Blue Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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Candles have been important to witches, shamans and yogis for centuries.

According to these magical people, flames help send the invisible energy of spells and good thoughts.

Here you can read all about the symbolism of colored candles and get tips on how to combine them with crystals and essential oils to send messages of hope!

According to the western Wicca tradition and the eastern chakra philosophy, each color has its own power.

Read all about the meaning of candle colors like red, black, orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, purple and white tea lights here. Discover your love for candles!

Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

According to many witches and shamans, red is the color of vitality, passion and divine power.

So if you want to light a candle out of love with a helping of passion, you can choose this shade. In the chakra doctrine, red symbolizes instinct, courage to live and physical security.

According to witches, the color black helps in delicate and confusing situations or in ritual activities. This deep shadow is said to protect against negative energy and alleviate clashing vibes.

So there’s a reason wizards like to dress in dark and put a black light on their Wiccan altar by default!

Yogis also believe in the grounding abilities of this shade and see black as a diffuser of calm and self-awareness.

Wiccans usually work with orange candles to create attraction and ask the universe for fertility.

For example, if you need a good mood for a new project or want to make yourself comfortable, this shade is supposed to do its magical job.

For yogis, orange belongs to the second chakra of creativity, comfort, relationships and joie de vivre – very similar!

For witches, yellow symbolizes the mental power of intelligence, memory and imagination. So make sure to turn on such a light whenever you need to stay vigilant or come up with a plan!

Chakra experts associate yellow with the solar plexus, the point of personal strength, self-respect and drive.


The flames of the green lights often symbolize peace, harmony and natural abundance for shamans. If you want to perceive the growing power around you, a light in this shade is appropriate.

Yogis also like to turn to this nourishing color. In chakra teaching, green fits the heart and the ability to be content with life itself.

Candles have been known to mankind for as long as man can remember. Of course, today they have passed from a necessary attribute of lighting to a completely different category. But consider that candles were once the only escape from darkness.

It was the yellow candles that lit houses and temples, they were required in every bag of a traveler and traveler. Of course, red and white candles are very popular, but here we will talk about yellow ones.

Candles were, of course, used in many rituals. Many of them have already been lost, some are still known. For example, the Caribbean countries remember many of the rituals of their ancestors, from a voodoo doll to a candle wax doll.

This candle doll was used to expel disease or, conversely, to destroy the enemy.

There are many different rituals among the Slavs and the Germans. On the night of Ivan Kupala, both candles and fire are required. Christmastide and the German holiday Yule – they all use candles, and candles of different colors.

The most popular are four colors: green, red, yellow and white. Today, color is obtained from dyes, and in the old days, thanks to herbs and flowers.

The yellow candle was the most common, as it is the natural color of wax and paraffin. The yellow candles are very interesting. It is these candles that enhance the ability to focus, concentrate on any problem or action.

The flame of a yellow candle helps to focus and focus the forces of the Universe into one focus, into the focus of your question. In addition, yellow is also a symbol of financial and material well-being.

Let the yellow candle burn on the day before an important meeting or any event in which it is important for you to win people over to your side, or to convince someone that you are right.

In addition, two yellow candles are used to improve family or love relationships. It helps to build rapport and suppress negativity in the bud.

Some Eastern practitioners say that before guests come to the house, it is worth lighting yellow candles.

Then the reception will pass without excesses and unpleasant moments, everything is like clockwork. In the chakra system, yellow is the color of the 3rd chakra of Manipur (solar).

This is the solar plexus center and is very important for a person’s success. He is responsible for intuition and for how a person sees the world: correctly or distorted.

And, accordingly, he either does the right thing or makes mistakes. The color of a yellow candle can vary from dark to light yellow. After all, natural wax candles are also yellow candles, like most church candles.

Before Christmas, you can tell fortunes with a yellow wax candle in front of a mirror. For example, take a bowl of water, light three yellow candles. Then one of them, when it has sufficiently collected the melted wax, you need to tilt and pour the wax into the water.

Before pouring out, you need to ask a question loudly. Wax, falling into cold water, will form a figure and you need to quickly, without hesitation, at first glance, name out loud what you see.

If the answer is “yes” or “no”, then we look at what kind of figure we saw. In case it is a feminine figure, the answer is “yes”. Accordingly, the figure is masculine – then the answer is “no”. For example, if you said “flower”, then it is “he”, the answer is “no”.

If “head”, then “she”, then the answer is “yes”. If a more complex answer is needed, then the symbol will have to be interpreted immediately on the spot and out loud while two yellow candles are burning.

Very interesting results sometimes come out. Candles of all colors are very interesting if you know how and when to use them. This is a whole world where Feng Shui, chakra practices, and Slavic rituals are used.

