Juno in Aquarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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The more you know, in general in life, you can become a better person in whatever sense of that word, and in the same way, if you are interested in astrology, the more you know, the more you can improve your life, you make a better choice, and above all understand why certain things happen to you.

In this sense, you probably know the position of all planets and the Sun and Moon in your natal chart, but the question is – do you know where the asteroid Juno is located.

Knowing your Juno and its position, in what sign is located, can help you understand your ability to form a lasting relationship.

Long-term partnerships, business or personal, friendly or more intimate, are challenges, and Juno provides guidance.

Here, we will look into what does it mean when Juno is located in the Aquarius Zodiac sign.

General Meaning

Think of anything that is weird (for the majority of people) that is unconventional that escapes from being formal and traditional. This is what is Aquarius, and in the same way, Juno in this sign.

It leads people to strive for freedom, even when they are connected to someone.

This position leads to unconventional marital relationships, in which the degree of freedom and independence tends to be very wide, so not only the person with this Juno position will show a tendency to be free even in a relationship, but also the other partner must do the same.

Here the two opposites would never work well since this Juno shows the strong need for communication and intellectual exchange in a love relationship with a partner is emphasized. There is a possibility of marriage with a friend, or there is a great chance of meeting a lover through a friend.

But, here is the idea of dominance, even if one lover is a person of strong individuality and independence, a spouse must be more dominant in a special way. It has to be someone who is very smart, fun, modern, and very sociable. Someone who is above all very specific and different.

When this Juno is surrounded with the negative aspects of all other planets, we get the lover/partner/spouse who is very strange, nervous, and elusive, someone who lives as he wants, regardless of marital status.

It is one thing to be free and another to be in a relationship, but act like you do not want to have anything with that person – this is what the hell looks like.

In this position of Juno, there is a strong need for sexual freedom, so Juno in Aquarius will protest against any threat to freedom and personal choices, do whatever you want, just do not take away any freedom in the bed, because it is a deal-breaker.

So, you will get an elusive partner when you will often not be able to understand, but not even keep, if you limit, restrain and try to change.

Allowing a lover to have freedom, whatever that means for him or her, is what you only can do; anything else will lead to a breakup, and only you will be hurt.


Personality and Soulmate

Juno in Aquarius depicts the search for a lover or a partner, whatever you want to call it, and it must be the one who is independent, unconventional, lively, and elusive.

A soulmate, in this case, must be a person who fully understands lovers’ need for friends, space, time, hobbies. Taking away means that you are depriving that human being of all that he or she is, and it is a definitive no, in a case, something that could not last long.

On a more negative turn, this may be the lover that does not want to be held back, and at the same time, he does not tolerate any form of interdependence.

Juno in Aquarius may bring a great age difference, or simply an unusual, eccentric person, in appearance or lifestyle – this soulmate will be recognized immediately as someone who is different from anything you have seen in your life.

If there is a chance of a marriage, then this marriage partner is very funny, witty, different, modern ideas with a pronounced quick logic. Someone who drives optimism and for whom social life is very important. You can meet him through a friend or marry one, at gatherings.

Although Juno is located in Aquarius in positive aspects, most of the wishes come true, but by this, what it means are the wishes that refer to the marital partner who likes to be seen as a one-of-a-kind genius.

In a negative connotation, you will marry a weirdo, a person who is married but lives as if he is not, or someone who has mental problems, in the worst-case scenario, and do not be fooled, this happens all the time, so be careful who let in your life. This person as a soulmate is simply not a marrying kind.

The need for a partner when Juno is present in the Aquarius sign is – different. He can be an eccentric genius or just act crazy (maybe just a little bit, but if it is a little bit, then it is ok, even attractive because it is never boring with this person).

This aspect gives a relationship that is different. Because all of this time, you must have one thing on your mind, and that is that Aquarius is a sign that is fanatical about independence and having enough space. Not giving him that is a catastrophe.

A marriage where the two spend a lot of time separately is a good situation for a person who has Juno in Aquarius (one can be a lot of business on the go).

