Juno in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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When we know, because so many proofs say so, that astrology, even in its earliest form, is one of the oldest sciences in the world, we must be aware that there is something to it, not just fun.

It is based on a presumption that the positions and energies of every planet (and more), in a milky way, affecting each and every human being on this planet, especially their position at the time of our birth.

But, you may have noticed that we mentioned the word planets and more, and where we want to deal with “more.”

Even if it does not seem that way, there is a significant effect of other objects in space on us, not just the Sun, the Moon, and known planets.

One of them is the asteroid Juno, the one that is beside Mars and Venus, mostly in charge of love, interpersonal relations, and marriage.

Here we will take a look at the position of Juno when it is located in Capricorn.

Right away, you may think that this position brings a bit conservative element in the whole story, and you are not wrong. Not at all.

General meaning

When Juno is in the Capricorn Zodiac sign, then we get to talk of the marriage right away, since there is a demanding and selective attitude regarding marriage, which is why there is a search for potential partners who provide with social status and material security.

Everything in this relationship must be safe, secure, and there must be a monetary and every other background.

Juno in Capricorn brings an ambitious, serious, and capable partner, so their lovers can entirely rely on him; it is someone who is like a stone, someone who is grounded.

Here we meet a lover who helps in a job and career, and in return, he demands a lot of strong support and loyalty. Without this trade, there cannot be anything meaningful between the two lovers because Juno in Capricorn will simply not allow it.

Getting great support comes when all other aspects are good, as, in a different direction, this lover can be ungrateful, stubborn, and intolerant. And there is no one who will tolerate this when he constantly becomes like this.

Also, this position of Juno brings the care of business obligations that do not affect a marriage because this framework shows that professional responsibilities or social conditions can disrupt and disrupt marital relationships.

There is no romance and showing feelings from a partner; he cannot show it in the way that others see fit. He is rigid in this way, quite reserved and serious, and skillfully hides his emotional side.

That does not mean that he does not have it, simply he does not like to show it off, and to be open in this way, and it is ok, he can save it for the perfect times, in two.


Be careful, since this Juno, despite all negativity that is all around the present because it is rigid in some way, can make this marriage may be bad, and not a divorce that would be a great idea, because there is a benefit from a partner, just like money, job, status.

Later marriage, greater age difference, the marriage of convenience or celibacy is also in perspective with this Juno position, at times in the same life.

Personality and Soulmate

When it comes to the soulmate, he does not belong to younger people, perhaps this is someone who is many years older than you, and if he or she is younger, she or he is very mature.

So there is no behaving immaturely. On the contrary, your ideal partner is older than you or behaves much more mature and serious than you and your age, and Juno in Capricorn is making you feel amazing about it because it makes you feel secure and safe, protected.

In some cases, Juno in Capricorn can bring a parental attitude and attitude towards you—a responsible, dedicated person of traditional values, very successful in everything he does.

When all other aspects around this Juno are favorable, in that case, you end up with something that will last for a lifetime. You get a stable, ambitious, practical partner who will help you in all fields, someone who is skilled in organizing, planning, and who will provide you with security. This would be the marriage that you will have when you are around 28 years old. This is the right thing.

On a more negative note, when aspects are not so favorable, in that case, you end up with a hardworking partner with no or just a bit of emotion. Still static, they closed in on himself with a low percentage of emotional intelligence—a partner who does things motorically, and for anyone who would want a warm and tender lover should never be connected to this man.

But, there are no divorces in the picture – mostly, these marriages last even if there is no love based on the material aspect and that familiar habit that makes them feel calm and safe. Some people with this Juno position do not opt for divorce to jeopardize their career or social position.

In reality, these are not marriages, these are economic unities, and for some people, it is enough.

Juno in Capricorn – Woman

Ladies who have this position of Juno do not fall too much into the feminine category, and those to which men cling at first glance they are what hides beneath the surface.

At times they can be very masculine women, and their temperament is often as dictatorial, and if they are leaders, they could lack emotional warmth and gentleness.

But, what you need to know when it comes to these women is that there is an abundance of the qualities of systematicity, fidelity. These are all characteristics that will attract a man to her.

