White Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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You can talk about the symbolism of a candle for a very long time. This is a very popular and varied topic. A candle is a symbol of communication with God, with the world of the dead, with angels. And it is also a symbol of faith, hope, and a symbol of life.

The symbolism of the candle is diverse. It has long been believed that a candle illuminates the path, gives warmth and hope.

In the Christian faith, a candle is considered a symbol of divine light and a person’s involvement in the light, it is a symbol of knowledge, it is the ability to listen to the will of God, and it is a symbol of mercy, justice.

Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

And three candles mean the trinity of the world. Holy Trinity. In Jewish tradition, the candle symbolizes peace. And there is also a legend that candles lit the way to Bethlehem for the Holy Family.

Now candles symbolize with coziness and Christmas. No one can imagine Christmas without the blinking warmth of a candle.

This is a tradition that means the arrival of everything new, good and positive. In funeral rites, the candle personifies heavenly light. There is even a tradition to light candles at the deathbed of a person.

It is believed that fire scares away demons, and they cannot take a person’s soul. And they say that candles light the way to paradise.

Our ancient ancestors considered fire to be a purifier of the hearth. Then candles were lit in every home, creating a special atmosphere.

Even in our time, candles, as a symbol of the prosperity of the family hearth, have not lost their significance.

Candles are also widely used in magic rituals. For a very long time, the Egyptians made figurines of enemies from wax and burned them.

They believed that in this way they conquered evil. Today, practically no one is engaged in this: the manufacture of magic figures has replaced the manufacture of flowers from wax – an absolutely harmless and very interesting activity.

Also, to this day, candles are used in temples, in fortune-telling. The flickering quivering light of a candle symbolizes the human soul, its tranquility.

And the birthday candles symbolize the breath of life, hope for the best, and faith in the present. Our ancestors also noticed the symbolism of the color scheme. For example, a green candle symbolizes the earth, the feminine principle, home and family, money.

The yellow candle symbolizes life, health, masculinity. The red color of the candle is a symbol of the sun, fertility, joy. And blue symbolizes love, harmony, healing. A candle is a person’s eternal companion on his way of life.

Symbols are objects and signs that represent complex feelings and sensory relationships or imperceptible things.


Depending on the culture, religion and epoch, they can have different meanings. A symbol can only develop its full potential if its meaning is well known.

Therefore, it makes sense to point out the meaning of symbols again and again when they are used so that they are not forgotten over the years.

Among other things, there are symbols for death and mourning: flowers show sympathy and solidarity.

Typical mourning flowers are tulips, lilies, carnations and roses. In many cultures, wreaths symbolize eternity and the cycle of life through their round shape.

The cross is the weightiest Christian symbol of mourning. – It testifies to forgiveness and the bond of man with God.

Candles are lit at many funerals as a sign of light and faith. Other symbols of mourning are doves, angels, praying hands and palm fronds.

Colors are just as expressive as many representational symbols: white is the color of the resurrection and a symbol of perfection and purity.

Hope is green, which is why most wreaths are tied in green. Black symbolizes death and mourning. Especially in our cultures it is therefore common today to dress in black for the funeral service.

Depending on the culture, colors are perceived differently and have different meanings. What many cultures have in common, however, is that the color of mourning and death is white.

In many Asian countries, white stands for death and Buddhism and Hinduism also use this color for mourning.

In ancient Europe, white was also long considered the color of mourning, but was replaced by black, which has been common since then, when wedding dresses changed their color from black to white.

The problem with white mourning clothing was the difficulty in keeping it clean. Wedding dresses used to be made of black fabric and became an everyday dress after the wedding. Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland (1819-1901) was the first white bride; before that, a wedding dress could be any color.

Colorful mourning dresses are less common, but the color purple is still the color of mourning among European royal families. In our culture, white also stands for innocence, cleanliness, peace and youth.

White Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

One of the most common colors in candles is white and it has a mystical meaning that goes beyond purity.

From the spiritual point of view, when one of them is turned on, a direct communication channel is opened with the angels, archangels and with the higher divine being, so its magic is quite powerful.

For this reason it is common to see them on religious altars, however, they also have a very interesting esoteric meaning.

They are used for new beginnings and their energy provides light and protection for the paths to prosperity and happiness, We Mystic explains. It is associated with feminine power, the Moon and motherhood.

It is because of the above that they are common in rituals of protection, prosperity and cleaning; here we tell you how to use its power in 3 different ways. If you are in a difficult time economically, the white candles will help you open the paths to prosperity.

