed the appearance of this number.


If you continue to read this article, you will get to know what number 28 means in the Bible and also prophetically.

The Biblical and the Prophetic Meaning of Number 28

There are many biblical facts about number 28 that could be interesting for you to know, even though this number appears rarely in the holy book of Christians.

First we have to say that this number is mentioned only 5 times in the Bible, but it is important in the biblical sense. We will tell you in which parts of the Bible this number has been used, which will help you understand its biblical symbolism much better.

Maybe you didn’t know that there were 28 people who wrote the Old Testament. Some of the most important writers of the Old Testament are David, Ezekiel, Hosea, Moses, Solomon, but there were also many others.

There are important words that are appearing 28 times in the Bible. Some of them are the words “Hallelujah“, “the Lamb“, “celestial“, “disciplines“, etc.

Also, it is interesting that number 13 was mentioned in the Bible 28 times.

It is also important to say that the longest book in the New Testament is the book of Acts and it has 28 chapters. Another biblical fact about number 28 is that the Gospel of Matthew has 28 chapters.

There are also many other facts about number 28 and its meaning in the Bible. For example, we have to say that the king of Israel, whose name was Jehu, was on the throne 28 years. It is also interesting to say that the name David is mentioned in 28 books of the word of God.

You can see that a couple of facts in the Bible are related to number 28, so we have to take into consideration that this number is important in a biblical sense.

If number 28 starts appearing in your life, then you should remember all spiritual and biblical meanings that you know about this number.

In the following chapter we will tell you why are you seeing number 28 and what divine message may be hidden behind it.

Why Are You Seeing Number 28?

If you are wondering why number 28 is appearing in your life so often, then you should think about its symbolism first.

In this article you had the opportunity to see what secret meanings are related to this number and what its biblical facts are.

It is clear that number 28 will bring positive changes to you, which means that balance, peace, discipline and determination will become a part of your everyday life. Your communication at work will be also very good, so you don’t have to worry.

There are so many positive changes in front of you, so when you see number 28 the next time on your clock, on your bill in a supermarket or maybe on your phone, then you should be happy because this number is a sign that God wants to get in touch with you this way and to help you choose the right spiritual path for you.