Juno in Scorpio – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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When you are aware that there is more to life than the obvious, and when you know that stars, in fact, can tell us something and that there is something written in them, then you know that astrology is not just fun.

There is something written in stars, or if we want to be specific in planets, and stars, and less known – asteroids, like Pallas and Juno.

Do you know where the planets are located in your case? You probably know where your Sun is, but Juno – here we will speak more of this asteroid when it is located in one of the most passionate signs in the entire horoscope, Scorpio.

General Meaning

There is a similarity in Juno when it is located in Aries and also in Scorpio – there is a lot of trouble because there is a lot of passion, and therefore there is jealousy and scenes. This is not an easy position, but it is interesting, nevertheless.

This is the position of Juno that causes trouble to the person himself because he is prone to jealousy and control of his partner. It is essential to find a passionate partner with whom you will enjoy intense emotions.

But there must be a lot of balance, or else, there cannot be any progress in a relationship or in marriage, even it can lead to divorces and bitter settlement, etc. Not good in any case.

With Juno is in the Scorpio Zodiac sign, relations are, to put it mildly, intense. It brings a solid and energetic partner who can be quite mysterious and elusive, especially attracting and intrigue to discover what he is hiding.

No one can resist this type of lover, and it is amazing but is this marriage material – you do not marry “a bad boy,” you just date him for some time, right?

On the other side of the story, it cannot be denied that when Juno is in the Scorpio Zodiac sign, relationships are deep, committed, and intense, leading to regeneration if a crisis occurs, so there can be a rise after a breakdown.

If there is a marriage, then this union is filled with passion, and there will be strong understanding and support between the spouses, emotional and psychological.

Enviable sex life is in the center of attention of this Juno because both women and men with this Juno position are perfect lovers, with solid chemistry that lasts as long as the relationship or marriage exists.

Special attention must be given. If there are bad aspects along the way, in the natal chart, then lovers, turn into jealousy, especially if there is a cause for doubt.

The problem, in fact, can arise if the partner feels betrayed because then loves quickly turns into hatred, even revenge, and all of that bitterness that we have spoken of before.

Personality and Soulmate

A soulmate with this Juno position is all about attraction with nothing else but a lot of sexual power.

This is the person who is, as the majority of Scorpios, a very dramatic, passionate, and devoted lover, the ones you do not want your parents to see because they may shock them in some way, so you will keep them under the veil of mystery.


This position often brings one more interesting situation in life- partners may enter this connection when they are with someone else in a relationship or marriage.

Bitter disputes and arguments are probable since comprehensive feeling promptly turns into resentment and possessiveness and everything but love.

We must say that Juno in Scorpio brings some darkness, seen in interpersonal relationships with extreme possessiveness and vindictive motivations.

This Juno is vengeful, and it must be accompanied with jealousy and doubt between the two lovers, and this may be the receipt for a disaster.

On the other hand, Juno brings a powerful need towards extreme sexual and loving connections. Even for one night, there must be a lot of passion, if it is none, there cannot be any relationship at all, and that is that. There cannot be anything in the middle.

We must add there in this position, Juno brings the desire to control and rule and test fidelity, eventually turning it into the big burden that ruins everything on its way.

It happens even that Juno in Scorpio initiates the infidelity of the partner and activates the darkness, so both lovers act in this way, and it is all bad.

Since Scorpio is the sign that is synonymous with the transformation, here is one good thing; this position brings changes in the love connection, so the most important center in these marriages will be centered on investments, wealth, but also the problem of support, strength, and passion.

Juno in Scorpio – Woman

This woman takes marriage with incredible seriousness and has a classic attitude towards this topic – often very conservative and similar to the relationships that prevailed in the middle Ages. She knows how to love very much, but everything comes down to her, and she sees everything as a duty and an obligation. They are grateful on that side, as women, because they enjoy responsibilities. She cares both as a woman and as a mother, and they can do all kinds of work and activities. They feel family life, and when they are married, they dedicate themselves and give their best.

A possible flaw is that many parts in life depend on her feelings and mood, but they are indeed very characteristic women who are difficult to break or deviate from the imagined and planned path.

