Juno in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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Juno in the natal chart gives us good indications of what kind of marriage partner we need and will get.

Not the partner we think we want (ruled by Venus and Mars, this is completely different and brings different dimensions to the entire natal chart), but the one we need and end up with.

To remind you that Venus and Mars show us what we consider to be our ideal man and woman, it can describe the type of people you would romantically engage with.

Or for example, the 7th house in our natal charts speaks of the person and what the first marriage partner will be like, or for example, the ninth house describes our second marriage partner if that happens, if other aspects are aligned in that way.

Asteroid Juno works more on a basic level, and here we will look at what it has to say to those who have Juno positioned in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

General meaning

This position of Juno located in the Sagittarius sign indicates marriage or a longer relationship with a foreigner or a person of another faith, and it will be someone who your common surroundings see as exotic even.

This is the position that allows the lover to be knowledgeable, educated, and friendly, and he may travel a lot because of work (therefore, meeting the potential lover is out of a place of living or work).

You will have fun with this partner with whom you can travel and share your love for other people’s cultures. The partner encourages the expansion of horizons, spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical.

You will see the world and enjoy life a lot with this human being, just do not deny this Juno any form of freedom. It will be the end of the love connection.

In many cases, the emotional relationship that comes from this Juno position looks like school, where one lover is a teacher, and the other one is a student. One takes the form of a teacher-student because you can learn a lot from your partner.

Always have in mind that this position indicates that independence is necessary for a relationship because you can both be quite frustrated if it is not there – this is what it means to give your lover a sense of freedom and never to neglect his curiosity and need to search because it will be the end of this affair, regardless of how it can turn out to be perspective.

If other positions are bad, they can affect this Juno, it brings a certain amount of tension, and marriage may look like a nasty adventure, and the partner will be irresponsible and impractical, with an imagination that drags him into unrealistic plans and a waste of energy.

In that case, there are many details that he talks about a lot, and he doesn’t realize anything. It would be good not to rush into marriage.

If one of the partners has this Juno position, take as much time as possible, so the two of you do not make a mistake but to give yourself a chance to get to know your future partner well before you get into a serious emotional story because it can disappoint you later.

In that case, and this is so very common, in the case where Juno is positioned in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, there are so many chances for a second marriage that will better meet the expectations of both partners in question.


And it is ok. It should not be seen as a failure but a lesson.

Personality and Soulmate

It brings a personality that is relaxed, cheerful, and optimistic, and this is the person who has a pronounced curiosity that draws him on various adventures.

What kind of Soulmate Juno in Sagittarius brings?

It speaks of a partner who is well-mannered, well educated, and above everything else, a person who is ready to learn and expand in life in every possible way. Not only that, he wants to pull his or her lover along the way.

Expansion is the keyword when we are talking about Juno in this sign, horizons must be far, far away, and the journey is what matters in any case.

Here, we meet the possibility for becoming famous, here is the human being who likes to write and express her or he in this way and for it and it can reach success and notoriety.

Consequently, it often occurs that these people couple with teachers, mentors, or anyone who sets himself as a leader as someone who is bound to be followed.

Also, journeys (mental, as well as physical, are present along the way) and unique experiences satisfy this Juno, and you will detect it by looking at lovers as he or she is striving to achieve as many as she or he wants, and never is enough.

A Soulmate is therefore hidden somewhere far away, or is someone who is a teacher who will lead you – but what is common is intellectual communication. Speaking of many topics with a lover, spouse or partner is so greatly relevant, and this is the only chance this marriage can last a lifetime.

So, a Soulmate is likely of another religion, education, social status, and very probably different origin than you are. The more distant and different, the more likely you will be with him or her, as it is your Soulmate.

Juno in Sagittarius – Woman

Wife and a friend, or in the first place a friend, is the woman who has Juno positioned in Sagittarius. If you have a similar idea of married life, choose this woman – they become the ones with partners, the best friends, even buddies.

These ladies are incredibly fond of fast life, having a trait called patience, and will always wait long enough, as needed. She is a very intelligent woman who always knows how to help her husband with good advice, and it is no wonder why this lady will help her man become very successful in business, often having joined work.

