What Does the Number 5 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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People who are familiar with the Bible know very well that number 5 is very important in this sense. This number has a lot of biblical and prophetic meanings, so it is mentioned a lot of times in this holy book of Christians. If you are interested to know what number 5 means in a biblical sense, you should read this article carefully.

We are going to tell you what places in the Bible are the places in which you can find number 5 and we will also explain you what this number in the Bible means.

However, there are a lot of details that you should know about this holy number. But, before we start talking about the Bible and number 5, we will tell you a couple of facts about number 5 in general.

This number is known as a very powerful number that can be sent to your everyday’s life. Your angels will send you this number at the moment when they consider that you need their help or assistance.

That’s why number 5 is very popular as an angel number and people have always been interested in its symbolism.

If you continue to read our article, many interesting facts about number 5 are expecting you, so you will have the chance to find out more about its spiritual, biblical and profetic meaning.

If you have a sensation that this number may be following you somehow, then you should not miss this article, but you should read it with attention and thoroughly.

We hope that you will enjoy and we are sure that you will get into a deeper meaning of this holy and magical number.

What Does Number 5 Mean?

If you see number 5 a couple of times in front of you, you can be sure that it is your angel number. Actually, it is the number that your angels are sending to you in order to tell you something that could be very important. If you try to find the meaning of number 5, you will see that this number is a symbol of positive changes that are about to happen in your life.

It is also the number of sensual experiences and we should always have in mind that we have 5 senses.

Number 5 is usually used as a symbol of health, which means that this number may be warning you to take more care of your health.

Another secret meaning of number 5 is balance. It means that you should try to keep balance in all areas of your life. It particularly means that you should have balance between your spiritual and physical world. It is necessary to live in harmony with nature and to be grateful for all things in your life.

Number 5 also resonates with independence and freedom. Seeing this number may be a sign that you should take your life in your own hands and become independent. Number 5 has also to do with your intelligence and curiosity, as well as with your courage. You should be courageous enough to face all the changes that might be happening right by your side.

You have seen some facts about number 5 and its meaning, so now we can tell you something more about the meaning of this number in the Bible. We come to the most important part of this article and we recommend you to be focused on the following chapter.

The Biblical and the Prophetic Meaning of Number 5

We have already said that number 5 has an important place in the Bible and it is mentioned 318 times in this holy book. First of all we have to say that we have 5 senses, 5 toes and also 5 fingers. According to the Bible, there are 5 big mysteries in this world, which are represented as the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Creation and the Redemption.


Number 5 is usually considered to be a symbol of goodness and grace of God. God has always been very good toward humans, so the first 5 commandments are describing our relationship with God, while the other 5 commandments are talking about our relations with other people.

We have already said that number 5 is a symbol of grace, but when we multiply this number with itself, we get 25 as a result, which is considered to symbolize the grace upon the grace. This fact is written in the Gospel of John (1:16).

Also, the Bible says that we should never confuse the God’s grace with the merit, because the merit is only for worthy people. The 5th book of the Bible, called Deuteronomy, is dedicated to the God’s grace.

We have also to mention that there are phrases in the Bible that are repeating 5 times and they are talking about the grace of God.

We should not forget the fact that Jesus Christ had 5 wounds while he was on the cross. The Bible says that number 5 is the number of the universe and also the number of the divine’s will. Number 5 could be also a perfect number, because in the culture of Mayas it is used as a symbol of perfection.

According to the Bible, there were 5 types of offerings that God ordered to Israel to bring him. Those offerings were the Burnt Offering, the Sin, the Trespass, the Grain and the Peace Offering. In the parable of Jesus it was mentioned that there were 5 virgins who were wise and mad.

There are 5 sections in the Book of Psalms and there are also 5 books of the God’s Law that is also called the Pentateuch. You have probably heard that there are 4 gospels but those gospels in the combination with the Acts are forming the New Testament Pentateuch, so we can say that the New Testament Pentateuch consists of 5 books.

Those books are talking about Jesus and his teaching, as well as about the prophets and the law. We have also to mention that the Book of the Lamentations, whose author was Jeremiah, had 5 chapters.

It is also interesting to mention that the apostle John was the author of 5 books, in which he was talking about the God’s grace and also about the eternal life. Apart from that, we have to say that there are 5 books of the Bible that have only one chapter. It is known that Moses was also the author of 5 books.

According to the Bible, number 5 is not only the number of the divine grace, but it is also a number of balance and harmony that should exist in your life. The biblical meaning of number 5 is sometimes related to the weakness and impotence of a human.

As you can see, there are so many places in the Bible in which number 5 is mentioned and used a symbol of something. We hope that now you can understand much better what this number means in a biblical sense and prophetically.

If you have in mind all those facts that we have mentioned, there is a question why this number may be apearing in your life. Just stay with us and you will find out soon.

Why Are You Seeing Number 5?

Seeing number 5 sometimes in front of you will not mean anything and it is possible that you will not even notice it. But, if this number starts appearing frequently in different situations in your life, it is a sign that something is happening right now. This number is not just a common number that appears everywhere, but it has a deeper meaning.

After reading this article, we hope that you have your own picture about this number and its symbolism.

You have seen that number 5 is known as a symbol of balance, health, independence and positive changes. If it is appearing very often in your life, it is a sign that your guardian angels are trying to connect you with divine forces. They want you to receive their message and to be grateful for all that they have done for you.

If you recognize number 5 and if you become aware of its symbolic meaning, you will see that your life will be changed. Actually, you will experience great changes and the period of suffering will stay behind you.

You had also the opportunity to see what number 5 means in the Bible and prophetically, so we hope that now you can understand its symbolism and all its powers. There is no doubt that number 5 has been very important since ancient times, so it is good to know what may be hidden behind this number.

If number 5 appears in front of you again, you will know that it is the number that comes from the universe and you will certainly try to discover its meaning. We hope that we helped you understand the symbolism of number 5 and also the message that you may receive through this number.

If you are familiar with the Bible, then you will certainly understand why divine forces are sending you this number and how this number can affect your own life. Don’t forget that you should be grateful to the universe because you have received this number that could change your life to a great extent.

We are sure that from now on you will pay more attention to number 5 and that you will not take it for granted. This number is a sign that comes to you right from the universe, so you should use your opportunity to talk to your divine angels.