Black Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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We often buy candles that serve as decoration in a certain room, but did you know that we accentuate some of the Five Elements with a certain color of the candle?

Feng Shui raises the whole story with candles to a higher level. With a certain color we can start a whole new good energy.

According to the ancient concept of Feng Shui and the theory of the five elements of a candle in a certain area, they are one of the ideal supplements for stimulating expansive energy. Candles have been an important symbol in the tradition of many peoples for centuries and have been used in many magical rites.

Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Choosing the right candle color is very important, because according to Feng Shui, each color has its own unique energy that can amplify different vibrations.

In addition to decorating the home, candles help to achieve balance in all areas of life.

Feng Shui raises the whole story from candles to a higher level. A lighted candle has an open flame, which means that it is a strong and powerful source of energy for the element of Fire. One lighted candle is enough to start energy in the space with which it interacts.

Whether a candle will amplify good or bad energy depends on the cycle of the Five Elements and the very relationship of those elements.

The yellow candle is a symbol of warm energy. It refers to good mood, optimism, restoring vital strength.

According to Feng Shui, it can restore inspiration and mental clarity, and encourages harmony in the area of ​​romantic relationships.

The green candle is known for its properties for attracting abundance. It is used to strengthen financial stability, maintain harmony and family peace. According to Feng Shui, a green candle should be lit twice a week to restore mood, vitality and mental harmony.

The orange candle is a symbol of wisdom and development in business. It is considered to activate harmony and warmth on the family level. It also leads to balance in the spiritual life.

The red candle is identified with the concept of fire. It enhances sexuality and willpower. It is recommended that it is best used in periods when we lack self-confidence.

It is advisable not to put a red candle in the bedroom because it will increase the energy of the imbalance.

The blue candle encourages peace, family harmony and patience. It eliminates discord, restoring spiritual balance and peace. The silver candle refers to power and strengthening stability.

The golden candle symbolizes success in business and career. The symbolism of this candle also indicates healing and protection.


The purple candle helps protect as well as neutralize bad energy. In practice, it is most often used for meditation.

The black candle is considered a powerful catalyst of energy and serves to protect the aura. It also serves to get rid of bad influences.

Candles are very useful when you want to emphasize something, as important and special.

If you have been feeling neglected for some time and want to draw attention to yourself, then you should put nine red candles in the middle part of the farthest part (from the entrance) in the living room. Then light these candles in the late afternoon.

And for a complete feeling of comfort, choose the scent of lavender, peppermint or bergamot, which will expand the room when you light it.

If you are a person who often takes on more responsibilities than he can manage to do, it means that there are too many elements of the Tree in your home.

A good way to find the necessary balance between thinking and being able is to introduce Feng shui candle energy.

Place nine red candles in the middle of the left side of the house, room, house. You light these candles during the morning or every morning to become aware of your possibilities.

When you need inspiration, you need to place eight blue candles in the left corner of your home, in the room where you stay the most. Light candles every day, preferably in the evening. If you like scented candles, then choose the ones made of lemon or rosemary.

Feng shui and candle energy can help if you have any of these health problems: you suffer from poor circulation, arthritis, tired eyes or dry skin. You need to place five yellow candles on the kitchen table and light them once a day. Square candles are best for this purpose.

As we explained at the beginning of the text, lighted candles emit energy – Fire. And it encourages satisfaction and a sense of self-confidence and independence.

So, if you rely too much on other people, use this advice and become one more independent.

Put only one round candle at the entrance to your bathroom and light it once a day. If you prefer scented candles, choose a soothing aroma such as geranium or lavender.

In the case of arrogant or rigid authorities around you, whose behavior makes you feel that your life is bitter and miserable, try the Feng shui energy of a candle and become aware of your qualities?

Place six tall white candles that taper toward the top in the nearest right corner of the room where you are staying the most. It would be best to light them in the evening. As the candles burn, you too will begin to feel more confident and regain your faith in yourself.

If your obligations have occupied you, it is time to find your peace, and the energy of candles will help you with that. Place seven round white candles in the center, on the right side of your home or room, and light them in the early evening. The scents you can choose are from orange or lemon.

During the waning moon, black is used for all ritual activities for purification, separation, dissolution, against negative thoughts and emotions, to banish unwanted feelings, to overcome fear of loss, to reverse negative forces, to fight bad habits and in general for all ritual projects to whom something should be driven out or let go.

