78 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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There are people who strongly believe in heavenly forces and often put all their hopes in natural course of their destiny.

They do make an effort to change things for better and advance in life, but it is easier for them, because they believe there is someone who watches over them all the time and take care about their destiny.

These people believe in power of guardian angels and carefully listen to small, tiny, almost silent vibration these heavenly spirits send down to Earth.

There are others, who have zero interest in spiritual things and abstract matters in general.

They believe only to their reason. You could never persuade them that things such as guardian angels, God or any other form of celestial and supernatural forces exist.

However, they too have their heavenly guardians.

Angels are spirits of pure thought; they are bound to the Creator and creative forces. Their only purpose is to make our life better. Angels are capable only of good and positive thoughts and intentions.

Even if you do not believe in them, angels can hear your inner, deep need for guidance and help.

Of course, it is easier if you are aware of their presence in heavens.

However, they answer to people’s calls, eventually and have many ways of communicating with us.

Every person has at least one or two guardian angels, according to some spiritualist and angelic interpretations experts.

Number 78 – What Does It Mean?

Angels communicate with people through different channels. Since humans are beings of senses, they choose to send us as obvious signs as it is possible.

If you have a special talent for spiritual things or your intuition is excellent, you will be able of noticing angelic messages easier than other people.

Angels send us different signs and symbols to make us aware of their support and guidance.

One of the channels for communicating with people are numbers.


Humans are very attached and attracted to numbers; all the time, we count and calculate something. Therefore, choosing numbers as communicating channels is a very good thing.

One of the numbers angels might send you is 78. Let us find out what does it mean.

Angel number 78 is a number that represents rush, impatience and constant movement, instability.

People who have this angel number are extremely rushing and often bring themselves, as well as others, in unpleasant situations. They simply cannot resist risking or making thoughtless decisions.

However, this also a number that represents fun, joy and relaxing.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Why would angel send you this number?

Because they would like to indicate consequences your thoughtless behavior might produce.

They also remind you of the good sides of your restless character. Angel number 78 is very active and outgoing, which is a positive aspect of it. We could interpret it as a symbol of impatience and a joy for life.

Angel number 78 also represents great talent for adaptation to different situations, skillfulness and resourcefulness.

People with this number have incredibly strong positive energy and they feel comfortable sharing it with others.

They are friendly, funny and good to have around.

On the other hand, people with this angel number are not reliant.

You do not need to question their good intentions, but they are likely to forget their promises and such.

Angel number 78 is a message of warning. Angels try to say: ‘Stop, take a deep breath, thing before you act!’, because they know you love taking risks.

To some point, it is a good thing, because you could never know what opportunities are there for you, if you do not make a step.

However, risking sometimes leads to disaster and failure.

Angels do not want you to get harmed or to hurt people you love, because you will suffer in both of such outcomes.

Angelic message of number 78 is only a sign you should take more care about your unrestrained character. You should make at least lose boundaries and mark some limits.

Love and Angel Number 78

Since this angel number is so free willed and unstable, it is natural to assume it brings uncertainty in love life aspect.

People with angel number 78 find really hard to make a stable and continuous relationship with other people. They are always trying something new and changing partners.

Although most of them feel comfortable about that, they do tend to neglect their partners’ needs and expectations.

Number 78 is not particularly family oriented number, because it lacks the sense of unity with another person.

However, if a person with this number finally finds a partner that suits their adventurous characters, they do not restrain themselves from showing love, passion and devotion.

Although they are restless by nature and find hard to sit still, they are capable of unconditional love.

However, that is a rare outcome.

On the other hand, numbers 78 are dreamers and they search for a partner with a character opposite of their own.

They love quiet, gentle, stable persons and are ready to make a commitment with them. They need to find peace and stability in their partners.

Finding such a match makes them at peace, calms them and wakes their inner family and marriage instinct, as well.

So, miracles do happen! Angels want to make you believe it.

Numerology Facts About Number 78

Each of angel number could be interpreted in numerological sense. In old ages, people had more belief in spiritual aspects of numbers, while we rely mostly on their material value.

Each number has its special numerological meaning. Number can reflect our hidden thoughts and parts of our personality we are not aware of.

It is all written in skies and stars, astrologists and numerologists would say.

Number 78 is an angelic numerology sign of rethinking, making decisions and changes.

It is a number that represents both restlessness and a need for stability, which make it a turbulent astrological aspect for a person.

However, it is possible to balance it! That is why angels send it to you as a sign.

Seeing Angel Number 78

Seeing angel number 78 could be interpreted as a message from angels, intended to direct you towards some aspects of your character you should pay more attention to.

Angels try to teach you to have more patience in life and not to make thoughtless decisions.

They do encourage your free spirit and openness of mind. It is good to be open to new experiences.

Seeing number 78 means you should try to find a balance between action and waiting.

Angels know it is hard for you, so they send you this numerical message to make you sure you have heavenly support.

You are a person of great talents, values and skills, so do not waste it away.