47 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Every person has at least two guardian angels.

You may have never think of it, but all the symbols and signs that appear in your life from time to time, reoccurring in your waking state of mind, thoughts or dreams, are messages sent to you by your heavenly protectors.

Some angels would come and go from your life, depending on your needs and desires, but the truth is they are always somewhere around you.

Angels have unconditional love for people, no matter what we believe, so they always think the best for us.

Guardian angels are never tired of our questions, doubts and insecurities. They never get angry because of our deeds, but try to direct us towards positive solutions.

Angels are pure beings of light and they want to shine on our destinies and help us be good people, happy and in harmony with the world around us.

They are here to help us find our inner peace and discover what our true desires in life are.

Being with peace within yourself makes it easier to deal with everyday troubles and stresses and help you overcome difficulties, failures and disappointments you face along your life path, because all these things are inevitable. Angels guide you through all these situations and help you keep positive mind.

They support us and are there to reassure us we are worthy and capable of having good, fulfilled life.

You may think angels know exactly what the true desire of your heart is, but they will not interfere with our decisions or make us do anything.

They are a heavenly support; angels do not have free will like us and they do not command our actions. Angels watch over us and send us messages only in order to help us see things clearer.

Number 47 – What Does It Mean?

One of the channels of angelic communication with people are numbers.

These are called angel numbers and such numbers are sent by our guardian angels as powerful symbols and signs that will help us advance in our life path.

If you see certain number in all aspects of your life or a number frequently appears in your thoughts or dreams, then it must be an angel number.

Number 47 is one of such powerful angelic symbols.


Number 47 has a complex meaning, because it is written as a combination of two spiritually strong digits, 4 and 7.

Each one has its specific meaning and their combination gives even greater significance and has an enormous energy. Angels choose to send you number 47, in order to point out what aspects of your life should you pay attention to and encourage you in achieving your goals.

Number 4 stands for responsibility, productivity, good organization and determination, while 7 has some mysterious powers.

Number 7 is commonly associated with magic and mystical forces, often identified with psychic abilities.

Number 7 gives a person a power of great imagination, intuition and memory. It is a highly spiritual number.

Therefore, number 47 represents a powerful mixture of incredible driving forces, determination and imagination.

Together, 4 and 7 make a truly amazing combination. People who are sent this angel number are very strong, intellectual, but imaginative individuals.

They are incredibly creative and unique people, but ones who have a great sense of community and cooperation. They are wise and love to both learn and teach.

People with number 47 are able to find themselves successful in many different areas of occupation, but they are probably the best as teachers or professors, or as members of large companies’ staff.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 47 may seem ordinary, but the truth is, this angel number posses great energy and power. Throughout human history, wise people have claimed this number had some special significance to them.

They were dreaming about it regularly.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence, because angel number 47 is exactly associated with great knowledge, amazing memory, intuition, determination and, overall, a passion for various fields of interest.

Number 47 is a number of success, especially in professional environment.

Angel send this number to people who are passionate about their job or education; that passion exceeds the desire for financial success or any kind of material profit.

This is a number of development, growing of ideas and realization of amazing plans.

It offers support and guidance on that way and, as an angelic message, helps people not to give up their dreams.

Number 47 reminds people of what their dreams are.

Love and Angel Number 47

As a love number, angel number 47 is a special one. It is associated with building of strong bonds, loyalty, devotion and honesty.

People with this angel number are careful when it comes to love life. They do follow their hearts, but also follow their reason.

It is hard for them to fall in love, but when they do, these individuals become the most passionate, devoted and caring lovers and partners.

Angel number 47 stands for loyalty and respect in love. People who are sent this number by their guardian angels are honest and you will never find them cheating their partners.

Although they are a bit reserved and cautious when choosing partners, they have an incredibly positive aura, a lot of amazing stories and a natural charisma.

People love to be around them.

By sending number 47, angels support such people in their actions, because these are individuals worth of admiration and love. T

hey do not fall in love easily, but once they find their ideal partner, they never restrain themselves of showing their attachment and passion.

That also makes them caring parents, but also loyal and dear friends.

Numerology Facts About Number 47

This spiritually powerful number is interesting in different ways, besides being a magical angel number. It is an odd number and a prime number.

It is to be found in various areas of life, especially in chemistry and mathematics. It is particularly interesting to chemistry experts, because atomic mass of the elements titanium is exactly 47, while the same number is the atomic number of silver.

Number 47 is culturally interesting, as well.

Pro Era, a Brooklyn hip-hop movement used this number as a powerful symbol of the ultimate harmony in the worlds. Jamal Dewar, one of the most prominent figures in the collective, has claimed number 47 represents the balance between people’s hearts and minds.

His association was the position of chakras; the fourth chakra stands for hearts, the seventh stands for mind.

Number 47 appears in various interesting areas. For example, there are 47 prefectures in Japan, while the popular Japanese story is titled Forty-seven Ronin.

Number 47 also appears in a number of Stark Trek episodes.

Seeing Angel Number 47

Seeing number 47 is a positive omen. Angels send this number to you only to support you in your efforts.

This number symbolizes success in your work and indicates all your efforts will be worthy.

Angels send this number as a message to remind you you should be proud of your work and value all that you have done so far, in all areas of your life.

Number 47 means you should not take things for granted and value only big goals, but to give yourself credits for all the small steps you have taken so far.

Every single step counts.

Angels are there to remind you of that and help you not to lose your passion and drive for things you love and do.

Seeing number 47 promises success in your love life and in your relations with people.

It is a sign of a new romance or development of an existing relationship; e.g. marrying, starting family life, living together.

It is also a symbol of new friendships or building even stronger connections with people you are already friends with.