For example, against grief, against pessimism, against doubt, against panic, against vindictiveness, against the need to control, against endless brooding, against self-reproach and feelings of guilt, against the feeling of being overwhelmed and against unfounded irritability.

If you want to use the color black during the waxing moon, it is often used to protect against external influences – you build more protection with it, like a powerful wall or surround yourself with darkness so that you are not seen by an enemy or adversary .

Many unjustifiably associate the color black with damage and dark magic. This is particularly reflected in superstitions that have been found in many traditions not just since the middle Ages and which, among other things, resulted in the death of many black cats, roosters, chickens and other black animals as they were misused for magical purposes.

Traditionally, this color is mostly used in the waning moon and for attractive topics you use the color that goes with the topic.

But you can also combine the color black with the color that represents the goal – i.e. the positive change. Away from the dark, towards the positive.

Such a combination can be achieved, for example, by simply lighting a candle that matches the color of the target for attraction after a black candle with the banishing part of the magic has already burned down.

It’s also a powerful color to protect yourself or to magically defend yourself. For example, by preventing someone from harming themselves.

However, if it is used for exclusively selfish purposes, for example to separate third parties or to deliberately harm someone, the effect can be directed against you.

Black Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Although in many contexts the black candle is associated with harmful actions, its use can be liberating, i.e. in the fight against negative and evil influences. Magic candles, generally contain their purposes for both good and bad.

To purify the space of negative energy, it is necessary you have one black candle, the appropriate herbs as well as a bowl of salt and water. Before the black candle is lit, a vessel with salt water is prepared, which will also clean the space.

The candle is lit near the front door, and then some dried herbs are lit over its flame, it can be rosemary, basil, laurel, cloves and so in a suitable container the lit herbs are carried around the house with the visualization of how to clean and leave all negative energy.

Before that, it is desirable to open the windows and doors. Then we return from the black candle and also visualize how all the negativity leaves the house with the smoke.

Also, spray the rooms with salt water, visualizing how all the negativity is washed away.

When you do this with each room, how you leave it, visualize how it is filled with white light. Finally, when the ritual is over, you can take a bath to cleanse the negative energy. One of the proposed techniques is bathing in salt water as well as regenerating your aura.

The success of this ritual in the magic of candles largely depends on the concentration and focus of the practitioner whose negativity he wants to get rid of. So be careful what you think…

For people trained in magic this is a simple, for many of you even a simple question, I have some knowledge about magic, but only rudimentary. And this question is important to me because I found so much contradicting

Usually at least one candle burns with me, so far always solidly colored stick candles and altar candles, I have used all imaginable colors over time, except gray, because it repelled me and black, which I think is great, but came across unusable, because contradicting information.

I also know the “language of candles” quite well by now, I also oil candles, not always, but from time to time with lemongrass, lavender, rose oil, thyme, juniper, clove, sesame, anise, violet etc. depending on what just building me up.

Sometimes I also write symbols and wishes in ink on parchment, according to the day of the week and the time, but I don’t manipulate anything with them. That was the preliminary information, now down to business:

For Christmas I received a beautiful black, high-quality and solid-colored altar candle from a friend as a gift and a black candle in the shape of a woman. I knew something like that, but I’ve never had it before. I would like to use the black candles, but I’m not sure if my girlfriend is right, she said:

The woman’s candle can stand for me, if I have it, or for someone else and like the altar candle can bring luck, success or protection, only the right wishes / symbols have to be underneath and the oil has to be right.

That makes sense to me: I know my way around, with symbols etc. and do not do any experiments!

Even with oils, which I don’t know, I just leave that. : Escape: And I also thought black candles were lit for manipulative or harmful purposes because black is the absence of light, but I like that color and with stones, almost ALL protective stones are black!

She also gave me 4 bottles of oil and told me what they were good for, but I prefer to hold back, although I googled it and found information. I also googled black candles & meaning, but received these contradicting statements.

So I decided to ask real people with real life experience rather than about theories on the subject: “Black candles and use” to flip a coin.


Ideally, the color black should also be combined with the color that represents the goal – i.e. the positive change. Away from the dark, towards the positive.

Such a combination can be achieved, for example, by simply lighting a candle that matches the target color after a black candle has already burned down against the obstacles.

An alternative are candles that are only half black and burn from black to the desired color.

After igniting, you can see after a short time that the desired, positive energy is still under the dark, negative shell – it is only blocked.

This blockage – symbolized by the black wax – slowly melts away until only the positive goal is radiant in front of you.