79 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spiritual people often appear calm and relaxed about their lives. However, that is not always like that or it was not like that before.

These people are blessed to believe in heavenly guidance. They might have never seen angels or any other divine entity (you would agree, that is very unlikely to happen during our earthly life), but they are able to interpret all those little signs they see along their life path.

Believing in spiritual guidance, which far beyond our comprehension is a talent that makes our lives easier.

There is so much sadness and misery in the world, because we, people, are imperfect.

We make mistakes; we have ill thoughts and are sinful. However, there are spiritual and magical forces that make sure we do not go too much astray.

These are our guardian angels. They are beings of pure divine light and positivity. The only purpose of their existence is exactly to make that perfect balance in the world of imperfections.

Angels are divine messengers; you are free to imagine and think about the Creator or creative supernatural forces any way you like. You are not obliged to believe these exist at all!

No one would take it bad, but if you awake your spiritual self, it would be much easier for you to have a good, prosperous life.

The thing is, prosperity and luck are often interpreted only as a material aspect. Therefore, if a person is poor (meaning, lacks money), they are unhappy.

However, money is surely not all that matters, we make it that way.

Angels send us message of divine guidance to make us aware of all the beautiful things in the world. Many of them do not have any cost and are precious.

Number 79 – What Does It Mean?

Every person on Earth has faced failure, disappointment, sadness and lack of will, motivation and courage to move on.

It is something that is natural, but unpleasant.

Angelic spirits want us to feel good, so they send us messages of support, love and guidance, especially in such hard moments. They are our guardian angels.

Maybe you did not know, but every person has its own angel or angels.


Angels do not walk amongst people and are not to be seen. However, they have their ways to show us they care about humans and love them. Guardian angels would send you messages of support, whether you ask for their guidance consciously or not.

These divine spirits are able to recognize our need for help even if we do not ask for it aloud.

Guardian angels choose to send us different signs as messages. Numbers are one of those signs.

So, what does it mean if your guardian angels send you number 79?

It is one of angel numbers, in that case. This number tells you something about your personality and is sent to you to remind you of your qualities.

On the other hand, it could be a warning sign; a symbol to direct you towards some things you may be doing wrong.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The secret meaning and symbolism behind number 79 are strong.

This number has an incredible power, more masculine than feminine. It represents strong willed character, a person who does not hesitate to act and takes nothing for granted. This is a number of action, progression and focus.

Number 79 also represents boldness and courage to take certain steps and make decisions.

People with this angel number are not afraid of failure and are likely to learn from their own experiences.

They believe it is the best (and the only) way to get things done, to advance in life and feel content, eventually. Their motto says: ‘Do it, because in the end you will know that, at least, you have tried.’ We could conclude number 70 is a two-bladed knife.

Number 79 represents protection, care and courage.

People with this number are not soft, but they are extremely caring and loving. They are family oriented and act as guardians of people they love.

This is a number of trust, honesty and reliance. There is a bit of feminine energy within this number, as well.

The feminine aspect of number 79 occurs in times things do not require great effort. Once people with this number achieve some of their goals, they are able to relax and enjoy life.

They are capable of seeing beauty in small things in life and to value every moment of peace and harmony. They could be gentle and very calm, if a situation is stable. They do not like surprises and unexpected changes.

Love and Angel Number 79

Number 79 is an incredibly good aspect for love. People with this number are determined when they decide to dedicate their love to another person. They are giving, caring and loving.

Above all, they love and protect their children. They are amazing and passionate lovers, as well as excellent parents.

According to some numerology interpreters, males with this angel number could be a bit notorious, in terms of changing girlfriends.

However, that is not always the case, on the contrary. Females are always very stable, dedicated, gentle and caring.

Since the planet Venus, a planet of love and femininity, rules the number 79 ladies are extremely emotional and passionate.

Numerology Facts About Number 79

It interesting to mention this number symbolizes thievery, in some old interpretations. There are some sources claiming once upon a time there was a notorious and dangerous group or gang of criminals, thieves or mercenaries who called themselves ‘79’.

That was the number of members, we could assume.

There is another interesting connection between number 79 and thievery. In chemistry, it is the atomic number of the element gold.

As interpreters of ancient sources claim, the gang mentioned above was an expert in stealing artifacts made of gold!

These criminals were evil, cruel and gold-thirsted.

Seeing Angel Number 79

What if you keep seeing number 79 in different situation in your life, for an extended period of time? Your guardian angels try to tell you something, but what?

Considering all traits associated with the 79 number personalities, angels want to encourage your stable, energetic and focused character.

They encourage your natural need to get things done.

However, they also want you to feel relaxed and in peace with yourself. Let go off the tension you learned to practice.

People with such a strong personality tend to become too strict and stiff all the time. While it could be good to some point, you could break down eventually.

Just take things a bit less seriously. You will do great, that is for sure.