Juno in Aquarius – Woman

This lady with the Juno positioned in Aquarius is a very intelligent woman, but she certainly doesn’t like relationships in emotional variants with a lot of sentimentality or expressed feelings. For her, some things are better left unsaid, and some feelings are reserved just for her and her imaginary world.

But, this does not mean that she is not desirable – however, men like her, and they know how to be exceptional beauties. She is very simple and unconventional, and that is what judges most men, as well as her simple and unburdened approach to every problem, with the ability to solve the problem just as easily.

When we speak of marriage, we can freely say that her behavior towards her husband is also simple and never causes a problem. This is one lady that keeps on herself and looks at her own business.

Also, when it comes to trust, no problems, she trusts her husband completely, not being jealous, she is not even suspicious, and in principle, she is not interested in what her husband is doing or what anyone else is doing. She is ready to sacrifice herself for her husband and family. Unlike male counterparts, she is a dedicated mother and a wife (in her own term).

Although she does not like living with an emotional person, she is somewhat emotional, but her mind still guides her through life. She is not overemotional and does not like expressing those feelings.

This is a difference, and be certain that a man must be smart enough to make the most of this woman’s qualities. They are sexually completely without prejudice and willing to try everything, or else this could not be called a good relationship, not at all—freedom in all of its glory.

Juno in Aquarius – Man

This is the man who prefers freedom and intellect the most in the world, and he cherishes this trait in his lovers, friends, and everyone that comes in between.

Man who has Juno positioned in Aquarius is one of those partners that could never show neither a bit jealousy, so do not expect any drama with this man.

He does not know and does not tolerate jealousy and who are best friends to their partners. He is almost the one who encourages, even if that means that his lover finds happiness elsewhere, he would be completely different.

Have one thing in mind, that this man who has Juno positioned in the Aquarius sign is not a particularly great lover.

There is no fire in them, but if women like ease, eccentricity, and freedom from prejudice, this man is ideal for them. He will give you experiences that are not like anything you have experience in your life, and it won’t be anything you expect, anything passionate at all.

But, when it comes to honest, this man rarely lies, almost never, he is at all times completely honest, and he will always pour the truth directly into your face, and if you are not ready to take it, then do not get involved with this man, he is not for you.

When it comes to marriage, for the man who has Juno positioned in Aquarius, it is like a business or something that is determined by social rules, and they are not overburdened with seriousness but do not worry, if you can deal with it, he will know how to provide a beautiful life and make a woman happy.

Because here you meet a man who is, above everything else, adorned with the qualities of being intelligent, educated, and comes from the category of great gentlemen, there are just a few of them. He knows how to be very careful when it comes to women.

On a more negative note, his flaw is a lack of masculinity and male dominance, as well as a lack of fire, especially if the woman has a passionate temperament.

Sometimes he may seem completely uninterested in love, and that is hard to bear. He still feels best in a causal relationship, where he can be as free as he wants and does not have many obligations.

If Juno is in Aquarius, then this man is a partner who will have many hobbies and ideas, he will always impress his lady love, but still, he is the one who needs a lot of time for himself and for his free time. If you can deal with it, then you can be with this man.


When this transition is in effect when Juno is located in Aquarius, then people tend to decide to live together rather than get married.

This transition brings somewhat kind freedom that both partners must feel, not be suppressed in this connection.

So, here freedom is the word you are looking for, and here we can see the expression and freedom of choice are important to achieve.

This is the transition where you will feel good in your own skin, regardless of how you will look to others because you do not try to make a difference between people.

Here we can see the search for a social partner who has modern views of the world.

We can also see the inner need to become extremely independent, and there cannot be even a shred of something traditional. There is no intention to be in some kind of conventional union.

If there is a marriage, then it can be completely unconventional, the one union without any paper, where both partners remain free, maybe even living separately.

There cannot be any stringent limits in friendly relations, so passionate relationships that emerge from attachments are also desirable.

Also, what Juno brings when it is located in the Aquarius sign is the desire to be sexually free, as well as for the freedom to choose by yourself, not as a couple.

What can ruin is the need to be bonded firmly, this position wants to make freedom, and there will be a lot of affairs, changing lovers, etc.

There is a tendency to go ahead with rigid and established common rules because what is present is the need to alter anything that is old, in the sense of traditional alliances and marriages.