Yellow Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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Each color has its own vibration, and this effect is used in color therapy. Lighted candles of a certain color not only form an energetic space around us, but can also set us up for work, inspire new projects or bring peace to the soul.

A symbol of purity and strength. Enhances the effect of candles of a different color, next to which it is lit. Cleans, awakens hope. It can be used to introduce new energy into the process, such as healing.

If only this candle is of high quality, its smoke clears the place where it is burned from any negativity.

Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

When the candle stops smoking, the place can be considered cleared. The white candle gives the purest energy, helps to increase inner motive forces and realize the accumulated experience. Means altruism. It awakens all the good that dwells in the human heart.

Possesses great strength! The strongest of the protective candles. A black candle can be used to “bring a person back to earth.” It is used in various rituals, to reveal secrets, in meditations – in order to bring light into the darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding.

It stabilizes and awakens a sense of responsibility. It is best to burn it with a white candle. Excessive amounts of black energy can cause depression.

A symbol of love, health and satisfied ambition. Red is the color of passion and sexual power, which manifests our basic life energy. Helps to create a new reality.

The red candle gives energy, restores strength, improves well-being, and helps in critical situations, disputes, especially if you light it in the southwest corner of the room. Inspires, promotes mental alertness.

Symbolizes love and success. Encourages consciousness to a clean and dignified life. Stimulates purity of thoughts, expands the horizons of truth and success. Helps to find forgiveness – to forgive oneself and others.

Awakens conscience – encourages you to lead a clean and honest life, and also helps you understand your emotional weaknesses. Promotes clarity of intent and can awaken authenticity and good luck. Orange candle

A symbol of joy and creativity. It can be used for meditation to stimulate spiritual attainment.

It helps to attract pleasant and necessary people, animals and objects into your life, to find answers to unclear questions.

If you are waiting for the right acquaintance to come, necessary for work or health, it is the orange candle that will help attract him.

The color of the candle flame, with which you can achieve a meditative state, see the fulfillment of your desires. Drives out fear, soothes the soul. Gives warmth, peace, and well-being. The golden candle helps to understand dreams and stimulates them.

A candle of growth, advancement and development. Balances the energies of the body and mind. It helps to open up the levels of consciousness that understand the true nature and essence of our life. Stimulates self-awareness.


Solves the problems of the soul. It has a revitalizing effect, attracts abundance, and helps to find solutions to financial problems.

A symbol of spiritual manifestation. Awakens the inner ability to perceive. A symbol of life, embracing with consciousness greater confidence in the environment. It helps a lot in healing children. Usually used in rituals to attract money easily.

Helps drive away fear, despair and doubt. It is lit in order to better understand oneself – it seems to open the way towards the subconscious.

A symbol of clarity. You can meditate to make it easier to understand how to start something new. Affects the level of the subconscious, knowing where our life will lead.

It is favorable for those who master astrology, as it helps to understand the influence of the stars on people. Awakens the deepest natural intuition in a person. Dispels illusions and delusions.

A neutral, earthy color and the same energy. Helps develop observation and clarity. You can meditate to find missing items. This is the color of Saint Anthony – the patron saint of those who are looking for missing things.

A symbol of spirituality, power and authority, skill. Brings uplift, success and energy to achieve spiritual desires. When meditating, it helps to find inner peace.

Surely you already know the different types of candle colors; yellow, blue, red, green, etc. And it’s different uses in spells and rituals.

On this occasion, I want to tell you about the candles of the 7 colors. As its name indicates, this candle has seven colors that are: white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange.

Each of these colors represents an enhancer, which together form the necessary force to achieve the most complex objectives. Surely now you are wondering what the meaning of the seven-color candles is, do not worry, I am explaining it to you right now.

All experts in the field agree that each color represents a type of enhancer, and like the seven colors of the rainbow, they inspire confidence, joy, faith, hope and the strength necessary to achieve your goals.

The candle of the seven colors is also called the candle of the seven powers, represented by the seven qualities that each of its colors possesses.

The seven most outstanding powers are: strength, protection, union, good luck, harmony, well-being and prosperity.

Yellow Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

There are so many magic candles and they are all so different. Different shapes, sizes, colors … Which candles to choose for this or that ceremony, which ones to put on the altar to call the deity, and which ones to light for the sake of the success of a new undertaking? Probably, everyone who started to practice candle magic faced similar questions.

And if the purpose of the main types of magic candles is relatively easy to understand (they were described in one of the previous articles), then the correct choice of the color of the candles often causes controversy even among experienced practitioners.

Indeed, what the color of the candle means, what color the candles should be on the altar during a magic ritual are far from idle questions, since they largely determine the success of the entire rite.