She wants to move, is extremely mobile, and the jobs she does the least include staying at home and dealing with the family. Here Juno brings a perspective of finding love outside, somewhere distant.

Those who are ready for a dynamic life should look for ladies with this Juno.

However, any sign of hesitation, infidelity, or unfriendliness will immediately deter you. It’s important that your partner has their own life, but someone who uses their independence to hurt you is not for you.

Do not be fooled. This lady, when in the house, is fast and is a good mother. She belongs to the women who can and must be trusted, and one more thing – you will not have any problem with jealousy. She almost doesn’t know that feeling.

She is incredibly capable of not getting involved in anything that smells like a complication, especially when it comes to emotions and love – freedom is the mandatory word here that brings success in this marriage.

When they have such “attacks,” these ladies do mean anything serious. She does not make sex a science, nor is it a priority, but she likes to enjoy s*x and loves to be shown attention and love when she is already in a marriage position. They are very inspiring when it comes to sex, and it is more due to the fact that they are confident and do not make a lot of fuss about it. It is natural.

Juno in Sagittarius – Man

No matter how much they prefer a free lifestyle, and freedom stays very important for Juno in Sagittarius men, and they still belong to people who have great demands for women and marriage.

A woman must have all the qualities, and this man expects that his wife is a friend and lover and everything in between.

At times he may criticize too much, and it can be irritating.

In the case of this Juno, keep in mind that the entire relationship is based on looking for and finding fault with the wife, who is certainly not a trait needed for a good marriage.

Unlike ladies, this man is not such a perfect choice for a husband. Add to this that he may often be away from home, making his married life completely on the side.

A perspective of this man is that he sees a happy relationship as a happy combination of circumstances, dealing with marriage simply technically, and sees love as a match where he wants to win.

What lacks in this man is the ability to understand why it is necessary to show any emotions or feelings towards women or anyone else.

The perfect match for him is the woman who has very strong intelligence and is completely free from feelings of possessiveness and jealousy, and with the trait of not being emotionally attached.

These men do not have many passionate feelings and are very impatient, so their wives should get used to it. They do not tolerate any restrictions and rules, and a woman must have at least similar views of the world if she wants a good relationship. They are not sexually uninteresting, but all their feelings and desires focus on quick and immediate action.


When you find out that Juno is in Sagittarius, this may be the perfect moment to attract a highly educated partner with whom he will enjoy long conversations and from whom they can constantly learn.

In marriage, persons will aspire to long journeys, and this is the moment when a pair sets of on a lifelong journey.

The same goals and views on life are important. Without it, this connection cannot last, regardless of how two partners inspire to do so and love each other.

In the first place, when this transition is active, your task may be to get to know your spouse well because later, you may realize that he had a completely different past than the one you know about.

A partner educated in most cases, curious, intelligent, adventurous, loves to travel – do you have it, or do you just crave it?

For some, it can be something that comes from afar, a stranger, or another faith. Marriage is one big adventure this Juno shows, also giving the favorable aspects in the second marital union, that can turn out to be much happier. In a negative connotation, the partner will be someone who philosophizes a lot, just talks, exaggerates reality, and enjoys at the expense of your efforts.

When this transition is in effect, the major accent is on the emotion of fulfillment, and two lovers must have a shared idea of the prospect, and content with the well-known faith of life is also important.

During this Juno in Sagittarius transition, if you travel, be certain that it is very plausible that you will meet a lover in that different country, etc.

The partner will probably come from a completely different environment and may also be a stranger. But, who is this stranger – it is someone who has higher education and listens a lot because you cannot.

For Juno in Sagittarius, it is mandatory for a lover to keep up since he is so dynamic, so filled with energy, enthusiasm. Such a pursuit can scare those who can’t catch up with strength and courage.

During this transition, people will crave diversity, so it probably takes a very long time to settle down, but when deciding on a partner, that is that, at least for some time.

The need for independence and freedom is still present, and there comes a lover who is safe enough, just enough to allow you to spend your own time, and may have friends and experiences outside of the relationship.

Co-dependent partners will soon force you to leave your life since this is not a lover who will match. There must be a willingness to join in an ambitious scheme and explore unexplored territories as a couple.