What Does the Number 6 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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People have always believed that numbers have special powers. Numbers are usually the way to have communication with divine forces. But, what does it actually mean? How can we know that a certain number is a message that comes to us from the universe? Stay with us and you will find out.

If a certain number is coming to you very often and if you notice that something is different in your life, it means that this number could be a message from your angels.

Actually, a number that is appearing around you all the time may be announcing big changes that are going to take place in your life.

The most of angel numbers will bring positive changes in your life, so you don’t need to worry. You just need to accept this number and also to accept the assistance that your guardian angels are offering to you this way.

Today we will discuss about number 6 that could be also sent to you from the universe. We will tell you what meanings might be hidden behind this number, but apart from that, we will tell you something about the biblical symbolism of number 6.

This number was used in the Bible so many times and its symbolism is very important, so you should not miss the opportunity to find out what number 6 means in a biblical and prophetic sense.

We hope that in this article you will find all the answers that you need about number 6 and its symbolism.

What Does Number 6 Mean?

Number 6 is one of the numbers that your angels will send to you at the moments when you need to change something in your life. There are many meanings that may be hidden behind this number, so it is necessary to find out what this number means. It will help you interpret the message that you have received from your angels and you will get to know what the universe wants to tell you.

First we will say that number 6 is a symbol of selflessness, lightworking and charity. This number is reminding you that you should do something that will benefit other people. If you do something good for others, you will serve your soul mission this way and you will be able to follow your own life purpose.

Number 6 is also a symbol of unconditional love that your angels are feeling towards you. They want to make your life better, so they will bring you balance and harmony. Your guardian angels will remind you through number 6 that the family has big importance in your life, so you should dedicate enough time to your family members. I

f number 6 is appearing in front of you more than ever before, it is a sign that you need to change something related to your home and family. There will be a lot of changes in the future period and you need to be prepared for them, but don’t worry, because those changes will be positive.

Very often number 6 is considered to be a symbol of indecision. If you keep seeing this number all around you, it could mean that you are indecisive right now and you need help in order to make an important decision. Seeing number 6 in your life can mean that now is the right time to contact your angels and to ask them to help you make a decision.

We can also say that number 6 is a symbol of empathy, stability and problem-solving. If you allow this number to enter your life, you can expect that all your problems will be solved and there will be peace and stability in your life.

Number 6 is also used as a symbol of longevity, so when it appears in your life, it could have a positive connotation. Very often angels use this number to send us a message that we should use our intelligence in the future because it can help us achieve our goals in life. As all other angel numbers, number 6 will help you find your divine life purpose and go towards it.

You have seen what number 6 can mean in general and also what kind of a message your guardian angels can send you through this number. Now it is time to see something about the biblical and prophetic meaning of number 6.


The Biblical and The Prophetic Meaning of Number 6

It is known that the Bible was written before thousands of years. Like many other numbers, number 6 is used in the Bible so many times and its biblical symbolism is very important.

Actually, there is information that this number is appearing 148 times in the Bible, while it is used only 7 times in the Koran. If you understand what importance number 6 had in the past and in what context it was used in the Bible, you will be able to understand its symbolism much better.

The first thing we have to say is that in the Bible number 6 is used as a symbol of weakness of a man. This number may also represent evil and the Satan, so many times it is used as a negative symbol in the Bible. The Bible says that man was created on the 6th day, so it is another biblical fact about the importance that number 6 has in this book. Also, it is said that God created all things on the Earth in only 6 days. Number 6  may be considered not only a symbol of a man, but also a symbol of a man-animal.

Number 6 is also used as a symbol of sin and imperfection in the Bible. Number 6 is also used in the Bible as a symbol of work, because a man was supposed to work 6 days and to sow the earth during the period of 6 years.

According to the Bible, the world was flooded by God at the moment when Noah was 6 hundred years old. It is also written that Leah had 6 sons and a Hebrew slave was supposed to work only 6 years and after that period he should be released. The 6th commandment is that we should not kill anyone.

There are also many other biblical facts about number 6. The judge of Israel, whose name was Jephthah, served during the period of 6 years. The throne of Solomon had 6 steps. There were 6 earthquakes mentioned in the Bible an we have also to say that it is believed that Jesus Christ was possessed by a demon 6 times.

The Bible also says that the angels of Seraphim had 6 wings. Peter received the vision from God at the 6th hour.

There are many biblical facts about number 6 and Jesus Christ. He was 6 years old at the moment when he started to go to the Carmelite School. According to the Bible Jesus Christ was concieved on the 6th day and he was also crucified on the 6th day. Sometimes number 6 can represent the passion and the suffering of Jesus Christ on the 6th day. It is also written that 6 executioners lashed Jesus on that day.

It is also said in the Bible that Joshua needed 6 years in order to conquer Canaan. In the 6th chapter of the Genesis God is talking about the big flood and he is actually announcing it.

There are many numbers that are used 6 times in the Bible, such as 19, 27, 52, 127, 6000, 70 000 and also some other numbers. Another interesting fact is that word “paradise“ was used 6 times in the Bible.

In the New Testament people who used to practice Sorcery were mentioned 6 times. It is known that number of the beast or the number of the Antichrist is number 6 repeated three times, actually it is number 666.

In this chapter you could see clearly that number 6 is a very common number in the Bible, so it is used more than hundred times. We have told you some of the most important places in the Bible in which number 6 was used.

Now when you know all those biblical facts and when you know what number 6 can mean prophetically, we will tell you what it can mean if number 6 is appearing in your life very often and what you should do in those situations.

Why Are You Seeing Number 6?

If you have a feeling that number 6 is appearing in your life more than usual, it is probably a sign that your angels came to visit you. They have been watching over you for too long and they came to you with a clear mission – to help you. If you are going through a difficult period right now your angels will help you overcome all the problems and live your life in peace and harmony.

Number 6 is a symbol of positive things that will enter your life. There will be many positive changes in all aspects of your life. Because of that you should not ignore number 6 when you see it in many different situations, but you should think more about its symbolism.

As we have already said, number 6 will motivate you to keep balance in your life and to take control over your own life. When you receive number 6, you should have in mind that it is also a biblical number with a very important prophetic meaning.

We have already explained you what number 6 means in a biblical sense and we hope that you will think about it the next time when you see number 6.