77 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spiritual world is a place full of magic and mystery.

People think of the Divine in various ways and have a range of different opinions on it. While there are people who truly believe God exist, others perceive mysterious forces that make the world go round as special forms of flowing energy.

It does not matter, actually. If you do believe supernatural entities and non-physical ‘beings’ do exist, you are a lucky person.

The faith gives human kind the drive and motivation to move on, even during most difficult times in their lives.

However, people who lack faith are not neglected or abandoned by their heavenly guardians.

There are some mysterious guiding and protective forces that help people keep their spirits up, spiritualists would agree. Religious people would say the same. We all have guardian angels, they claim.

They are immaterial entities that protect, guide and help human kind. Each person has his own angel or angels. It does not matter how strong your faith is; once you recognize angelic messages, you will know they watch upon you.

In modern world, which is full of stress, constant rivalry and a race for money, glory or recognition, we forget to nurture our inner, more spiritual self. We focus on material success, thinking it is only that matters.

Many people end up feeling sad, depressed and lonely, after achieving great career success or gain a lot of money. It is a paradox of a modern life; you can have everything, but you could also lose yourself in that ‘everything’.

Angels are directly connected to heavens.

They are divine spirits that are here to help us awake our inner voice and listen to our hearts. Guardian angels would never change the way we think or act directly.

They would send us messages of love and support, especially in times we feel down, sad, lonely and upset. In moments that appear so dark you think you will never come out of it, angelic messages appear just as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Number 77 – What Does It Mean?

If you doubt angels exist, which is very likely if you doubt yourself and you have lost your confidence, look around you more closely.

Is there something that seem unusual to you, like an image that you keep seeing in various situations? Is there anything that keeps reoccurring in your everyday routine, something like the same symbol or a number?

If the answer is positive, you should think about these phenomena as angelic messages.


Angels can choose various ways to send you their love and support, because they are unlikely to directly reveal themselves to humans. Angels rarely walk around us, but they can help you in various other ways.

One of their channels for communicating with humans are numbers.

People have been using numbers since the beginnings of civilization. We always count and calculate something; numbers have become an inevitable, constitutive part of a civilized human world.

Angels send us numbers to tell us something. Numbers are also magical and they hide mystical and powerful energy within. Every number could be an angel number.

Some angel numbers are thought to be stronger than others are, but every each one of them possesses special energy.

Two digit numbers are particularly interesting and amazing. Let us talk about angel number 77. As you see, number 77 is a double 7 number. Number 7 is one of the most spiritual one digit numbers.

It possesses an incredible power!

Number 7 represents seeking for the truth, individuality and uniqueness, shyness, wisdom and spiritual self. It is a number that has much to do with mystery, magic and all sorts of secret knowledge.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 77 is abundant in spiritual power; it reflects a personality that is interested in learning about more abstract things in life.

People who have this angel number are highly imaginative and creative; they are dreamers, but also seekers for wisdom.

They do not care much about the material world; money, fame, shallow beauty does not bother them at all. They are likely to be introverted and shy.

Number 77 has twice the power of the mysterious 7. This special angelic number represents emotions, fragility, magic, creativity and uniqueness.

People who have this angel number are kind and gentle, good hearted and honest.

They are not aggressive and would never think of harming others in order to get what they want. They are loners, but it seems they do not feel comfortable being alone, only because they constantly doubt their own qualities.

This incredible angelic number is a true symbol of spiritual development. While it lacks relations with outer material world, it is deeply connected with abstract, immaterial things. It brings a lot of wisdom, a lot of knowledge and a great sense of things that are beautiful beyond our imagination, but it lacks real-life experience.

This number is ruled by the turbulent Saturn, which places great challenges on 77 person’s life path.

Angel number 77 brings both good and bad things, because it is ‘mirror’ number.

Lives of people with this number are full of difficulties, but they are given special kind of inner power that would help them overcome these obstacles all alone.

However, they rarely feel content. Their restlessness of mind comes from natural insecurity they are prone to.

Love and Angel Number 77

Since this number brings turbulence in general, it also greatly influences a 77 person’s love life.

People with this angel number have incredibly rich souls, so they are very sensitive and emotional.

They are capable of compassion, they have a lot of empathy and understanding, they care about others. This makes them amazing companions, great partners, loving and caring parents. They nurture their relationships with close people, but they are really hard to approach to.

Numbers 77 are reserved, shy, introverted people. It takes a long time to gain their trust. However, once they open up to someone, they do not restrain themselves of showing their love.

Moreover, these are few of the blessed people that are given the gift of experiencing all types of love: friendly love, family love, sexual satisfaction and romantic desire.

In love, they are not calculated at all.

They are able to wait for a right person to come and would never force things. Their intuition is great, so they will know who the one is.

However, it can take a long time, because they generally avoid social situations and gatherings.

They are happy to find someone who is similar to them. However, the power of their inner voice is so strong that they are mostly likely to find that special one and have a joyful, fulfilled and happy everlasting relationship.

Love is simply a part of their character. Number 77 possesses great spiritual energy that reflects on romantic aspect of a person’s life.

These are people that love life in general, no matter how closed they appear to others.

They possess an incredible understanding for the whole world, which helps them overcome all the bad things that happen, even if they have lost all of their hope.

Angels send them their amazing 77 to remind them how amazing and strong they actually are.

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Numerology Facts About Number 77

Number 77 has specific nature, because of its doubled composition.

This number is one of the most impressive dual symbols in numerology, thanks to all the characteristics we have mentioned above.

Numerologists think of it as an extremely powerful number you should be careful about, because it brings both good and difficult things.

It interesting that number 77 is present in the Bible. It is believed to be the key of revelation.

In addition, a single 7 occurs in the Old Testament for exactly 77 times! Apart from its religious connotation, number 77 is also seen important in astrology.

It also has to do with revelation of the mysteries of the world. Astrologists believe number 77 is the key that helps discovering secret messages that tell about human world’s future.

Seeing Angel Number 77

Seeing number 77 is a true blessing, even if this dual number represents instability, in a way.

As an angelic message, it is very important. Since it is considered one of the most spiritually powerful angel numbers, it shows great angelic support to people whom it is sent.

Number 77 is truly divine message, no doubt at all.

If you keep seeing it, you should know your guardians from heavens care about you and have a lot of love for you.

You may notice number 77 occurs in times you feel insecure, like you are hanging from the edge of a cliff. This turbulent aspect is so common for sensible, spiritual and truth-seeker personalities such as 77 people are.

Angels want to help you feel confident about your qualities, because you are a truly unique and talented individual.

Your guardian angels might want to turn your attention a little bit outside your box.

You may think your isolation helps you, but this comfort zone could be useful only to some point. It helps you know yourself better and feed your knowledge, but you have to get in touch with outer world more often.

Once you break the ice, you will see how comfortable you can feel around people. You can learn a lot from them!

Let other people teach you something, in a direct communication. It is not something you should be afraid off.

Number 77 is a positive sign, of course, like all other angelic messages are.

However, it does not promise a destiny that goes on smoothly. Angels send it to show you how important are all sides of your life. Embrace yourself the way you are and do not be afraid to share your beautiful personality with others.