48 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are around us. These heavenly beings are entities made of goodness, positive energy and pure light. They love people and their purpose is to guide us on our life path and help us find our true destiny.

Some people believe in angels, others not.

However, angels do not think about that at all, they only want to help us. These heavenly spirits never command our thoughts or actions and they do not interfere with our earthly life, but are here to offer support.

Angels act out of pure goodness, but you have to call them if you want their help. That does not mean you must prey out load or even be fully aware of your need for angelic help. Such calls are often made on an unconscious level.

Angels, being spirits that are able to feel vibrations and frequencies on a higher level, far beyond human comprehension, will know when their help and support are needed.

We all have our guardian angels that care about us and make sure of our wellbeing.

There are moments angels send us messages to guide us and help us find our inner strength and peace within our hearts.

They communicate with us by various channels, sending us signs and symbols in different forms.

Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever felt sad, disappointed or without motivation and drive to move on? All of us have. Do you remember some unusual phenomena happening at such times?

Angels are able to recognize our need for some additional spiritual guidance.

In such moments, mentioned above, they send us symbols to remind us we have strength to become what we want or to overcome difficulties.

They also want to encourage us to simply to keep going and doing what we already do, because it is good.

Number 48 – What Does It Mean?

One of the ways angels send us their support and love are numbers. These are called angel numbers.

Any common digit could possess special symbolism and meaning, if our guardian angels send it to us.

If a number occurs in your life regularly or you constantly think about it, that one is surely sent to you as a message from angels.


Number 48 is one of angel numbers. Let us discover what it means.

Just as other two-digit numbers, this even number is best interpreted by analyzing its parts, in this case, digits 4 and 8. Number 4 has powerful spiritual energy and it stands for some important concepts and characteristics.

It represents great focus, dedication, organization and discipline.

Number 8 only reinforces these ideas, because it symbolizes abundance, material success, power, joy and self-reliance.

Therefore, number 48 is an extremely positive angelic symbol, sent to you to assure you your work and effort will pay off, but also to remind you there are other things besides material wellbeing.

Number 48 is a very stable number, so it is also a good omen for love and family life.

This is a number of professional and emotional fulfillments.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

As we have already mentioned, number 48 is particularly focused to professional area of a person’s life, but also reminds us of the importance of stable and joyful family life.

It is a number that nurtures both your professional ambitions and your need for creating strong bonds with people you love.

Angels send this number to people, in order to help them find the perfect balance between their work and enjoyment.

Number 48 encourages positive thinking, not allowing us to give up our dreams. Not that you should force things, but exactly the opposite.

Angels send this number in order to make you realize what you really want the most from your life. Once you relax and embrace this idea, everything will become easier for you.

You will be able to truly enjoy all the aspects of your life, no matter how imperfect they might be.

Angels send number 48 to remind us great things are possible, but never to deceive us and make us think perfection is actually achievable.

No, they want to help you to see the true beauty in the world around and within your own little universe.

This number encourages pursuing dreams with a positive attitude and hope for the best.

Love and Angel Number 48

Number 48 could be a bit tricky when it comes to love. People with this angelic number are focused on their work, primarily. Not that they do not desire to find an ideal partner, but it is not so easy for them.

They are shy and introvert, but they have a lot of love to share.

These individuals are extremely cautious when it comes to meeting people of the opposite sex. They are sensitive and vulnerable, so they fear someone will hurt them.

This lack of confidence and suspiciousness makes them hard to know and reach to their hearts.

Angels send them number 48 as an encouragement. They send you this symbol to help you realize you are a great personality and that you should share it with others.

Stop being afraid and suspicious and embrace all the wonders of new acquaintances. There is nothing as bad as missed opportunities to meet some wonderful people.

Numerology Facts About Number 48

There are some facts about number 48 that could be interesting and inspirational to you.

Number 48 is to be seen and used in various areas.

It is an odd number and we mostly use it to determine the length of time; two days have 48 hours in total, for example. There are television programs with that title, 48 hours.

48. AD was a devastating year for the famous Alexandria Library. In that year, great fire destroyed this amazing treasury of knowledge of the old world.

Number 48 is the international direct dial for Poland and it is the atomic number of the element cadmium.

In Western world’s tonal music, number 48 equals two times the total number of minor and major keys.

Well Tempered Clavier by Bach is also known as Forty-eight, exactly because of total of 48 pieces it contains (prelude and fugue, each minor and major key).

Seeing Angel Number 48

Seeing number 48 is very positive, because it is a number of great spiritual aura and energy.

Your guardian angels want you to believe in yourself, because you have numerous qualities you could use.

Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams or to meet new people.

Your fear of disappointment or failure is the only thing that stops you from discovering the beauties of the world.

Let go off your fears and embrace life with more flexibility.

Do focus on your work, because you are really good at it, but do not neglect your emotions or the voice that comes from your heart.

Number 48 brings positive energy to your life and your angels are there to offer you unconditional love and support, even when you lack your ambition or courage.

Sometimes, angels will take things in their hands. They will not change things for you, but they will help you see things as they are.

Once you relax and dare to let yourself go with the flow, everything will become easier.

Angel number 48 suggests you should enjoy your life, because it is already beautiful, no matter of all its difficulties.