Blue Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Like the color blue, the celestial is related to the celestial and mystical world. The azure blue sky is our roof and is therefore a symbol of security and spiritual balance.

In ancient times, the blue color was linked with the gods, as well as with serenity and the ability to calm conflictive environments. The cold energy of the celestial instills respect and quiets the mind, calming sterile discussions and improving communication and understanding between people.

In marketing and business environments, it is a tone that denotes professionalism, professionalism and commitment. This being a type of blue with a greater incidence of the purity of white, it has a more accentuated power than pure blue when it comes to favoring more relaxed states of meditation.

If pure blue is related to the dream world, celestial blue works on a more ethereal plane. Light a candle of this color to accompany your prayers, do your magical rituals, or for spells with which you want to improve the pacification of your personal, work, study or economic environment.

If there are a lot of fights at home, connect with this angelic and flattering energy. In the event that you have relationship problems, offset the cold energy of the celestial candle with a pink or white candle, since you can end up cooling your relationship.

In magical rituals, the celestial candle works by providing a pacifying aura in your home. It is connected with peace and with the energetic vibrations that inspire conciliation between all the people around you. And this radiating energy can go a long way if you have faith and believe that it is possible.

You can also light a light blue candle and accompany it with a simple meditation in your favorite corner. Make a kind of altar, with blue and white candles, with stones of these tones or some decorative elements that have this type of pastel blue. Try to visualize a celestial light that surrounds you from head to toe, to ward off stressful situations and cool your thoughts of anger or anger.

Holy Week is a symbol of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Time of darkness that gives way to the light of divinity.

Thus, the candles and their colors give you a new and special way of living it, being one of the most significant symbolic elements of this holiday and its celebration.

The color range of the Easter candle is very wide. White, purple, green, blue and red are the most common shades that we find.

Likewise, the paschal candle is the candle that best represents this time of recollection, sadness and light.

The paschal candle will illuminate you on the night of Holy Saturday. The priest consecrates and blesses it during the Easter Vigil and is a sign of the risen Jesus Christ.

Although its size may change, you will recognize it for being the largest of the candles in your Church. It usually has a cross drawn in the center.

Specifically, the liturgy disposes you to welcome the truth and the divinity that this candle represents. The people are gathered around the lit fire, while the lights of the Church remain off, as a sign of darkness.

Later, the cleric approaches with his assistants. You will notice that one of them carries a large candle.

It is the new paschal candle, which will replace the old one. He lights it, then, in the fire previously blessed.

While he lights it, the priest chants a prayer: May the light of Christ, who rises glorious, dispel the darkness of the heart and spirit.

Next, you will go together with the rest of the faithful to the interior of the temple, still off. Afterwards, each person lights a small candle from the flame of the paschal candle.

In this way, when you light the candle the darkness is dispelled, and you will delight in the luminosity of the truth, which is Christ.

Because it is a candle with an important role in this holiday, the candle must be made in a traditional way and with beeswax, a natural product that leaves less smell and smoke than other types of materials for making candles, also facilitating a lot of combustion. slower which makes the candles last longer.

You will appreciate how the white candle is synonymous with purity. Hence, it is the wax used in the courtship of the Virgin.

In addition, you will see her symbolizing innocence and sanctity of life. You will observe that there is no better color that exemplifies the character of the Virgin. For this reason, it illuminates its sections.

Its main meaning lies in mourning. Also used for you to show devotion and penance. You will have probably noticed that it is the most used tonality at Easter.

Very similar to black, it is the color that, precisely, distinguishes the season of Lent and, also, the early morning and Good Friday.

Green evokes hope and health, as you know. A curiosity: it was the color used in the old brotherhoods of Vera Cruz.

Behind the blue candle, you will find infinite love, fidelity and affection. Like white, it is the color linked to the Virgin Mary.

The red candle is intended to represent the blood shed by El Salvador. He also personifies love. The use of red wax is a privilege granted to the Sacramental Brotherhood of the Tabernacle.

Therefore, Easter will welcome you with the colorful variety of its candles. The cereria Donézar confectionery, located in Navarra, offers you this entire range of waxes, handcrafted and delicately tailored to the needs of each client.


As the candles heat up, the wax can produce certain patterns on the ground or surface where it is; like to the sides, it could also detach and move away from its location, rarely jumping or bursting.

The string or wick can have different characteristics such as being short, small or medium and in turn sizzling while it is lit.

The flame can present many behaviors, such as moving, growing, shrinking and smoking, present colors such as blue, red, white and yellow, or even end up going out for no apparent reason. To understand the meaning of the candles you have to understand the behavior of the flames.