In a glass, with half the water and a pinch of coarse salt, insert a white candle and light it with a match. Place it in the place of your home where there is serenity and no one can disturb its flame.

After two hours, take out the candle and wash your hands with the water and dry them with the heat emanating from the white candle.

Its most common use is to create a protective shield against negative energies or eliminate them from your environment. You only need to light one of them and let it burn. If you wish, you can pray when lighting it and make a request to the Universe.

The red candles are the most popular for love, however, the white ones will provide the protection that the relationship or our loved one needs. In this way, it will ward off negativity that could interfere with the couple.

White is color. Whether as a non-color or as the sum of all colors, whether as the embodiment of pure energy or as the materialization of being – white transports the signals of utopian exercises, from Malevich to Fontana, from the ZERO group to Ulrich Eerden.

White stands for purity and light, white reflects light best, white is freed from memory and expressive values, white is pure energy and at the same time silence, in white all colors add up.

For Gotthard Graubner, the light value of an emphatically materially embodied color is of the greatest importance – and not the refraction of real light on tangible surfaces, which was the first priority for the ZERO artists.

The instrumental use of the foam sponge turns into a pictorial form that makes the tool the center of the work.

The opaque works from around 1968 are located in Graubner’s experimental fog rooms. The viewer is immersed in an impenetrable, opaque state of aggregation, which is emphasized by the covering with Perlon.

The pictorial bodies detach themselves from the painterly context, become aesthetic objects that give up their two-dimensionality in favor of sculpturally and form an analogy to the viewer’s body experience.

In addition to white, the ZERO artists also chose gold and silver. They used the reflections of the light to create a vibrating grid pattern with bumps and structures.

The result of this process is based on the active movement or “wandering” of the viewer.

The embossed aluminum plate of the relief by Heinz Mack reflects the light in moving refraction and the shimmering high-gloss surface seems to dissolve optically.

From 1953 onwards, Herbert Zangs developed new positions for material structures in paper, cardboard and cardboard. “In my grid, grid or gauze pictures, I achieved the grid by folding, folding, and breaking open, as the nature of the material allowed. Because I can’t crease a cardboard box and I can’t break tissue paper […]

“It was Luther”, according to the German art historian Klaus Honnef, “who opened up light as energy, as energetic force, to the realm of perception […].

It was Luther who, by using complex mirror-lens systems, created immaterial, nonetheless visible, real and at the same time floating pre-images of the reality of life that generated wordless astonishment […] and the existence of ‘parallel worlds’ that can be perceived directly withdraw, demonstrate.

It was Luther who not only transformed the supposedly passive observer into indispensable co-creators in his interior design.

His art can be experienced with a willingness to look openly. “Candles are not simply the cheapest replacement for battery-free lanterns, apart from lighting us up on a dark night, they can offer you the direction to abundance, or indicate the good or bad energies that could be in your home.

A candle light can give us the mystical signals of the spirit plane, they could even predict the future depending on how you are going to interpret them, they are also a reliable way to make a wish and have it come true.

They have properties and qualities that can protect us from bad energies, or even more intense things such as negative emotions from the people around us, and from witchcraft.

Do you want to know the meaning of the candles and how to read them? Do not worry! Here we will talk about everything you want to know about them.

We have always been used to lighting a candle without paying attention to its color, the shape of the flames, or how fast it burns; when every detail of their behavior can give us a message to our being.

When the candle reading is done for the purpose of guessing the future, it must be followed through three main practices which are licnomancy, ceromancy and the interpretation of wax.

If you choose ceremony, you must use the melted wax dripping into a bowl with cold water, figures will form that will convey a message. There are cases where the wax forms numbers which can be important dates, or letters that are the initials of a name.

With licnomancy, the interpretations vary according to the person, it is about finding a meaning in the flame of the candle. A jumping flame can be a sign of oppositions or struggles, if it is very high it can be a good omen for those who do spiritual work.

If the flame is tiny or weak, it can represent the difficult obstacle or the negativity in the face of the adversity you are facing.

On the contrary, if the flame is high or catches fire, it represents the obstacles that you must overcome to reach your goal. In case it burns only half, or partially, then your wish or prayer can only be answered halfway.


If the flame flickers then there may be spirits in your house, and if you are doing spiritual work and it suddenly goes out, run away because it is a bad omen, the spiritual force is not strong enough and you will not achieve your goal.

And in the incredible case that your candle makes a pop, it means that other people are opposing your forces.

At the same time, the smoke that the candle expels can also be a message, if it is dark and does not end within seconds, it is the symbolization of two opposite forces.