This woman is a very good housewife and knows very well how to save money and lead a domestic financial policy, she loves and admires the success of her husband, and she often knows how to put strong pressure if her husband is unambitious.

It is true that Juno in Capricorn does not give warmth, but this woman can successfully pretend to ensure that everything is perfect and in perfect order, and the man will love it. This is a woman for respect, if for no reason, then for selfless loyalty and fidelity, and especially perseverance, which never disappears.

Once again the divorce is not an option, no matter what occurs in the marriage, as long as there is respect, stability, and somewhat safety.

In fact, some say that this lady could set herself to be an ideal wife, in the true sense of the word, especially for those men for whom emotions do not play too much of a role, and for anyone who loves a calm and stable family life without excitement.

Juno in Capricorn – Man

Juno in Capricorn man is one interesting man in the sense that he does not have any problem in finding a partner because he is usually very successful, and in some way, a personification of the conservative and traditionalistic values.

So, yes, marriage is the basis of this man, but the marriage never manages to fulfill it to the end because this man never let’s go completely.

This man never feels the utmost satisfaction of being married. However, as a husband, he is good in the classic view, because he is an extremely ambitious and capable man, very successful in business, which will always satisfy the material side that is a priority for many women to get married.

But, what kind of woman he wants or, more importantly, what kind of woman he needs – she should not hope that she will have too much freedom or that she will be able to dispose of money freely, no matter how much she has. The money will always stay with her husband (in this case, it is the one who has Juno in Capricorn, he wants to be in charge in this marriage).

His lady will always have to ask for and have an excuse for what, and she will get as much as he thinks is enough for her.

In some extreme cases, with additional hard aspects, this man who has Juno in Capricorn is the type of husband that falls under the category of a conservative dictator, and whenever the question of his money is raised, an argument ensues. He can be unreasonable and does not listen to a woman, is often very destructive, and creates a big problem whenever a woman does not comply with his wishes.

In even more severe cases, which are not uncommon as you may think, there is a matter of discipline. Besides the traditionalistic values, discipline is almost military when it comes to this man.

Emotions are almost a foreign term for him, and he is not able to create an atmosphere of pleasure and enjoyment, so do not expect it from this man, although he can be a good father, who gives his children everything they need, and yes, kids need discipline in life.

When it comes to sex life, some say that this position makes them marathoners in the bed, which seems to be the only good trait. Everything else depends on the woman and her desires.


As you were able to see, this position of Juno is associated with those who are all about tradition and are committed, regardless of all other circumstances, that may be very, very hard, even negative to the point of a breakdown.

This transition brings so many obstacles, but also a certain firmness because you will have the chance to show determination and the need to consider traditional preferences. Performing duties is at the core of this story.

What is needed here is a love that is a faithful and loyal companion who will encourage and support in all other matters in life. This is what counts during this transition of Juno through the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

So, here we can see the respect of old matrimonial values.

Any form of an extramarital affair is out of the question; without any doubt, it is not even a question. It is one big no.

The ultimate purpose is to obtain themselves in an official nuptial union that sustains traditional values. And even when things are not going in the planned direction, patience is endless, and the divorce is the last thing on their minds.

It is out of the question, by all means, even if the marriage can be extremely difficult.

Here we can see people who are striving to make the name and good reputation of the entire family that will be remembered for generations to come. Respect for values and inheritance of them is what counts when this transition is in question.

This is what a life achievement is for them, maintain patience and high determination. And this is the moment to ask a question – do you want safety and being taken care of, or do you want to have a lot of fun. This may determine who is your lover and the perfect match for you.

Looking for a lover that is a determined, resolute, principled, and at times dogmatic partner who sets the path for the entire family, and this is what sets as the achievement of a lifetime.

Do not forget of your career during this time, aiming at gaining reputation and a lot of success is also present. Here we can meet a lot of women who want to marry to succeed, to become just wives, and it is ok. It is their choice, and they are doing it as they see fit.

On the other hand, this does not mean that they could not become somewhat correct people themselves, and transform that energy into something very positive, and maintain a good family.