Let’s try to figure out what role the color of candles plays in magic and how to choose the right candles for a particular ritual.

First of all, it should be said that there is no single absolute set of rules as to what the color of a candle means. Different cultures of different peoples have their own ideas about color matches.

If in Christian Europe white is traditionally perceived as a symbol of purity, purity and divine grace, in the countries of the East it is often the color of death and mourning.

If for a person of Slavic culture black is the embodiment of darkness, nightmares, evil and curses, then for an African it is a symbol of nocturnal passion, sex and fertility.

For an adherent of Western European ceremonial magic, formed on the basis of the Gnostic teachings of the East, alchemical works and Christian ideas, blue / blue is the color of the endless sky, lofty aspirations, truth, fidelity, chastity and justice.

And for the typical Santeria fan from Brazil, blue is a symbol of the beautiful sea goddess Yemanji, the mother of all Orishas, ​​patroness of the family, motherhood and protector of children.

In other words, when choosing candles for equipping a magical altar and conducting rituals, it makes sense to take into account the peculiarities of the magical (religious) movement within which the work is being carried out.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that in modern magic there are certain stable ideas about what the color of a candle means, which are quite universal and can be used in most cases.

At the same time, everything that enhances the mental and volitional abilities of the operator, which helps to open the subconscious and purposefully use the energy hidden in it, contributes to the strengthening of the created influence.

The color of a burning candle (like the color of other surrounding objects) plays an important role in this process, since it acts as a kind of key that opens certain components of the operator’s sub consciousness. A color pigment is a matter that emits energy at a specific wavelength and speed.

In other words, color creates vibrations that the human brain is able to perceive and respond to in a certain way. Each color has its own vibrational effect.

However, the actual symbolism of a particular color will differ depending on the prevailing cultural, religious and magical traditions.

Therefore, it is so important not only to follow the directions of authoritative sources, but to select the correspondences that have meaning and meaning for you personally.

In order for the color vibrations to start working, they must evoke some kind of subjective and consistent response in the soul of the practicing magician.

This is an important point, since a purely mechanical adherence to even the most authoritative instructions will not bring the desired effect if it contradicts the internal attitudes of the practice.

For example, if the manual to a magic candle says that black is used to cleanse, eliminate negative influences, and for the magician himself, this color carries only a negative semantic load if he sees in it exclusively manifestations of black magic, which causes him internal rejection, then even a ritual carried out according to all the rules will be useless.

Therefore, no matter how serious sources of information you use, do not forget that the ultimate and most important authority is you. The interpretations of candle colors and descriptions of the scope of their application given in this article are the most widespread and universal at this historical stage.

They can be used as a starting point in the process of creating your own rituals, but they should not be taken as the only true and absolute. Everything needs to be tested by practice.

For thousands of years candles have been used in shamanic teaching (and many cultures) as an aid to reinforce wishes and to send messages to the deceased. Candles are also the most common tool in rituals.

Already in our childhood we encounter candle magic by traditionally blowing out the candles on our birthday cake and making a wish. We unconsciously use candle magic. Has one of your wishes ever come true?

Candles create a romantic atmosphere and cosines. But this is not their only aspect, because they are also the symbol of light and perfection. The candle is traditionally used in both Europe and Russia for white magic and religious rituals.

For example, you can see a sea of ​​candles on every altar. Christian churches are always equipped with lots of candles, have you ever wondered why?

White magic rituals, wishes, prayers and also messages to the deceased can be enhanced by candles. The flame of the candle is a symbol for the sun and light.

Different colors intensify candle magic, so love wishes or short messages to the deceased, e.g. B. engraved in the wax of a candle in order to send it accordingly into the universe.

The bright flame of the candle also attracts positive energies and good spirits, who will always be happy to help you overcome problems.

The simplest and most widespread candle ritual is the formulation of a wish in the head (concentration on the desired goal) and blowing out the candles, which sends the collected energies into the universe.

Unfortunately, candle magic can also be abused by black magicians for returning partners or for spreading curses.

However, everyone should be aware that all energies that are spread in life come back to you (according to the karma principle).

So if you continuously spread negative energies, you will at some point feel it yourself (accidents, relationship crises, illnesses, etc.).

Colors also play a special role in candle magic and reinforce wishes and messages. It is important to note that each color must be specifically selected so that it can have a supportive effect.

Colored candles with soft smells are considered small offerings to the spirits and gods.


Why is the color of candles so important during a magic ritual? The whole secret is in his personal perception by the operator. As Aleister Crowley noted, “Magic is the science and art of causing change in accordance with will.”

By the will of the magician, I mean the one who directly exerts the influence.

Accordingly, the main magical tool is the magician’s consciousness, his will, his intention and the ability to mental concentration.