Everything he does is from the most sincere motives, be it bad or good. She adores her husband but never turns to idealization because they are authentic (like the voice of reason). She sees her husband and the world around her exactly as they are. Her sexual appetites are enormous, and she demands that she be satisfied to the maximum.

Although she has strict moral principles, she does not hesitate to satisfy her primarily sexual urges if she is not happy in any way, which she has to, at any cost. She needs a strong man who will not restrain her and who will know how to satisfy her.

If you want to learn more about this Juno position, we will remind you that the fabulous Mexican artist Frida Khalo has this position of Juno, and if you take a look at the relationship she had with her husband Diego Rivera, you will see all that we mentioned before, jealousy, passion, infidelity, etc.

Juno in Scorpio – Man

If anyone can bear the epithet of the most difficult married life, then it is undoubtedly the one man that has Juno located in Scorpio. It is challenging to achieve true harmony and harmony with this man, although he is the one that will give a creative force and a lot of love to his family, and everything will be over the top.

The only way is for a woman to always and unconditionally follow him in everything he does, to somehow be constantly in his sight. But even then, he is not entirely sure, and he will always find some reason and source for doubt. Here is the red alarm, the one that can lead to a disaster.

Here we met a man that you could affection and a lot of love, to the maximum, but it won’t help you much when it comes to jealousy.

In a case, if this man is in a relationship with a lady who is stronger than him, in any sense, it is better not to approach him because she does not tolerate them in the literal sense of the word.

Juno in Scorpio man is the one who falls under the category of domestic tyrants and very aggressive people, prone to violence, which lives with the idea that everyone is turned against him and that the whole world works behind his back.

But, there is no doubt that he can love and make love like no one else, he is the lover to remember, and this position brings very strong sexualities (sexually invincible) and emphatically jealous and possessive.

The other side, which also dominates, and which is positive, is that this man is most in the category of very successful and business people and capable of earning. This man is a suitable match for those ladies who want to be taken care of and be secure and with a successful businessman.

Also, and this should not be disregarded, feelings of this Juno in Scorpio are noble and sincere, but he can’t show it in the right way. He may be closed or mysterious, even when it is unnecessary, with his closest. He cannot let go.

In the end, a man with this Juno in Scorpio adores his wife and children and can do everything for them, but that selfish love is often the number one enemy, both for him and his marriage. This fight with an invisible enemy is his demise, and if there are some favorable aspects in the natal, he may transform into a better man. And, therefore, a better husband.

All along the way, there will be passion and adventure. It is never a boring time, although it is sometimes difficult.


This position of Juno brings an energetic, ambitious, and passionate once and strong, mysterious partner – all those who want to have this type of lover should think during this transition do they want that amount of passion and adventure. If yes, think again.

Not all of us are made to be with these forces of people. People, men, and women with Jun in Scorpio are perfect lovers, and no one can match them in this way, they are lovers that all of us should have in life, at least once, and the advice for those who marry them is you do not know what you are getting in the end, it could be the greatest blessing or the biggest demise and failure.

For married life to be complete emotionally and financially, it is essential to strike a balance in sexual life – any Juno in Scorpio centers his or her life puts sex, passion. And then everything will work great if the sex is good. It is what their heads is.

When this transition is active, then Juno in Scorpio sign is the position also great for the money – people with this position and during this transit expects some gain, in a monetary sense.

The most important thing is that it gives the ruin of marriage, divorce, a possessive, aggressive, and jealous partner in a negative connotation that is not uncommon as you may think.

And these characteristics may be triggered in even seemingly happy marriages as well since things can turn really fast in a second.

If you notice that – change immediately because otherwise, there will be intense conflicts.

Marriage indeed transforms you in every way, and our advice is that if it does happen, try to transform in the best way possible for the benefit of you and your partner.

In the end, let us tackle parenting when this Juno finds itself in the Scorpio sign – parenting is usually the goal or task for the common ground of a stable relationship between the two lovers.

This position of Juno generally brings an ideal financial situation, as we have said in some of the previous sections, and there should not be any worry about this.

This position of Juno brings influence here because marriage will charge you a lot, in a good or bad sense.

It brings the energy that is beyond compare and also a transformation along the way that you can use for good or bad. It depends on yourself and your ability to deal with different life experiences – but the chance is there, use it, and go for all or nothing.